HooXi Is a Great Transfer for G2: Club Bought the Main Meme of 2022

Paradoxically: Hooxi is loved because he is not a good player

The founder of G2 is Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez. He is not a millionaire yet, not a philanthropist, but definitely a showman. He had almost everything for luck. Look, he works with star player Nico – he is literally a hero. Monesi – is a young talent who has been discussed since the beginning of the transfer. Finally, Carlos is always in the news. What else would he dream of?

In his nightmares, he saw the same story where SolEk said these words: “You can’t repeat my success in CSGO matches.” Of course, G2 had failures in its career. However, there was no player like SolEk in the memory of esports fans.

It was so until August 2022.

Meet HooXi

The new captain of the G2 team is Rasmus “Hooxi” Nielsen, more recently known as “HooXi solo.” What do we know about him?

The Dane commanded the Copenhagen Flames team for a long time, but his statistics were far from ideal. According to Kiber’s ranking, he was the worst in the Major Championships. Who even remembers HooXi playing it? There was no reason to work with him.

However, Carlos knows what to do. His way of thinking seems to defy the laws of esports and possibly the universe. The G2 founders just didn’t feel the need for trophy races anymore. He entered into another struggle to be the most meme team. Carlos seems to be good at fighting for this title.

“HooXi solo” becomes the new main meme of CS

It’s been a few months since Rasmus signed the contract, and he seems to be gaining popularity. In the broadcast chat, a sarcastic theory is circulating: “Every time G2 fails, the captain becomes more popular.” People compare him with S1mple and m0NESY (HooXi, of course, always wins) in the comments. Many say: ” HooXi > SolEk,” so Carlos can finally keep calm.

You can get a completely new experience by looking at a new G2 team

Before HooXi became a player of the team, every G2 defeat was a sad surprise. A team with such great players failed at tournaments. However, as fans said, a strange feeling came over them when they turned on the first game after several transfers. They thought: “Damn, that’s funny!” When they saw HooXi fail, it was funny to feel that the game brought them joy.

Of course, it may be a little different from the fun they want to feel. Fans still hope that the day will come when Nico gets the coveted trophy.

Only fools don’t see that he’s cool

Shortly after the transfer, Rasmus said the following about his statistics: “Even with Flames, my rating was far from positive. Still, we will win all the competitions. I work with good players. Of course, as an individual, I want to achieve good results. But ultimately, the most important thing is to make the team work and see it grow.”

At the BLAST Premier Fall Group 2022, Rasmus responded to the fans’ criticism. On Reddit, they saw an alpha male vibe in the player and called him HooXi GigaChad.

“I was criticized for past team speeches, so the comments don’t really interest me. Most reviewers don’t know what they’re talking about. So, I will not pay attention to it. Let’s see what happens then.”

M0NESY describes the qualities of a captain

CS: GO sniper Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov from G2 Esports told about the strengths of Rasmus “HooXi” Nielsen. “Who is HooXi? For blind people, he is a guide. For hungry people, he is a cook. For thirsty people, he is water. When HooXi says something, I agree. If HooXi has only one fan, it’s me. If these fans don’t exist, I don’t exist either.”

So, HooXi has become a true meme of the CS: GO scene. Fans enjoy seeing him during CSGO matches and placing bets. According to, since joining the team, the Dane has appeared in only one series and has positive statistics. Nielsen has repeatedly said: “You don’t need a flag to lead your team to victory.” The fans also appreciated the attitude.

Of course, the glory of the great G2 Sniper is still far away. Perhaps in the near future, he will become a living legend.

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