What’s being said about the design of the new iPhone 15

In the near future, namely in September, if we take into account the experience of previous years, new Apple devices will be presented. Most of all from the presentation are waiting for the iPhone 15, about which, since the summer, there are quite a lot of rumors. Of particular interest are not only technical specifications, but also the design of smartphones.

Design of the new iPhone 15

What is known about the design of the new line of phones

Manufacturer Apple does not change its approach to the design of created devices. He continues to remain laconic, minimalistic, presentable. There is information that smartphones will be equipped with a premium body with flattened panels, pointed edges and almost imperceptible frames. Analysts say that the gadgets will have a standard rectangular form factor with rounded corners. Such a solution is not a novelty, but there are still elements in the design that will surprise.


It is likely that the next-generation smartphones will have a thinner body part. Such a design may cause the rear-facing “island” with lenses to protrude a bit more than in all previous generations. The combination of a thin body and protruding “island” should look quite unusual.
To make phones, the company usually uses recycled aircraft aluminum and glass with high-strength indicators. But according to insiders’ claims, titanium will be used for the first time in the flagship versions.

Color Palette

Insiders claim that the iPhone 15 will come in these shades:

  • Dark Cherry – the darkest color available;
  • Antarctic blue – a cold color that promises to become popular among buyers;
  • gold – this color allows an expensive gadget to look even more luxurious.

The list of available colors may change slightly. There is no information yet as to whether the iPhone 15 will have a Dynamic Island cutout. Most likely, the base version will come with traditional “bangs”. Pro models will probably feature Dynamic Island with animations.

What other changes await fans of the “apple” brand

To become one of the owners of iPhone 15 in Ukraine can be almost immediately after the official presentation of the model. Pre-order now you can do on – and one of the first to evaluate the new design of the smartphone in person.

Narrowed frames – another major external change, especially in the Pro versions. According to insiders, “proks” will have a perimeter of no more than 1.5 mm. Reducing the thickness of the frames can make the screen impressive.

There is information that the smartphones will have a USB Type-C connector instead of the proprietary Lightning. Also, analysts claim that due to the transfer to the updated standard, Pro gadgets will begin to support more powerful charging. According to insiders, there is one more change that concerns only the Pro versions. It consists of an updated action key above the volume switches. It works similarly to the Apple Watch Ultra. The updated key will likely replace the standard sound selector. That said, it will remain in the base models.

Pro Max smartphones may get a “periscope” telephoto lens. If the American manufacturer does add it, the camera overhang will increase significantly.

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