From Single Line to Progressive Jackpot Slots

Once casino slots hit the market, there was no stopping them. The bright colors and themes, playful sound effects, and easy gameplay made slot machines near-irresistible to casino players, drawing the largest fan base of any casino game to date. But while slots might look like one unvaried field to the untrained eye, a closer look at the Betway menu will tell you that there is a lot more to these games. In this post, we review two types of slots – single line and progressive. 

What Are Classic Slots?

Classic or traditional slots are slot games that use mechanical reels or software designed to mimic these reels in the online space. Fruit slots are a perfect example of classic slots. Usually, they feature a very straightforward mechanism, straightforward paytables, and little to no special elements. You pull the level (or push a button), the reel’s spin, and you get a result.

Classic slots focus on the excitement of the game, allowing you to move quickly through the rounds without any distractions. More modern slot games, on the other hand, may feature themes, a storyline, NPCs, and other special features. Single-line and progressive slots can be classic or modern.

Multi and Single-Line Slots

Initially, casino slot games featured three reels and one central payline. Players had to match three symbols on a line to hit a win. Over the years, however, these slots have advanced to include multiple paylines and additional reels. Some slots even have hundreds of possible paylines. Others even let you change the number of lines you want to play with on every spin. Ultimately, your choice comes down to multi-line or single-line slots. But, whichever you choose, your wins for one spin never carry over to the next spin as they do in progressive jackpot slots.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpot slots are world-famous for the opportunity they offer players to win big. The pot, usually growing into the millions, can drop at any time, to any player, in any casino. Unlike multi and single-line slots that offer a fixed maximum win particular to the casino, these slot games are played across different casinos within the developer network. They also include a jackpot that rises incrementally when players bet real money on them across the network.

A good example of a progressive jackpot slot is Mega Fortune by NetEnt. The slot game is responsible for the largest jackpot win in the history of online slots, netting a player a whopping $24 million. The game is set up so that every time a player wagers real money in any casino on the NetEnt network, they inflate the jackpot, which continues to grow until a player hits a win. In this case, a retired Finish poker player won the $24 million jackpot on a 25c spin. 


The popularity of slots means that game developers are always coming up with new titles with different themes, storylines, and graphics. The mechanics remain pretty much the same, but understanding the different types of slots on Betway and across the online casino world can improve your gaming experience. With this knowledge, you can decide whether single-line or progressive slots better meet your gaming needs, skills, and budget.

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