How to Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Drive?


Data has become the supportive pillar of modern-day business. It is the data that allows the decision-making bodies of the organizations to predict profitable outcomes. Hence, it becomes necessary that you have the right security feature to safeguard your data.

This is where BitLocker comes into play. BitLocker is one of the products of Microsoft that helps the users encrypt the data inside the system. This feature also offers the solution of data security even when the data is being transferred.

Data encryption adds an additional layer of security over the contents. However, it does come with its flaws – it is hard to recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive.

When a situation arises where you need to recover data from a BitLocker encrypted drive, tools like iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery comes in handy. These tools are integrated with the technologies to help you access the drive and recover data from within.

BitLocker Data Recovery Software: iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery

iBoysoft data recovery software for BitLocker encrypted drive is one of its kind. It is the complete software in the market. With the right password and recovery key, you can:

  • Recover data from any data lost scenarios.
  • Recover files from formatted and corrupted hard drives.
  • Recover data when BitLocker is frozen, failed, or stuck in the process.

Recover Data from BitLocker Encrypted Drive

Recovery data from a BitLocker encrypted drive is a daunting task. To effectively recover the data, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery Software

If you do not have iBoysoft BitLocker data recovery software in your system, the first step is to download it. The download process is simple, and the widget of the software is user-friendly, making things easier for new users. Once the download is complete, install and launch the software.

Now that you have iBoysoft BitLocker data recovery software in your system, open the software. It will take you to the list of drives available to the system.

If the BitLocker encrypted drive is an external drive, connect the drive first before entering software.

Step 2: Select the Drive

There will be times when you will not find the drive in the list; if you find the drive is not in the list, simply click “Find more partitions”. Now select the drive that is BitLocker encrypted and click Next.

Step 3: Enter the Password

Once you get hold of the drive, the system will show a pop-up window to ask you to give a password or recovery key to unlock the drive.

After entering the password, the program will start scanning the drive and search for all the deleted or lost data together.

Step 4:  Preview & Recover

The screen will showcase all the data present in the BitLocker encrypted drive. You can navigate through the data and preview it to recover. Once you know which data to recover, select and press Recover.

Final Thoughts

The easy-to-use BitLocker is an easy solution to encrypt the drives. It is a perfect solution that offers security even when the data is being transferred. However, no matter how good BitLocker is, it comes with its own challenges. With BitLocker encryption, the data recovery process becomes complex and harder.

Fortunately, we have software like iBoysoft BitLocker Recovery that helps users access and recover data even if the BitLocker encrypted drive is formatted or corrupted.

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