Origin: Axie Infinity Free Version Coming Soon

Following recent statements by the Sky Mavis video game company, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been wondering if there is a new Axie Infinity project, as its developers said they were interested in creating a new world in which anyone could participate. In this article, we’ll learn about Origin: Axie Infinity, a free version that’s coming out soon.

Thus, they recently announced the launch of their own metaverse, where players will be able to create and share their virtual worlds, as well as being the home of Origin, the free version of Axie Infinity.

Let’s learn more about what’s new in Axie Infinity 2022.

In recent years, Axie Infinity has positioned itself as the world’s most successful NFT play-to-earn video game, giving an opportunity to the online community to learn more about the benefits of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Therefore, the development team decided to continue expanding the universe in Project K, where users will be able to design their own worlds and the interconnection will allow for a much more immersive experience.

In this free-to-create metaverse, the company is designing Origin, the new improved, and free version of Axie Infinity, which is known by players as Battle v3, which refers to the third version of the battle mode for the inhabitants of Lunancia.

Although it is still in the development phase, the Sky Mavis team regularly provides information about the progress of the project, so, we will know what is Origin of Axie Infinity.

Origin: Axie Infinity Free Version Coming Soon

Origin: The free version of Axie Infinity

Popularly known as “Axie Origin” or “Battle v3”, it is the new free version of the NFT video game, which has as its main objective to attract the public that wishes to participate in crypto-video games without making a previous economic investment, making the community of players grow organically. According to what was stated by the development team of the company Sky Mavis, in Origin players will be able to use axies for free to perform various activities. However, unlike the latter, the creatures will not be non-fungible tokens (NFT), so players will not have ownership over the axies they use.

The release of a free version of Axie Infinity has caught the attention of players from all over the world because many will be able to start their adventure without the need for a budget to invest. According to the current value of the Ether (ETH), the native token of the Ethereum blockchain, the platform on which Axie Infinity is built, the most affordable Axie team costs approximately $100 USD. However, a minimum of $1500 USD is required to acquire a competitive team. Therefore, the arrival of Origin may attract a large number of new players who wanted to participate in Axie Infinity.

However, although the free version will allow users to start their participation in the game, it does not mean that they will be able to make a profit. This is because gamers using free axies will not generate SLP by winning fights, as this feature is unique to NFT creatures.

To earn money with Origin it will be necessary to invest in axies that are coined as tokens. Additionally, the company has communicated that as they include updates to the platform, they will add new “starter axies” packs, which can be unlocked as the player progresses through the adventure mode, with these characters having their own stories that will unfold within the Axie Infinity metaverse.

Therefore, the “initiation axies” can be used by players who have their first contact with the platform, in addition to being included in the teams of experienced gamers who wish to participate in the new adventure mode. To date, three of the new axies that will make up the initial team, Olek, Buba, and Puffy, have been revealed. Each one will have its own story and distinctive cards that will help the gamer to fight in the adventures that will be presented to them in the Lunancia forest.

Although the company has not announced an official release date, the new version of the game is expected to arrive at the end of March. Likewise, the company plans to include new improved options for the LANDs, which will be announced progressively as the new game mode is developed, being this an alternative that will allow players to obtain AXS as a reward.

Origin The free version of Axie Infinity

Project K: What is Origin by Axie Infinity?

Sky Mavis, launched earlier this year its new project based on blockchain, which seeks to expand the gameplay and development of its own universe in digital lands in the third dimension. This is how Project K is born, a new game model that will integrate innovative features to provide opportunities for creators, players and entrepreneurs who wish to participate in this platform, which will also feature NPC mode (Non-Playable Character, non-playable characters controlled by the video game computer).

The arrival of this project will allow the company to take a great leap in the industry, going from being video game designers to creating a metaverse, being able to position itself at the same level of Decentraland and The Sandbox. These last two platforms are currently the most popular and crowded metaverses by Internet users, with millions of active users, recognized brands, and famous artists, and frequently receive investments of millions of dollars. Therefore, it must be assumed that being based on the Ethereum network, Project K will be able to achieve a large community in its metaverse, so far Axie Infinity has more than 3 million active users worldwide.

The development team has expressed that Project K will enable the purchase and sale of 3D digital plots of land (called LAND) in the Lunancia landscapes, the land where Axie Infinity is developed. In these plots, players will have the possibility of cultivating and harvesting various items with which they will be able to manufacture new tools or elements necessary to improve their axies.

In addition, these plots can be used to raise axies, fight battles against other players, create game modes for shared missions or even create digital stores. In other words, the LANDs will combine the activities that we can develop in Axie Infinity, with the economic possibilities of Decentraland or The Sandbox, because players will be able to create stores where they can sell any kind of digital items.

At the moment, the first playable phase will be available only for LAND owners who wish to build, improve structures, and harvest materials to exchange resources.

Origin, Axie Infinity's new project: Game mechanics and abilities

Origin, Axie Infinity’s new project: Game mechanics and abilities

The free version of Axie Infinity will feature a number of changes that will modify the game mechanics, making users have a different experience. Among the most notable ones we can highlight:

1. New denomination for users.

Players will have a qualifier that will differentiate them from their Axie Infinity peers, called “trainers”. However, it is prudent to wait for the community to grow and the qualifier to take hold since at the moment axie trainers could be confused with Pokémon trainers.

2. Sequential turns to attack

In Origin, attacks will be executed immediately as cards are played. Therefore, opposing trainers will take alternate turns using their cards. With this new sequential attacking mechanic, the speed of the axies will be irrelevant, as the value of the attacks and the ability of each creature will predominate.

The goal is to offer trainers constant and fluid action, either by observing their opponents’ movements or by analyzing their own cards. In this way, the game will acquire a faster and more attractive pace for gamers, who will have a feeling of greater control over their axies and the actions they can perform with them since the attacks will start at the moment they play their cards.

3. Card redesign and new functions

The cards will undergo a redesign, enjoying a more elaborate art, in addition to bringing new functions. As in franchises such as Yu-Gi-Oh!, they will have attack or defense values, and will no longer have both at the same time. Although the cards have undergone major changes, their essence is still maintained, so the familiarization process will be simple. Likewise, the objective is to make the use of the cards by the trainers more dynamic.

4. Resetting the energy of cards and critical hits

The energy of unused cards will stop accumulating in Origin so that during the following turns it will be restarted. This change is intended to encourage players to use all their cards and not to skip turns without playing them. Also, used cards will be returned to the pool as the game progresses, and there will be new mechanics around the acquisition of energy and attacks, encouraging well-analyzed and elaborated strategies.

The random critical hits will be replaced by “rage”, being this an ability that will be accumulated in different ways during the fight and can be used by the trainer when he/she wants, and it will be accumulated again as the duel progresses. With this change, it is intended to make the response capacity of the trainers equal, as both have the same possibilities of using the rage.

5. New body parts in the axies

In Axie Infinity Battle v2, players could combine up to four different skills corresponding to the body parts of their axies: back, mouth, horn and tail. However, in Origin they will have the possibility to combine up to six different parts, which will provide them with new abilities. Thus, in Battle v3, ears and eyes will be included as new cards to obtain a more dynamic and versatile game system.

6. Enhancers: runes and amulets

The new power-ups will provide benefits to the axies, improving the skills they already have, obtaining new ones or improving their stats. To acquire them, trainers will have to obtain moonshards by winning battles, which can be used to create amulets and runes. In turn, the moonshards will have to be used in the time period in which they were acquired, as they will be reset at the change of season.

To date, the development team has not disclosed information about the possible tokenization of these items, however, many veteran players claim that in the future they could get NFT status. For now, to create amulets and runes it will only be necessary to have the moonshards, although it is estimated that, when the final version of the game is released, it will be necessary to have SLP to make the amulets and runes, generating the burning of the native Axie Infinity token.

7. Simplified statistics

One of the most significant changes in the simplification of the statistics of the axies, which will no longer have attributes of skill, morale, and speed, the only one to consider is the maximum life of the creatures. Therefore, trainers will have to focus on the HP (health points) of their axies and the damage they can inflict on their opponents.

The developers clarify that all the new features announced by the team may undergo slight modifications or changes as they are implemented or after the end of the Origin alpha phase, as they are looking for the best results to ensure a dynamic and entertaining game for users. At the same time, the Sky Mavis team expresses that its intention in revealing information subject to changes is to warn Axie Infinity players who wish to venture into Origin; this way they will be able to better adapt to the changes in the gameplay.

8. Origin: Issuance of tokens and launch stages

The developers announced that the project will be launched in two stages with different and complementary approaches.

The first, called the “alpha version”, will comprise the development of the video game, the main objective of which will be to adjust the mechanics present in the game through feedback from the trainers. For the time being, this version will be available in APK format through Mavis Hub for Android devices. Likewise, it will coexist with the current Axie Infinity version, as the company seeks a player-friendly integration. However, it is important to note that during the alpha stage no SLPs will be generated, and users will not receive rewards in AXS; because these benefits will only be available to those who own their own creatures in Axie Infinity Battle v2.

Furthermore, the progress accumulated by players during the alpha version will be reset before the release of the definitive version of the title, so that all users will have the same chances of winning. Additionally, it is necessary to mention that the AXS token will eventually start to have governance functions in the Ronin network, this being an Ethereum-based wallet.

After finishing the alpha stage, “season 0” will be implemented, which will seek to anchor Origin at the level of Axie Infinity, to achieve the expected results in the alpha version, all the elements will be transferred to Origin, which includes the issuance of SLP and rewards on the AXS token. However, this situation will eventually lead to Battle v2 being discontinued and removed from the platform. However, both versions will coexist while adjustments are made and the migration is completed.

battle things axie

Origin: The new Axie Infinity 2022

At first glance, Origin may seem like the free version of Axie Infinity, but it seeks to go a step further since its developers have implemented a series of new features that aim to attract more users and to be part of the emerging mechanics of the Metaverse.

  1. Lands. The development team is focused on building trade in Project K and will allow users to exchange different resources. The creation of this function will take time, and work is being done on the modeling and design of elements present in the platform: landscapes, objects, and buildings, among others.
  2. Conceptual art. Axie Infinity’s official Twitter account has launched several concept arts about the new world: axies design, the story behind them, and new landscapes, among others. Additionally, they have designed illustrative videos to show in broad strokes the new functionalities in the Adventure Mode.
  3. AXS Token. Due to the launching of the new Axie Infinity project, the price of the AXS native token is expected to increase 56.7%, reaching $72 USD. Likewise, it is expected that after the implementation of Season 0, the elimination of Battle v2, and the arrival of new players, the price of the SLP token will regain the strength it had months before its fluctuation.
  4. Release and burn. Recently, the platform held an axies event, in which they released more than 140,000 creatures in exchange for cosmetic items. The development team was looking to solve the problems of overproduction of axies, so another similar event will probably be held in the future.
  5. Growth. The developers have expressed their desire to offer a simpler and more fun adventure, which is the main reason why users will receive a free starter kit. The company wants players to participate and get hooked on the game without the need to make a previous investment. On the other hand, it will implement new economic balancing features such as vertical creature progression, which will influence token burning methods and will be necessary to stabilize the economy.

So far, the free version of Axie Infinity is projected as an improved successor, fresh and with a higher level of playability; so we can sense that it will attract the attention of a large number of players who wish to start their adventure within the Metaverse of Axie Infinity without making an investment. At the same time, the development team has expressed its desire to keep its users veto us in this new Axie Infinity project; that is why it has created tutorials so that they can start their participation and express their opinions before the implementation of Season 0.

Although some important issues related to the game’s economy and the ownership of axies are unknown to date, the new Axie Infinity 2022 allows us to glimpse the path that this version of the most popular NFT game on the market will take; which promises to be a success if it manages to raise the value of the SLP token. However, one thing is certain, the online communities are eagerly awaiting the launch of the alpha phase and in the coming weeks, we will know more about Axie Infinity: Origin.

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