How to fix MangaGo website not working or opening

If you are a fan of comics and want to read, but you don’t have enough money to purchase them as comics are costly, then you must hear of the Mangago website. Mangago is a reading website where a user uploads scans, screenshots, CBR, and PDF copies of the latest comics. It is a free website. You can find all types of comics (Manga) here in almost every genre. The site is still in beta version and popular with its extensive collection of Manga (comics). It has a simple, user-friendly UI to search the Manga you want and provide the comics in no time. However, the site is an ongoing copyright issue from the makers and artists of the comics industry, so that you may have some problems using Mangago. If you find that the MangaGo website isn’t working or opening, we have this guide where we discuss different methods to solve this issue and make the MangaGo website work again.

Recently the user reported that MangaGo was not working because the server had been down for a few days. This website provided Manga for free because many publications and artists complain about the site to higher authorities. The user of this site is upset by this issue. It is the only source to read their favorite comics; for them, the condition is disheartening. Mangano has a large fanbase as they spend hours reading Manga.

Although Mangago is not working due to copyright issue stills users are talking about the site on all other social platforms. Like other things in the world, MangaGo is also not perfect for manga reading. It also has some pros and cons. Before we move further, let have a look at these features :

Pros and cons of MangaGo:


  1.    Clean UI.
  2.    No ads and bugs.
  3.    Greater reading experience.
  4.    All variety of mangas.
  5.    No such bloatware on the website.
  6.    Website hosts are just excellent.


  1.    MangaGo was not working for few days.
  2.    This problem frequently happens on this website.
  3.    This problem can also occur when there is a release day of a new chapter.
  4.    Show 18+ manga’s on the home screen, which can be vulnerable for few users.
  5.    Nowadays, users don’t believe in this website sometimes.
  6.    The website is getting down due to a copyright strike by Manga publisher.

Usually, the publisher of Mangago is trying to get rid of the copyright issue anyhow, but as it is a long process because the website is providing licensed and copyright products free for use to their users on the web. The suspension may be forever in the future as it’s a highly complex matter.

How to fix Mangago website not working or opening

Moreover, the website publishers try to bring an immersive experience to the users by showing ad-free content; they are not getting paid through Adsense. Mangago publishers have created this website just for reading Manga, not for any money-making. So no ads may have some help that favors MangaGo. Mat be in future they plan to charge some money for membership plan as per today’s trend.

Try incognito mode to open Mangago and make it work

Incognito mode - Mangago

Nothing new but effective always; however, If you haven’t already, try using the incognito mode on your browser when accessing Mangago as every browser has inbuilt incognito mode. This mode turns off many trackers that may be affecting the site otherwise and restricting access. Incognito mode never saved your device any of your history, cookies, site data, and other information entered in forms. It means that your activity is never shown on your browser history.

Use VPN to make Mangago work again

VPN - Mangago

One of the common reasons you might not access Mangago in your location could be that your country has flat out banned the site. In such cases, using a VPN set to a server location where the site is still accessible is may work for you.

It’s also possible that the server your VPN is pinging is causing issues accessing the Mangago website. Try a different VPN and see if that solves the problem, and for that, there are a lot of free and paid VPN software available on the internet. 

Disable your VPN

On the other side, using a VPN can also restrict your access to the site to access. Therefore, if Mangago is accessible without a VPN in your location, we recommend you disable your VPN when accessing the site. However, if the site is banned in your country, try switching servers to different countries until you find one that works. 

Reset your browser

Sometimes, Resetting the browser can help get of seemingly random issues that you might be experiencing while visiting sites. The process to reset the browser as follow. In my case, we are resetting the chrome browser as I used it a lot.

Step 1: Head over to chrome://settings/resetClick on Restore settings to their original defaults.


Step 2: Chrome will pop up a warning prompt. Then click on Reset Settings, and your browser will reset to default settings. 


Clear your cache

Corrupt files in the cache always cause problems with several sites, including Mangago. First, try clearing your browser’s cache to check if you can access the site. However, clearing cache can fix specific issues, like loading or formatting issues in the website.

Step 1: Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in your browser’s address bar and hit Enter to get quick access to Chrome’s setting to clear cache data.

Step 2: Navigate and click on the cache and cookies options and make sure the Time range is set to All time. Then, Click on the Clear now button that will clear all of your browser’s data. 

Reinstall your browser

Finally, if nothing else works, you can try reinstalling your browser from scratch to check if the issue is resolved. Installing may take some time, but a fresh install browser doesn’t have any open website.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + X to open the Quick Access menu and then click on Apps & Features.


Step 2: After that, Find Chrome in the list of apps and click on Uninstall button to remove the browser.


Now you can download Chrome and installing it again to check if the issue is resolved. The fresh installation may get the problem fixed, and you can reaccess the Mangago.

Fix Security Conflicts

Here’s a detailed explanation of security conflicts and how they might prevent MangaGo from working:

Security Software and Website Access:

  • Your computer’s security software, like antivirus or firewalls, plays a crucial role in protecting you from online threats like malware and phishing attacks.
  • Occasionally, these programs can misinterpret legitimate websites like MangaGo as malicious. This can lead to them blocking your connection to the site entirely.

Types of Security Conflicts:

  • Overly Restrictive Firewalls: Firewalls act like gatekeepers, filtering incoming and outgoing traffic on your device. An overly restrictive firewall might block connections to websites it deems suspicious, even if they’re harmless.
  • Antivirus Misidentification: Antivirus software can sometimes incorrectly flag websites as containing viruses or other harmful content. This can trigger them to block access to those sites.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Temporarily Disable Security Software: This is a temporary solution to test if your security software is the culprit. Be cautious, only do this for troubleshooting purposes and re-enable your security software afterwards.
  • Whitelist MangaGo (if possible): Some security software allows you to create a whitelist of trusted websites that won’t be blocked. If MangaGo is legitimate and you trust it, you can try whitelisting it.

Check your Network Settings

Network settings are the configurations that govern how your device connects to and interacts with a network, like the internet or a local network at home or work. These settings are crucial for ensuring your device can properly communicate and access online resources.

Here’s a breakdown of the different aspects of network settings:

  • Wi-Fi Settings: This is where you manage your connection to wireless networks. You can:
    • Connect to Wi-Fi Networks: Select and enter passwords for known Wi-Fi networks.
    • Manage Saved Networks: View, edit, or forget previously connected Wi-Fi networks.
    • Set Wi-Fi Preferences: Configure automatic connection, network priority, and power-saving features.
  • Wired Network Settings (Ethernet): Although less common with mobile devices, some laptops and desktops connect to the internet via an ethernet cable. These settings may allow you to configure network properties and IP addresses (explained below).
  • IP Settings: An IP address acts like your device’s unique address on the network. It can be assigned automatically (DHCP) or configured manually. Network settings might allow you to view or change these settings in some cases.
  • Subnet Mask and Default Gateway: These work together with your IP address to define your network’s addressing scheme and how devices communicate within the network. They’re typically assigned automatically by your router and not something you need to modify frequently.
  • Proxy Settings: A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the internet. Network settings might allow you to configure a proxy if needed for specific purposes, like workplace security.
  • Bluetooth Settings: While not strictly related to internet connectivity, Bluetooth settings allow you to connect your device to other Bluetooth-enabled devices for wireless data transfer or audio streaming.

Where to Find Network Settings:

The exact location of network settings will vary depending on your device’s operating system (OS). Here’s a general guideline:

  • Windows: Go to Settings > Network & Internet.
  • Mac: Go to System Preferences > Network.
  • Android: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi & Network (or similar wording depending on your device).
  • iOS: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.

I hope that you find the above fixes helpful. Maybe the not working of Mangago is temporary, or perhaps they get banned as it is a severe loss to Magna’s creator. What’s your side? Let us know in the comment box, and for more information or any other issue on the various topic, check our related article.

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