Y2mate: what and how to use to download from TikTok?

Y2mate is a tool for downloading videos from even one of the most famous apps out there today: TikTok. Therefore, we have this complete on how to download and use the Y2Mate app to download TikTok videos and content easily.

This app is not only used for leisure time moments like comedy videos, dancing or singing. You can find professionals producing videos for the app in order to find clients. 

In this sense, downloading videos from TikTok with the help of y2mate can be a great option for those who want to share some content with their family and friends. 

As we know, Tiktok is world-famous counting millions of people active on the app.  

It was launched in the year 2016 and quickly gained ground, not to mention it is very easy to mess around with. 

Short viral videos are seen daily circulating on the network, there is even the possibility to earn extra money with TikTok, and many of these videos are downloaded and reposted by others. 

Before we talk about how to use y2mate to download, let’s understand a little more about what TikTok is. 

What to know about TikTok?

Nowadays it is almost impossible to know someone who has never heard of Tiktok, most of the videos in WhatsApp groups are shared directly from Tiktok.  

Tiktok is not only for fun but it has also become a great research network. Those who wish can not only share but also create and edit the videos. 

Y2mate: what and how to use to download from TikTok?

Y2mate: how to use tiktok to download videos 

You who like to download videos from TikTok may end up looking for apps that can provide this convenience quickly. Most of these apps or websites may present a good solution for you, but it is not always easy to find it among so many unsafe ones.

Y2Mate is an option for those who want to download quickly. It can download your videos quickly, either from TikTok or other places. But it’s important to know a bit more about it before using it, right? Is it worth it? 

Here we will make a short review of this tool, so you can see its positive points and generate a more balanced result between its security and agility.

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Is Y2mate safe?

Well, the tool is used to download videos or audio. The initial project was to quickly download videos from YouTube, however, this was developed further and currently, TikTok is also on the list.

It is a safe site. In fact, the whole process of downloading videos from the platform is done quickly without downloading any software, however, there are many advertisements on the platform.

While this is not a detriment to security, sites that focus on advertising can be dangerous. It is not a unique characteristic of the platform, on the contrary, several others present the same pattern.

In which formats it is possible to download?

Well, there are 3 main formats offered for certain videos. For instance, it is possible to download videos only if the YouTube or Tik Tok URL leads to a video. 

There is also the option in mp3. In all formats, it is possible to download this way, even if there is no audio in the video. Of course, the audio-only format is very popular for those who want to download podcasts or music.

However, if you like Tiktok your goal is to watch the videos, right? Well, the size is always bigger than the audio and you will also be able to choose the quality of the image. It will be provided according to the original video.

Why use Y2mate to download videos?

If you are looking for a reason, the best answer we have is: “It is simple, objective and free”. Y2mate is one of the most widely used means of downloading on the web. 

Moreover, it provides various formats for downloading, plus it’s responsive without many redirect pages. It only takes a few seconds to recognize the URL and convert the file for download. 

How it’s done

Actually, the process is done in just 3 parts, see below:

  1. Firstly you must log in to Tiktok, choose the video you want to download and copy the link. It is important to capture this link correctly;
  2. After that you will go to the official Y2mate website and paste the link;
  3. Then, just select the “go” button and the conversion process will begin. It is necessary to wait for a moment;
  4. Select the video or audio format you want and click on the download button.

That’s it! You have started to download your video. Remember that it will not come with any other software, only what was in the original URL. 

It’s possible to download videos from other platforms

Not only Tiktok, but Youtube is also on the list. He is basically the first to start this, but with the growth of channels like TikTok, it is of course crucial to consider this.

With its growth, other downloads will be possible. It is worth a try, although the platform is not as famous as it used to be, it is still the best free method.

The users’ opinion

If you are looking for a site where you can download your video quickly, know that this is the most interesting. Users confirm this and maybe even you have used it yourself at some point.

So, if you were in search of a review to find out about its opportunity to use, know whether it’s videos for YouTube or Tiktok, this method is effective. Also, it is a platform that is developing, so soon there may be new options.

You should find out on your own if it is worth downloading videos from it, but you can find several people’s opinions on the web about it.


In conclusion, with everything said here you already know enough about Y2mate. The platform is not new and is developing several types of downloads. Tiktok has joined the list and there is a possibility that others will make it as well.

Now you can try out the platform for downloading your videos, whatever they may be!

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