16 Best Xiaomi Secret Codes You Must Know

In this list, we gather some of the most useful Xiaomi secret codes from MIUI operating system. Test phone components, format the system or learn useful device information.

It is a fact that MIUI is one of the most complete customization layers that we can currently find in the Android landscape. Good proof of this is the number of secret codes that we can enable in the system to activate certain functions of the mobile device, functions that are often hidden from users because of their nature or because they pose a danger to the stability of the device. On this occasion, we have collected some of the most interesting Xiaomi secret codes that we have been able to find for Xiaomi devices.

The activation of certain codes depends on the version of MIUI, the type of processor (Qualcomm or Mediatek) or the base version of Android, so some functions may not be available on certain models of Xiaomi and Poco. Also, entering the codes will have to be done in the native Calls app, while we cannot resort to third-party dialers.

##197328640###*: Enable Test Mode On Your Xiaomi Phone

Especially useful if we have detected a possible hardware failure in the device. This code allows us to enable a hidden test menu on Android devices intended for testing and diagnostics of the different components of the cell phone, such as the touch panel, the screen, the speaker, the proximity sensor or the microphone, among others. If the code in question does not work, we can resort to this other method to activate that menu.

Test The Hardware Of Your Xiaomi Cell Phone Component By Component

If what we want is to test the hardware of our cell phone component by component, we can resort to a list of codes intended for testing components individually. The list in question is as follows:

*#*#0588#*#*#*: initiates a test to check the operation of the proximity sensor.

*#*#232337#*#: starts a test to check the operation of the Bluetooth connection.

*#*#2664#*#*#*: start a test to check the touch panel operation.

*#*#0842#*#*#*: start a test to check the LCD and vibration motor operation.

*#*#0673#*#** OR *#*#0289#*#**: initiates a test to check the operation of the speakers and headphone input if any.

*#*#0#0*#*#**: initiate a test to check the LCD operation more thoroughly.

*#**#1472365#*#*#*: start a test to check the GPS operation.

##232339##*: Check If The Wi-fi Connection Has Problems

Another code is used to assess the operation of the WiFi network. In this case, the diagnosis is performed on the WiFi network to which the device is connected at the time of testing, so we can determine whether the failure in question comes from the cell phone module or from the Internet network itself.

##7594###*: Turn Off Your Phone If The Power Button Does Not Work

Is the Power button of your Xiaomi cell phone not working properly? The code *#*#7594#*#*#* allows us to force the device to turn off through the native Android shutdown menu. If we want to turn on the terminal, we can connect a cable to the power to force turn on the device in case the corresponding button does not work.

#*#273282*255*663282*#*#*#*: BACKUP PHOTOS AND VIDEOS

If we do not want to resort to third-party applications or a computer to back up the photos and videos on the phone, we can always resort to the code #**#273282*255*663282*#*#*#* to force the backup of the multimedia elements of the device, which are usually stored in the DCIM folder. However, we must first make sure that we have the necessary storage to perform the backup, which we can calculate by analyzing the space occupied by the DCIM folder, among others.

27673855#: Reset Your Xiaomi Cell Phone To Factory Settings

A more direct way to format the cell phone completely and return to factory settings. Since the reset is done completely, any information housed in the internal memory of the device would be permanently deleted. For this reason, from we recommend you to proceed with caution, as well as backing up the data on an external device.

##4636###: The Most Revealing Code In Android

At least of useful information. Depending on the system version, the code enables a menu with information related to the components and use of the device, such as battery voltage and amperage, minute-by-minute usage statistics, the history of open applications, the processor temperature or the power-on time since it was last turned off. In short, a complete roadmap that helps us to know more information about our Xiaomi phone.

##49862650468###: Know The Hardware Information Of Your Xiaomi Phone

Especially useful if we want to install a third-party ROM or replace any component compatible with the device. In this case, the code displays a menu with information about the firmware of certain components of the terminal: PDA, RF Call Date, Phone…

Enable And Disable Voice Dialing With These Codes

If we are going to use voice dialling and we do not want to use Android Auto if we have a compatible vehicle, we can always use the native dialling system of the system, which we can enable and disable with two codes. To enable this function, the code we will have to enter is *#*#8351#*#*#*, while to disable it, we will have to use *#*#8350#*#*#*.

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