Samsung Galaxy M51 Vs M52 5G: Differences And Which Is Better?

We analyse the main differences between the Samsung Galaxy M52 and its predecessor, the M51 from 2020, so you should which you should buy among these!

After a year since the original launch, Samsung has finally presented the renewal of the Galaxy M51. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, which in addition to 5G connectivity, comes with a series of new features that serve the company to make its mid-range bet even more competitive if possible. Curiously, the initial model is still available in most shops where it is sold. The question we can ask ourselves about these two handsets is: what are the differences between the Samsung Galaxy M51 vs M52 5G, which one is better in 2021 and next 2022? We look at it.

The prices indicated in the article could change over time, so we at will limit ourselves to analysing the differences at the time of publication.

A Very Similar Design That Differs In Dimensions

Samsung has opted for virtually identical design lines in its two terminals, with a polycarbonate body and a front presided over by a notch in the form of a hole in the screen, which on the other hand, maintains a diagonal of 6.7 inches, as well as a 20:9 ratio. Where we do find substantial differences is in the overall dimensions of the two devices, probably because of the battery capacity.

Samsung Galaxy M51

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

On the one hand, the Galaxy M51 is slightly shorter, wider and thicker: 1.2 millimetres shorter, 1.6 wider and 0.9 thicker. In terms of weight, the handset is no less than 40 grams heavier than the Samsung M52 5G. Another no less important difference is the presence of two Dolby Atmos-certified stereo speakers in the latest model. However, the phone lacks the 3.5 millimetre jack that its counterpart boasts. All other details are virtually identical: USB Type-C, fingerprint sensor on the side, software-based facial unlocking and so on.

A Screen That Differs In The Refresh Rate

In fact, this is the only new feature of the Galaxy M52 compared to its previous iteration. Both have a 6.7-inch panel with Full HD+ resolution and Super AMOLED technology. Unfortunately, the brand has not provided specific data, such as the maximum brightness level, contrast or colour certification, so we cannot make an assessment of the screen’s image quality. What we do know is that the 2021 model boasts a refresh rate of no less than 120 Hz, double that of the Samsung M51.

Samsung Galaxy M51, available in two colours.

This results in a smoother user experience, with twice as many frames per second for animations, transitions and supported games. However, the panel’s power consumption may suffer, but more on that later.

Beyond 5G: New, Faster And More Powerful Processor

The raison d’être of the Galaxy M52 goes beyond 5G connectivity. The South Korean company is renewing the heart of its mid-range, with a Snapdragon 778G processor that outperforms the Snapdragon 730 in the Samsung Galaxy M51 by more than 60%. In terms of memory and storage options, the 2020 model has a single variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.1 storage versus the M52’s 6GB and 8GB of RAM and 128GB and 256GB of storage. Likewise, the former features UFS 2.1 storage, while the company has not provided much detail about the technology used in this year’s iteration.

As for the other aspects, the connectivity differences depend exclusively on the processor model. We’re talking about the Samsung M52 featuring WiFi 6 and 5G Dual, as opposed to the 5 and 4G version of the M51. The latter, by the way, has FM radio thanks to the integrated headphone port, while both still have NFC connectivity for mobile payments.

On the other hand, the newer model comes with Android 11 and One UI 3.1 as standard, so it is understood that software support in terms of updates will be more extensive, as the M51 was initially launched with Android 10 and One UI 2.1.

Same Cameras, Pending Official Confirmation

At least on paper. Both have almost identical camera configurations. On the one hand, the Galaxy M51 has four cameras of 64, 12, 5 and 5 megapixels with wide-angle and macro lenses and a fourth sensor for Portrait mode.

The Galaxy M52 5G, meanwhile, inherits the three main cameras from the M51 with the exception of the depth sensor. The focal aperture in all three cases is the same: f/1.8, f/2.2 and f/2.4. We can therefore deduce that we are dealing with the same string of sensors.

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

This immobility on the part of the manufacturer is also transferred to the front camera sensor, with 23 megapixels and f/2.2 focal aperture in both cases. It is worth noting that both are compatible with GCam, as they have a Qualcomm processor. The application in question allows us to have the image processing of the Google Pixel thanks to the adaptation of the binaries by the community of Android developers.

Battery Drain On The Galaxy M52 5G

Where the Samsung Galaxy M52 regresses compared to its predecessor is in terms of battery life. The Galaxy M51 stood out as the company’s phone with the biggest battery in Samsung’s catalogue, with no less than 7,000 mAh and a battery life of close to three days. This year’s model reduces the figure to 5,000 mAh, to which must be added that the screen and processor are less efficient due to the features they have (120 Hz frequency, 5G Dual connectivity…). In this sense, the battery life should be closer to a day and a half than two days.

In terms of charging speed, both are compatible with chargers up to 25W. Due to the lower capacity of the M52, charging times can be expected to be reduced by more than 20%.

Price, Reviews And Conclusion: Samsung M52 Or M51?

After analysing the main differences between the Samsung Galaxy M52 vs M51, it’s time to draw conclusions, which, as usual, depend on the retail price. At the time of publication, the starting price of the Galaxy M52 starts at 370 euros in a launch promotion until the beginning of September. Once the promotion ends, the price will increase to 450 euros. As for the Galaxy M51, despite having been on the market for a year, its price still respects the starting value: 390 euros. The question is: which of the two is worth buying in 2021?

If autonomy is not an essential aspect in our daily lives, the truth is that the purchase of the Galaxy M52 5G is much more recommendable for the reasons we have mentioned throughout the article: more fluid screen, 5G connectivity, more powerful processor, WiFi 6… Otherwise, the truth is that the Galaxy M51 is the best option we can currently find not only in Samsung’s catalogue but also on the market.

Outside the company, the truth is that there are more interesting and recommendable options, such as the realme GT, the Poco F3 or even the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G New Edition if we prioritise design. Generally, we find more attractive specifications and closer to the high end, at least on paper.

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