Is Samsung Galaxy Oxygen actually going to get launched?

The Samsung Galaxy range has sleek and suave smartphones that are a dream of millions. Any new entrant in the range can be quite enticing because the consumers always have high expectations from Samsung. The hint of a new launch is most often awaited by the tech enthusiasts. This is the reason why the news of the new Samsung Galaxy Oxygen went viral. We have gathered some important insights about this phone, that we think that you must know.

There are so many posts doing rounds on social media about the specifications and features of the phone. The news is there everywhere. However, do you really think that the news is genuine? Is Samsung going to launch the phone or not? Find out and get all your doubts cleared here!

Here is some bad news for you! It can be heart-breaking but the viral photos and Facebook posts are not at all genuine. What you are seeing is simply the work of a talented freelance designer. The idea is great but you will not be seeing this phone anytime soon as there has been no official announcement from Samsung. It is indeed disappointing but we need to face the truth!

The photos may look amazingly real but it is a concept phone that has been created by an individual named Hege with the help of a person called Michael Muleba. The viral video of the phone has a slideshow of images without a prototype because the Galaxy Samsung Oxygen smartphone does not exist and there is no news of it getting launched.

It has been found that both Hege and Michael Muleba have no official ties with Samsung. The photos of the phone are simply fan-made and there isn’t any official association with the electronics giant. The internet can be a really bad place if you talk of false and misleading information.

The truth is that you can find a lot of fake news on social media and the sad part is that people blindly start believing it without checking for its authenticity. What is even worse is that people start sharing it across and it soon appears to look like reality. That is exactly what has happened in the case of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen. Some people just tried to cash in on the name of Samsung and get famous!

What is the release date of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen?

What is the release date of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen?

The question above has been asked several times but the truth is that it would not get launched as it is only a fan-made design that became immensely popular in a short span of time. Any new Samsung launch video will obviously garner the attention of technology lovers and that is why the Facebook post about Samsung Galaxy Oxygen spread like wildfire. People starting thinking that it is true.

Most people were waiting anxiously for Samsung to release an official launch date but that is not going to happen. However, there is a ray of hope as the attention that the idea of Samsung Galaxy Oxygen has received would have easily reached the ears of Samsung’s team and it can be a possibility that they have already started working on the concept! This is just a thought and nothing concrete! The sliding screen with a QWERTY keyboard beneath is a revolutionary idea indeed! But is the technology to do so there right now? Is it possible to develop such a smartphone? Well, only someone from Samsung can answer that!

Samsung needs to have an edge over its competitors like Apple, Google, LG, and HTC. Therefore, the giant is likely to give this concept a thought. Maybe not immediately but this idea can materialize in the future.

Features of the smartphone in the viral post

The individuals who have designed the phone have been very imaginative. They even thought what the specifications and features of the smartphone would be to make the whole thing look very real.

Here is the gist of what was mentioned in their post –

The highlight of this phone is the QWERTY keyboard that aims at making the typing part of lengthy chats and messages easier. (Currently, in all smartphones there is a single screen, having a second display is actually a great idea.) The other features include the triple lens camera (which is a regular feature in all the latest smartphones!)

The phone has a curved display, fingerprint scanner and sensors. To eject the top display there is a button inside the phone’s body so that you don’t accidentally eject the front display. There is a 5000 mAh removable battery.

The specifications of this imaginary smartphone are pretty impressive! Don’t you wish that this phone actually sees the light of the day? It would be great for those people who have long emails to send or those who have to write scripts. With the QWERTY keyboard beneath, their job would get much easier and the need to carry a laptop along would also get reduced. Professionals can simply pull out their phone and happily start typing wherever they want to.

What would have been the probable price of Samsung Oxygen?

The possible price of this smartphone is not worth finding out after knowing that the phone is not on the cards. However, if it was really to come into being, its cost would be similar to that of Samsung Galaxy Note 9, S9+ or Apple’s latest iPhone XS. The top-end phone would have been ruling the charts. The pricing must have easily been somewhere between $750 and $1000.

The Bottom line

The smartphone named Samsung Galaxy Oxygen is not real and the video showing the images has been created by a fan. Samsung does not aim at deceiving anyone and therefore should not be held responsible for anything. Till date, there is no reality in it but in the near future, if things change, you will automatically come to know!

It is better to be vigilant and check the source of the news that you come across especially when it is as unbelievable as this. Spread information around only after being sure about its authenticity. This can save everyone from a lot of false hope.

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