When does TikTok start paying you money?

TikTok, the social network of the moment can help you earn money, and here’s everything you need to get started earning money on TikTok and know the moment when TikTok starts paying you money!

You’re probably already familiar with TikTok, the social network that has been all the rage in recent years. It has become the medium through which millions of young people make homemade videos where they show their artistic qualities and skills such as singing, dancing or jokes.

The question on everyone’s mind is how much money can be earned on this social network and at what point it starts to pay. You can simply use an influencer money calculator to get the worth of a social profile and figure out the amount that can be earned to promote content and products on the that profile.

How to monetise on TikTok

Many people spread rumours about how to earn money on TikTok, including rates of how much money you can earn on this social network. Most of these ideas are not very accurate, but you can collect testimonials from those who are already earning money on this social network and in one way or another share their experiences on the network.

TikTok has several rules for monetising on its social network. Although they are the same in most countries, what does differ is the way they are applied according to each member. Beliefs that by opening a TikTok account in a short time you will become rich are mostly false unless you are a very famous person who was already rich.

Influencers, who are people who have a large social media presence and thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers and in some cases millions, can also be considered celebrities who can generate large sums of money through social media like TikTok.

To understand how TikTok pays can be illustrated with the way YouTube pays, i.e. earnings come from a cost per thousand which in short would be CPM. This means that the more people watch the video and play it the more you earn in monetary terms. If you are not famous the only way to monetise in this way is to make videos that are very viral and with very particular characteristics.

Sponsors on TikTok

As you know, this social network generates large profits from advertising. If an influencer or any other person generates videos that have a lot of views, it is possible that this profile will be considered for monetisation.

You also have to consider that it is not the same if your profile is visited or your video is played in the United States than in a Latin American country. The CPM varies according to the region or country, this means that what TikTok would pay for 1,000 views of a video in the United States is not the same rate as if the video is played the same amount of times in Spain or any other country.

When does TikTok start paying you money?
Make money on TikTok.

How to make money on TikTok

The first thing is to get 10k TikTok followers and for this, you have to create videos every day, some say that there should be between 2 and 5 videos a day, to cause interest in the public and that little by little they will go viral.

These videos will start to gain likes and although this is not the main way in which a profile will be evaluated for monetisation, it does help to popularise the video. TikTok’s algorithm can identify the type of target audience and this can increase the views on your videos.

Unless you are someone very famous you should have a specific topic on which you are going to make your videos. This means that, if you become a TikTok follower for a certain topic, it would not be advantageous for you to create content related to another topic that your followers are not interested in.

For example, if you have become famous for doing dances on TikTok you can’t just show up one day making a video about how to make homemade shampoo or about Android games. This behaviour will seriously affect the popularity you have already achieved. Some followers may get the idea that you’ve changed branches and will migrate to those who generate the content they want to see.

Of course, it is possible that over time you may rectify your subject matter because you may not have had enough hits on what you were offering your followers and now you want to focus on another topic. In these cases, you should do it in a very prudent way so as not to lose the followers you have already gained.

How much TikTok pays

There are many ways to earn money on TikTok, but the first thing you want to know is how much TikTok pays per visit. There is no TikTok page where they list the rates at which they pay their users, but what you can find on the internet is the testimonials of those who claim to have made money making videos for TikTok.

For example, some claim that 1,000,000 views of a video can earn them €40. However, not all cases are the same, so there is no one-size-fits-all income. Some simply make dance videos and have hundreds of thousands of views, others are influencers and their videos are sponsored by advertising. In these cases, they will be billed more for these videos than for those without sponsorship.

For these types of TikTok users, it is very likely that the platform will contact them to discuss earnings and the parameters on which their videos should revolve. Keeping this in mind will prevent you from having unrealistic expectations from this social network since as a general rule to generate thousands of euros per month you would have to have at least one or two million followers.

Exolyt TikTok earning tool

Exolyt tool to calculate earnings on TikTok

There are a few tools to evaluate the possible earnings from TikTok. For example, there is the TikTok money calculator, Exolyt. According to this page, you can estimate the earnings of a public TikTok account by entering your username and clicking on Calculate earnings.

The same page explains that there are several ways to earn money on TikTok and one they refer to is influencer marketing, which consists of being a promoter of product brands in the videos.

According to them, this means that sponsored videos can not only earn more money but also increase sales of that product. Another way they refer to is that the person making the videos sells their own services through what they create.

For example, influencers who make make-up videos are likely to sell products related to that area. However, in order to generate any kind of profit, you would have to have a large following and most likely the real and significant earnings will not be directly from TikTok but independently or the social network will keep a percentage.

An influencer who partners with a brand that is quite profitable can easily generate more than $100,000, although this will depend on many factors.

TikTok Creators Fund

This programme is practically available in Europe, the United States and will soon be available in Latin America. It is an excellent tool because, in addition to generating profits, it provides you with many facilities to do so. However, there are certain conditions that apply.

To access the TikTok Creators Fund you must comply with the following:

  • Be of legal age or at least 18 years old.
  • 100,000 followers on your profile.
  • 100,000 monthly views of your content.
  • All your content must be original without plagiarism.
  • Be in accordance with TikTok rules.

If you feel you meet these requirements then you should take the following steps:

  1. Log in to your TikTok account.
  2. Search for settings.
  3. Click on profile and select the 3 dots on the top right.
  4. Select manage account.
  5. Now switch to a Pro account.
  6. Go to the Creator section under settings.
  7. Select TikTok Creators Fund.
  8. Fill in the form with your full name, ID number and the corresponding tax information.
TikTok Creator Marketplace
TikTok Creator Marketplace

TikTok Creator Marketplace

If your videos have thousands of monthly views you still have one more way to earn money on the TikTok social network. You can do this by collaborating with well-known brands who will want to promote products that comply with TikTok regulations.

These brands can make you an offer and after finalising the conditions and if they find your profile attractive, they can reach an agreement on the price of the campaign. You should be aware that a part of the amount obtained is kept by the social network TikTok, which in this case is your manager.

TikTok Creator Marketplace offers campaigns where you would practically be making a contract for a certain period of time. In this campaign, your activities, creations and even your personal style would be used and in this way, you would give publicity to the certain product that is the object of the campaign and in this way, the conditions of the contract would be fulfilled.

In some cases, this type of campaign has other conditions. For example, some extra bonuses if the content has the reach that the brand requires. The idea is that the video is sufficiently well crafted so that followers can watch it time after time and actually interact with it.

Virtual coins on TikTok

TikTok can start paying you money when you watch videos in the form of a feature called TikTok Bonus. This consists of the social network giving you a code or a link to send to whoever you prefer. If these contacts download the application with your code then you receive a monetary gain. Another function of the TikTok Bonus is that you can start earning money by watching videos.

To do this you need to do the following steps:

  • Look for the TikTok Bonus icon in your profile.
  • Now you must select watch videos.
  • You must choose the videos marked with the TikTok Bonus coins.
  • As you watch these videos, a bar will fill up which gives you the rewards.

TikTok only pays for watching the videos that are marked with the TikTok Bonus, if you watch them all the way through. These virtual coins, which are called rubies, must be exchanged for money via the PayPal platform. In each country, these coins have a different value.

Alternatives to TikTok

An application called Zynn has a very particular way of working. It is like a rewards programme, but it is based on the fact that you have to upload and watch videos very similar to those of TikTok and interact with them.

To use this application you must do the following steps:

  • Connect your Zynn account with the PayPal app.
  • You must watch as many videos in the app as possible.
  • You must fill the meter to get the rewards.
  • Verify that this app is available for your country.


These are some ways to earn on TikTok, but you must remember that the start on this social network is gradual so you can’t have high expectations if you are just starting. You should invest in a good mobile phone with a camera that has a high resolution, otherwise, your competition may not give you a chance.

It is also good to clarify that you must have at least one way in which you can collect your earnings, almost always PayPal. People who have managed to become influencers have not done it overnight, it took them time to catch people’s interest with very creative and attractive content.

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