What is Pikdo, how it works and alternatives

Pikdo is one of the most popular tools for Instagram and is very useful for both users and professionals. This page allows you to view the statistics of any account, without requiring any kind of registration or login. Another common use is to view a profile’s activity without the risk of the other person finding out. Although you do not have access to stories, Pikdo allows you to view wall posts and biography.

This app is not currently available, but it is possible to opt for other options with similar functionality and features. Among the best alternatives is Gramhir, as it offers the possibility to analyse the metrics of an account and does not require any kind of registration. There are also different options that allow you to view profiles without creating an account, although they may be slightly different and more specialised.

What is Pikdo

Pikdo was a website for browsing Instagram without having an account on the social network. It allowed you to view public profiles and their statistics, as well as the content of your feed, posts and biography. This type of tool can be called “Instagram Viewer for web browsers” and is completely free, although it may have some limitations.

What it is for

Pikdo was a very comprehensive tool used to view and analyse Instagram profiles. Knowing its main functions can be useful to opt for alternatives that have similar characteristics, which are:

View public Instagram profiles without using a personal account: posts from the Feed will be visible and it is an excellent option for those who do not use IG, but want to see some photos uploaded by their friends or acquaintances.

Obtain statistics and basic information about the profile: this is an excellent feature to apply to your own and other users’ accounts, to analyse popularity, reach and other related data such as the use of videos or photos. This data would be used to assess the viability of the type of content being used.

Note: videos are excluded, as well as specific information on followers and followees, although it is possible to see the total. It is also not possible to see the users who make comments or their content, but it is possible to see the number of comments on a post.

Best alternatives to Pikdo

Although the Pikdo platform is no longer available, there are numerous alternatives that are similar in terms of functionality and access, even with certain additional functions. Among the different options, seven websites stand out: Gramhir, Metricool, Storiesig, Webstagram, Insta DP, StoriesDown and All Hashtag.


This is a website for analysing Instagram profiles, as it shows the percentage of photos and videos on the account, as well as the average number of reactions per post. It also allows you to see all the content available in the feed, including comments and followers. In addition, it facilitates the downloading of posts that are visible, such as photos and videos (only stories are excluded).

Official site:


This is a platform where Instagram and Twitter profiles can be analysed free of charge without registration, although it also offers the possibility to do this. Webstagram contains detailed information on popular accounts and accounts with many followers at the start, but it is possible to review any account. The tool indicates current statistics and future projections of the account’s growth.

Official site:


The Instadp website has several tools for viewing and downloading content from Instagram and TikTok. All this is done anonymously and free of charge, without the need to log in or download third-party software to your mobile or computer. It does not display account statistics but allows downloading of Instagram videos, profile pictures, stories, posts, featured stories and carousels.

Official site:

All Hashtag

This is an alternative to Pikdo that focuses on the search for the best Hashtags of the moment or those that are attached to the publication you want to post and thus get more interaction and views on this social network. It has several tools focused on these tags, which are:

Generator: This allows you to find and generate a large number of tags for the publication from one or more words.

Analysis: shows statistics and data on the hashtags being searched for.

Search engine: its search engine allows you to find the best tags through 3 search options: “Top”, “Random” or “Random” and “Live” or “Live”.

Creator: helps to create new tags that adapt to a brand, product, service or company that is emerging or wants to create a personalised Hashtag.

Official site:


This simple and intuitive website allows its users to view all the recent Stories and Highlights of the public accounts that are indicated through its search engine. Unlike other websites, Storiesig does not show posts or videos found in a profile’s feed, nor does it provide an analysis of statistics or data about them. One of its positive features is that it allows you to download all visible content from the website.

Official site:


The tool on this page was designed to view Stories without the need for an Instagram account. It also allows you to view other posts such as photos and videos, but only if the account you are looking for is public. One of the most outstanding features of this tool is that it facilitates the downloading of content, both profile photos and wall posts and recent or featured stories.

Official site:

There are many alternatives to Pikdo that offer as much or more than the old Instagram account analysis and viewing site. In general, they specialise in a single area such as Webstagram’s evaluation of statistics or Instadp’s downloading and viewing of content.

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