Is Twitter still better than OnlyFans?

Are you an exclusive content creator? Find out here if Twitter is better than OnlyFans with its new subscription platform: Super Follow.

The social network of the little bird is preferred by many of the creators of Adult content, where they have found the perfect ally to promote themselves and keep their community motivated. But what about when it comes to monetisation?

With Super Follow, Twitter is better than OnlyFans, as it activates its subscription system to OF Style and Patreon, platforms that have billed thousands of dollars with their exclusive content offerings. In order to increase its profitability, Twitter has already launched this new feature.

Read on and get to know Super Follow, an alternative to Only Fans that we will compare so that you have a clear guide of which platform to choose when monetising your content.

Is Twitter still better than OnlyFans?

Super Follow: Twitter’s alternative to Only Fans

The successful monetisation system of Only Fans has caught the attention of more than one. This is why platforms are now opting for similar models.

Thus, in June 2021, Twitter announced the subscription-based consumption platform that has several content creators waiting in the wings, especially those who used the social network of the little bird to promote content that they then monetised on Only Fans.

Twitter has been able to position itself against Facebook and Instagram because of its few restrictions on the content that can be published. For this reason, many creators of adult content build their audiences there. These are the same ones that Super Follow will benefit from with its subscription system.

In this sense, creators will no longer need to use other platforms to charge for their creations but will have the facility to create exclusive tweets for those who pay the monthly subscription. Promotion, distribution and monetisation in the same social network!

For these reasons, if Twitter’s subscription platform continues to grow, it could become quite a competition for Only Fans, which is currently one of the preferred platforms for monetising exclusive content.

Super Follow VS Only Fans

The Covid-19 pandemic, the confinement of 2020 and the rise of exclusive content creators brought the monthly subscription market back to life. And, it’s no secret that Only Fans was one of the pioneers in that growth of paid content. The best only fans models started making a lot of money, and soon others joined. With the advantage of having all the the time in the world and staying at home, creators could engage with fans with the click of a button. The trend just continued to grow after the lockdown.”

Now that Twitter is launching this proposition, many creators may be hesitant about which platforms are best for promoting exclusive content; well, some will decide to stay with Only Fans, while others will opt for Super Follow.

For now, the comparison of the two platforms is made with what little is known about Super Follow, but despite this, Twitter promises to bring them to you with this new feature.

Super Follow VS Only Fans

So that you can decide which platform you prefer, we bring you this comparison in which we will analyse the conditions to start monetising on both, the types of content you will be able to promote, the restrictions and, of course, the charges and commissions.

About the conditions

Although it’s a bit early to talk about the conditions of Twitter’s new platform, Super Follow has already made clear some of the requirements for those who want to get into paid content.

Some of the conditions you must meet to be eligible to promote on Super Follow are:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a minimum of 10,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Have a minimum of 25 tweets published in the last month.
  • Your account must have been created at least 3 months ago
  • Have a complete Twitter profile with your name, biography, profile picture and verified email address.

In other words, to be eligible for Super Follow you must be an active user of the blue bird’s social network. This will allow you to publish your exclusive tweets, as well as enjoy all the benefits of its platform.

On the other hand, in OnlyFans any user can publish on its platform. However, at the moment of classifying content as exclusive distribution, you will have to undergo a verification process in which they check your real name, address, date of birth, ID photo, and bank account. This can take between 24 and 48 hours, while the server confirms your identity.

In both cases, the process is effortless. However, in the case of Super Follow you must have been using Twitter for some time. Whereas with Only Fans, there is no minimum time on the platform.

But do you know the disadvantages of undergoing the Only Fans verification process? Some of the users reported mishandling of data privacy during 2021.

What about the type of content?

Adult content is the favourite content of OnlyFans users, and it seems that Super Follow does not want to be left behind with the receptiveness of this type of content.

Although OnlyFans has a safety policy for publishing certain types of content, the company’s goal is to welcome all creators and let them express their different genres. Experience the untapped potential of your creative journey with the assistance of an OnlyFans agency. Unlock new horizons of income growth and expand your reach as they expertly handle promotion, branding, and administrative tasks. With the freedom to focus on crafting authentic content, you can captivate and forge genuine connections with your audience, paving the way for unparalleled success in the realm of art and self-expression.

While Super Follow left content preference up to users, Twitter explains that it wants the platform to be useful for sharing thoughts that don’t fit into specific scripts, as well as for asking for ideas, consulting opinions and giving personal responses. So at no point has it closed its door to sexual content.

On the other hand, when it comes to user interaction with content and creators, both platforms give preference to subscribers.

Well, on Only Fans, creators can send direct messages only to their subscribers, which adds an extra closeness to the exclusive audience that is vital to nurture the creator/follower bond.

Super Follow will also give priority to subscribers, as although direct messaging is an option available to those who follow each other, it will give a badge that gives preference to users of exclusive content.

Let's talk about monetisation

Let’s talk about monetisation

So far it can be mentioned that Super Follow works like Only Fans, however, in terms of charges and commissions, there are certain differences that may mark the preference of users for one platform or the other.

On Only Fans, creators can set their monthly subscription fee at their convenience, with the minimum fee being USD 5 and the maximum fee being USD 100 per month. While Super Follow has announced a pre-defined fee schedule where creators can only choose between subscriptions of USD 2.99, USD 4.99 or USD 9.99 per month.

On the other hand, Only Fans’ commissions are set at 20% of each creator’s earnings. And Super Follow will charge a 3% commission on sales (but with a minimum of 10 cents). However, this is in addition to the 30% from mobile app shops, such as Android and iOS.

Conclusion: What is the winning platform?

It is too early to pick a winning platform, as Super Follow is just starting to take its first steps in the market and still leaves a lot of question marks among content creators. However, it is safe to say that their efforts have been focused on creating a subscription-based content system that could be quite attractive in the market.

Do you think Twitter is better than Only Fans and are you a fan of OF?

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