How To Become A Twitch Affiliate

Streaming can be a fun job, but it can be really hard for streamers, so they have started to get excited about becoming a Twitch affiliate. This program helps qualified streamers to fulfill their dreams and be able to make a living from what they are passionate about.

Those who become Twitch affiliates will be able to start earning income as they build their audience and work towards Twitch Partner status.

How To Become A Twitch Affiliate

What does it mean to be a Twitch affiliate?

Twitch affiliates are content creators who have a large enough community that will give them the opportunity to make some money from the work they do on Twitch.

The Twitch affiliate program makes different streamers eligible for monetization on the platform. They can achieve this through advertising revenue, subscriptions, donations through bits, commissions from game sales, and product placements.

In many instances, affiliates are often emerging channels that are on their way to building something bigger and are usually trying to become a Twitch Partner down the road. Becoming a Twitch affiliate is easier than becoming a Twitch Partner, so this becomes one of the first goals of a streamer who has some ambition.

Advantages of becoming a Twitch affiliate

The main advantage of becoming a Twitch affiliate is that it allows you to earn money, many of them started from the bottom and grew to become Twitch Partner, also, there have been cases of some streamers who get the affiliate as soon as they enter the platform, without having to meet all the requirements, however, these are people recognized in the digital world, popular content creators or have a large number of followers.

From the beginning, Twitch can select one of the affiliated channels to be the cover of the platform, improving the reach of the accounts. The chosen channel will rank better each time viewers open the different categories.

In addition, the channels will get a more professional look the moment the purple subscriptions button appears and the bits are available. This will show viewers that their work is recognized on Twitch.

What are the benefits of being a Twitch affiliate?

What are the benefits of being a Twitch affiliate?

They gain access to the four different ways to earn money through this platform.

  • Advertising Revenue: affiliates have access to advertising revenue generated through pre-roll and mid-roll ads.
  • Subscriptions: affiliates can earn when they accept subscriptions from their viewers. There are three tiers worth $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, plus the Free Twitch Prime Sub. This payment is made by subscribers in order to support and endorse the Streamer’s broadcast. The Affiliates will also be able to get a global subscriber emoticon, with the option to add two additional ones to the $9.99 and $24.99 subscribers.
  • Bits: they are like Twitch’s currency, the value of these is the equivalent of 100 Bits for $1, and they can donate them through a chat message. Affiliates can enable these Bits to receive Cheers on their channel, so viewers can offer their support without leaving Twitch. The Bit is a virtual good that subscribers or viewers will be able to buy to make Cheers in the chat, when a Streamer receives them in their channel they will be given a percentage of the income. These bits can take the forms of animated gem emoticons or Cheermotes, which are the animated versions of the global emoticons.
  • Game sales: Twitch affiliates can generate revenue by selling games or in-game items on Twitch. When streamers play or broadcast some games on Twitch, offers will appear on their channel page in the bottom window of the video. These will feature some of the game titles and in-game items that viewers can purchase, the person streaming will earn a 5% commission on the purchase that may originate on their channel page.

Viewers who purchase the games or items will not only be supporting the Twitch Affiliate but for every purchase of $4.99 or more, they will also be rewarded with a Twitch Chest.

Another thing they can get is that they can create their own emoticon which can be used by any of the subscribers to the channel. However, I should mention that they will only be able to design one emoticon per subscription level. Now with the new unlockable gestures, you will be able to get up to a maximum of five for Twitch Affiliate.

In addition to subscriber gestures, they can design loyalty badges that they will award to viewers who subscribe for periods of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

What are the requirements to become a Twitch affiliate?

What are the requirements to become a Twitch affiliate?

The requirements are not very complicated to obtain but may be difficult for newer streamers. If they are just starting in this world, it is very normal that at the beginning they will have few viewers on their channel.

But, it is important that you treat them very well so that you can convince them with your talents and your interactions in the chat to recommend your channel to friends and acquaintances, in this way you can get new viewers because to be an affiliate you need more viewers.

Perhaps the amounts requested by Twitch to be an affiliate seem high, but do not worry, these figures can be very affordable. What you need is to work for it, because you will not be able to become an affiliate overnight, unless you are a famous person.

You need to meet all the requirements to be a Twitch affiliate, not just one, and these are:

  • Stream for at least 500 minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Stream at least 7 different days
  • Must have at least 3 viewers on average for each stream
  • They need a minimum of 50 followers on their channel.

They must be building their community, it is necessary to work constantly to be able to convince viewers to follow them. To visualize the progress Twitch has placed in the control panel on their channel with a list of what they have achieved in the “path to affiliate”. There they will have access to what the Twitch affiliate requirements are and see which ones they have met and which ones they are missing.

By fulfilling these Twitch affiliate requirements, they can manage to join the Affiliate Program in as little as 7 days, although if they are starting from scratch, it is more likely that they can take about 30 days or so.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner

Difference between a Twitch Affiliate and a Twitch Partner

Previously, on the Twitch platform, if you were a successful Streamer, who, got good viewership numbers and stayed active on the platform, they could invite you to the Partner Program. At that time, this was the only way you could get the subscriber feature and access to emoticons.

When the Affiliate program appeared on Twitch, it generated more concrete and easier to achieve goals. If you are wondering what changes when going from Twitch Affiliate to Twitch Partner? We will leave you with a small chart where you can see the differences.

  • Twitch Partners, you can customize your bits.
  • Transcoding is available with priority access for affiliates, while partners have full access to the different transcoding options.
  • Partners have Group Stream
  • Affiliates have streams for subscriptions
  • Partners can have up to a 15-minute delay, while affiliates are free of this limitation.
  • The affiliate has a VoD storage of 15 days, while affiliates have 60 days.
  • Unlike the partner option, affiliates do not have stream team building, promotion, emoticon self-service tools, and standard channel branding.
  • Partner customer service tends to be a priority, but affiliates have the standard version.

How much does a Twitch affiliate earn?

At the start, you can’t expect to make a lot of money, most of the revenue is likely to be from subscribers. As affiliates, they are going to get 50% of the subscriber’s revenue and the platform keeps the other half.

Most Twitch affiliates, on average, earn less than $100 a month. Although this does not mean that they can earn a little more, as there are some who have managed to earn between $ 300 and $ 400 per month, with subscriptions, Bits, and commissions.

What they earn on Twitch will be retained until they reach the minimum payment of $ 100 and they will receive their payment after 15 days.

While it is not possible to make a living from it, the platform represents a unique opportunity to make yourself known and share what you love to do.

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