OnePlus Smartwatch Will Arrive Soon. It Is Confirmed!

A while ago, we didn’t talk about OnePlus preparing its own smartwatch. Considering that all major manufacturers already have a similar product, there is no doubt that OnePlus will have it. But now, besides simple guesses and logical reasoning, we also have the words of the company’s management, which made it clear that OnePlus is working in this direction.

You may recall that the company teased its intentions on social media a few months ago, but a lot could have changed since then. Now it turned out that everything is in place and we have the right to continue to wait for a novelty. This is just the story that still lacks details.

OnePlus Smart Watch

According to 9to5Google, Liu Zuohu confirmed in an interview that the company is developing smartwatch products. He also added that OnePlus is working with Google to improve how Wear OS interacts with Android phones and TVs.

OnePlus itself has long been involved in more than just smartphones. Currently manufactures OnePlus Buds headsets, OnePlus TV smart TVs and other products. Earlier this year, a device called the OnePlus Watch with the W301GB model appeared on the Indonesian IMDA certification website. There is every reason to believe that we are talking about the upcoming OnePlus smartwatch.

A bit confusing is Max Jay’s message that OnePlus has delayed the launch of the OnePlus Watch. How long will have to wait until it is not clear, and Max himself did not say anything about why the company made such a decision. However, according to sources, the delay may be due to “some serious problems in the production or development of software.”

OnePlus Smartwatch and Wear OS

OnePlus and Wear OS

Google launched the Android Wear operating system for smartwatches in 2014 and renamed it Wear OS in 2018. Wear OS is a branch of Android designed for wearable smart devices. The operating system focuses on processing information from various sensors and interacting with Google services, including the assistant.

The electronics market has long begun to change and now it is not enough just to upload new and new models of smartphones to the market. Users now need something more. The outgoing year has proven that people need wearable devices. The pandemic only helped consolidate this result. That is why many companies started making watches. And those who made them before, hastened to release new models.

Considering that OnePlus is still quite vulnerable, since it essentially offers several lines of smartphones (and until this year, in fact, only one), it needs to join this current as quickly as possible. Previously, the company’s behavior was justified. Especially when, at the start of its activity, it could sell them at prices significantly lower than market prices. Now everything has changed and OnePlus flagships cost the same, and sometimes more expensive than competing models.

OnePlus smartwatch Shape

What will the OnePlus smartwatch be like

Since there is not a lot of information about the new watch, we can only assume so far what awaits us. As previously reported, the watch was due out by the end of the year. This would be good for the company, since it could immediately sell them in large quantities to those who buy gifts for themselves and their loved ones.

Now, the launch is now almost certainly delayed until the OnePlus 9 launch, which is rumored to take place in the early months of 2021. If the company is ready to solve problems before that time, it will enter the market with a new product at the peak of demand. Moreover, analysts predict that sales of smart watches will continue to grow. With the release of a smartphone with a Leica camera, creating your own watch will greatly strengthen the company’s position in the global market.

How much will OnePlus smartwatch cost

However, it is believed that, unlike many other similar products, the OnePlus Smartwatch will have a higher price tag. Most likely it will be a serious watch with a lot of functions and sensors. It is unlikely that they will be released as a replacement for the Xiaomi Mi Band. It is much more likely that we will get an analogue of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

But according to the design, according to the leaks, it will be an almost complete copy of the Apple Watch. However, this does not surprise us, and the Chinese manufacturers offered something similar.

In addition, we know that there is some kind of connection between OnePlus and Qualcomm. So it is likely that the OnePlus Smartwatch will be powered by the Qualcomm chipset. With at least 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. More details are not yet available, but soon we will have more news about this gadget.

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