How To Convert PDF To Word Online And Edit In A Few Seconds?

I recently received a very important file in PDF format, and I needed to convert it to Word in order to edit the information. However, I was at a loss as to how I would do this! I also realized that more people like you and me share the same need and lack a PDF to Word converter.

Thinking of this, I conducted thorough research to solve my problem, and also to create this article with a collection of the best sites and ways to convert PDF to Word.

So, if you are also looking for the best online tool to do this type of conversion between PDF and Word formats, continue on with this article! And if you’re looking for a PDF download website, you can visit

List of best websites to convert PDF to Word online for free!

This list that took me days to put together and test all the converters, has the best on the internet about converting PDF. That is my point of view!

So, choose the best one according to your file conversion needs and don’t forget to let me know if I helped you at the end of the article, ok?

Online OCR PDF to Word converter
Online OCR PDF to Word converter.

1. Online OCR

As much as the Ocr PDF to Word converter does not occupy Google’s 01 today, in my opinion, it is the best in its class.

Relying on a simple and focused design, OCR has conquered the best place on this podium.

Therefore, with it you can easily convert your PDF file to Word in a few minutes by following these steps:

  • Access the OCR Online site;
  • Choose the PDF file you want to convert;
  • Select the language;
  • Click the convert PDF button;
  • Download the output Word file;

In conclusion, your PDF file has been converted to Word and you can download it to your computer and edit the information.

Small PDF to Word Converter
Small PDF to Word Converter

2. Small PDF Converter

The second position of best PDF to Word converter goes to Small, a site that has several file conversion tools such as;

  • PDF to Word;
  • Join PDF;
  • JPG to PDF;
  • Sign PDF;
  • Edit PDF;
  • Compress PDF;
  • And many other tools to convert files!

Therefore, you can use Small’s converter to perform various forms of file conversion according to your needs.

In other words, the way to use it, simple and intuitive as the first option, just follow a few steps such as

  1. Access the PDF converter tool;
  2. Choose the PDF file you want to convert to Word;
  3. Select the format you want the file converted to “Word”;
  4. Click convert to change PDF to Word;

There you go, your file has been converted from PDF to Word and can be downloaded to your computer or saved to Dropbox and Google drive.

In addition, Small is also available as an app for Android and IOS. So, to convert PDF to Word with the Small app click here!

Adobe Acrobat PDF to Word Converter
Adobe Acrobat PDF to Word Converter.

3. Adobe Acrobat

Our third indication for converting PDF to other formats is Adobe Acrobat and its speed in transforming files.

Like the second option, Adobe makes its tools available for free with certain limitations, and you have to subscribe in order to use them on a large scale. In other words, if you need to convert several PDF files at once, you will have to go for the premium plan!

However, using the free plan will be enough to convert a small number of files, if that is your case.

So, to use Adobe Acrobat there is no secret, just follow the standard step-by-step instructions that I leave below.

  1. Go to the Adobe Acrobat website;
  2. Upload the PDF file you want to convert to Word;
  3. Click on convert;
  4. Download the converted PDF file to your computer.

In conclusion, the converted PDF file to a Word document will be saved on your computer and ready for editing. Remember, in the example of the images, I converted a video that was in PDF to the original format.

However, with Adobe Acrobat you can convert from PDF to any other format you need, including Word.

Convertio PDF to Word Converter
Convertio PDF to Word Converter.

4. Convertio

The Convertio website takes the fourth and not least place as the best site to convert PDF to Word. So if you have come this far and still can’t convert your file, you can do it with Convertio!

Convertio is one of the best sites in the market when it comes to converting PDF to Word.

Therefore, with it, you can

  • Convert documents;
  • files
  • Audios;
  • videos;
  • Images;
  • Presentations;
  • Sources;
  • Electronic books.

In other words, a plethora of conversion tools that supply all your needs to change any file or media.

Therefore, to use this amazing tool to convert PDF to Word, you must follow a few steps which are, for example:

  1. Access the Convertio tool;
  2. Upload the file;
  3. Choose the final file format “Word”;
  4. Click on convert;
  5. Ready, just download the file to your computer!

In addition, Convertio is also available for Android in the form of an app that you can find here.

Conclusion on the best sites to convert PDF to Word!

In conclusion, this was a shortlist of sites capable of converting PDF files to other formats. So, I hope I have helped you and you get the goal you were looking for by entering this page.

So, if I helped you and you were able to convert what you needed to Word, be sure to leave your comment and share this article with your friends.

So that more people who have this doubt can be helped as I was able to help you!

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