7 Best Ways To Gain Twitch Followers

Getting followers on your streams can be a very complex task, and due to the competition out there, it is not always easy to reach your target audience. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible, you need to have a good strategy. Therefore, we will talk about everything a streamer can do to gain followers with conventional methods and without paying. In this guide, we discuss some of the best ways to gain Twitch followers and become more famous and make a huge follower base.

In recent years, the media streaming platform Twitch has become the most popular in the world, receiving more than 30 million viewers per day and distributing more than 95,000 streams simultaneously. Knowing these figures is necessary, but it is essential to stand out among so many streamers in order to gain more followers. In this sense, building a good audience is especially important if you aim to monetise your streams, as the number of viewers will be proportional to the profit you can make on the platform.

Even if the competition is increasing every day, they will be able to gain their first followers and grow their communities if they apply a number of strategies that will allow them to reach more people.

What are the best ways to gain followers on Twitch? Without having to resort to third parties, pay or perform complicated maneuvers.

All by applying techniques and practical tips that you can maintain even when you are a well-known streamer. So let’s learn how to gain followers on Twitch and what’s the best place to buy Twitch followers.

7 Most Effective Strategies To Gain Followers On Twitch

As in any social network, getting followers in your streamings can become an odyssey if you don’t follow a strategy that allows you to reach as many people as possible with each action taken. The importance of executing each step in the right way is that you will grow your audience quickly, diversify from other streamers and start monetising sooner. Now, to get your channels noticed and gain your first followers you need to apply the following tactics:

1. Choose the right game to stream

When choosing the video game to stream, you should think strategically, taking into consideration your personal tastes and those of your target audience: an unpopular title will generate rejection among viewers, and a very old one will probably not be appealing.

Take your time to choose the right game for your audience.
Take your time to choose the right game for your audience.

Some twitchers have set themselves apart from the crowd by streaming old school games such as Crash Bandicoot or Diablo II; targeting the nostalgia present among millennial audiences. On the other hand, a popular title could be counterproductive, as they will have to compete against thousands of more established streamers on the platform.

To obtain the expected results, they will have to do a little research among the categories of video games available on Twitch and look for those that have between 10 and 40 streamers. A title with these characteristics will have a high search rank, but it will not get lost among the large number of broadcasts that will appear in the results.

However, it should be noted that if the available titles are not to your liking, it is best to choose one that meets more or less the same characteristics, as a great streamer should be able to enjoy his work and bring those emotions to the viewers.

2. Watch other streamers

Interacting with other streamers on the platform is one of the best alternatives to start being part of the community, to achieve this, you can actively participate in the chats and watch their streams. Interacting with other twitchers can spark interest among your viewers, who may then head over to your channels to watch your content and eventually follow you.

For your part, the key to this strategy is to be authentic; interact with streamers whose content you like and form genuine relationships. Avoid promoting yourself on someone else’s channel without their consent, as this will be frowned upon by the owner and their followers. Instead, create a bond through conversations that will lead to both the host and their followers joining their channels of their own free will.

3. Rebroadcast a lot

An excellent technique to reach more viewers is to broadcast for several hours per day, thus extending the time frame in which viewers can access the streams. This is because people are unlikely to discover them if they are online only a few times during the day.

Therefore, streams should have a minimum time span of 3 hours; which is a good window of time for people to find you, join your stream, increase exposure and rank higher in the platform’s search results.

When planning the schedule in which you will do your streamings, you should set aside some time slots to reach your goal, and outline what activities you will be doing during each game. Additionally, it is advisable to implement a screen that contains a “on hold” message or a 30-minute countdown before starting the games or turning on the webcam, in this way you will attract viewers while you finish the preparations to start the broadcast and capture their attention from the first moment.

Interestingly, the most successful twitchers on the platform stay online for 5-10 hours per day, even more, if they are streaming special events.

Good design matters.
Good design matters.

4. Invest in good graphic design

Sometimes followers can come to channels through organic searches on Twitch, so it is essential to make a good first impression. By spending time on quality graphic design for your streams and channels, you will create a positive impression on viewers, as it will give them a greater sense of professionalism, dedication and commitment. A well laid out design should contain:

  • A webcam in the top right or left corner; so that viewers can comfortably watch them.
  • A chat box is available to viewers watching the broadcast on full screen.
  • Identification of user names on social networks; so that viewers can follow them on other media.
  • Widgets showing the latest hosts and followers who have started following them; this encourages interaction between new visitors.

On the other hand, in case you do not have experience with graphic design you can access the TipeeeStream website; where you can find a wide variety of free options to create your designs, widgets and special alerts for Twitch.

5. Use social media

New streamers often overlook the important role that social media plays in building a name and brand. Many successful Twitchers use platforms such as Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat to interact with their followers, keep them up to date with their day-to-day lives and make a more personal connection in a way that builds loyalty. In turn, using social media for these purposes can provide further benefits, such as attracting potential new followers who would not have discovered them in an ordinary way.

However, a mistake many streamers make is to only use social media as a simple notification service, because viewers will have no content to interact with. Therefore, don’t just fill your profiles with automated notifications or reminders of when your streams will be on. To get the desired results you need to make proper use of social media, leveraging it for genuine interactions. Some options to connect with the audience are:

  • Write tweets telling about aspects of their lives or reporting on events of their favourite video games.
  • Publish posts or photos that show a bit about their preferences: computer settings, collections they own, action figures, among others.
  • Record short videos where they tell some funny anecdote.

On the other hand, when it’s time to announce your new streams, create new posts for this, so that you can communicate to your followers about the content they will find in the stream, date and time. This way, your viewers won’t feel that you’re just using social media to promote yourself; it serves multiple purposes.

6. Go to events and meetings

Connecting and interacting with followers through social media or live streams can be very effective, however, it is much better to meet them in person. In most major cities or capitals of the world, there are special events for gamers, where interested people come to compete with other gamers, have a good time with people who share the same interests or meet their favourite streamers.

These types of gatherings usually take place several times a year and are an excellent opportunity to make new friends, gain followers and exchange tips with other streamers. You will probably find groups on Facebook or Discord with information about upcoming events near you.

Now, to generate the desired effect, you need to create business cards that you can offer to the people you interact with during meetings. These should contain your names, the name of your Twitch channel and the social networks where you want people to follow you. This way, potential new followers will have access to the necessary information and won’t worry about forgetting it.

7. Streaming on other sites

An extremely effective strategy used by the big streamers in their early days was to simultaneously broadcast games on the Twitch channel and on other sites such as YouTube or Mixer, taking advantage of the free services of platforms such as Restream. By doing so, they will be able to bring their broadcasts to a larger audience, as they will be able to distribute it to multiple locations at once, just by doing an initial setup. Once they have captured the attention of viewers, they can ask them to follow them on Twitch as their official channel.

Before you start a simulcast, make sure that the graphic design of your screen contains the name of your Twitch channel and your logo, so that viewers watching the stream from a different location will be able to find you easily. Implementing the design into your streams can also be especially helpful if you forget to ask viewers to follow you on your channel during the stream.

Tips for getting followers on your Twitch streams
Gain more followers on your Twitch Streams.

Tips for getting followers on your Twitch streams

Strategies are a series of steps that you can implement to gain more followers in the long run; however, there are small actions that can get results day in and day out if applied correctly. Here are a few tips to help you gain more followers on Twitch:

  • Webcam streams have a higher percentage of views, because it is easier for viewers to connect with the streamers. Therefore, it is extremely important to connect the webcam to the streamers.
  • Some video game titles have few streams in native languages, to diversify and stand out from other twitchers, they can include Spanish or ES in the title of their streams to attract these viewers.
  • Creating a schedule for streams is an alternative to ensure that regular viewers watch them, while attracting new ones. This way, over time, you will automatically let your followers know what days and times you are streaming.
  • Staying on top of trends can make all the difference in gaining followers – many viewers are looking for streams of video games that have just been released.
  • To bond with your viewers and build a community, you need to answer their questions in the chat, so that the interaction turns them into followers.
  • Authenticity is a quality that is highly valued by viewers, so being sincere, friendly and funny can be the hook your channel needs to stand out.
  • Being different and standing out from the competition can make all the difference when trying to stand out among so many streamers. The choice will depend entirely on your personal tastes, but you can differentiate yourself with your tone of voice, way of speaking, physical appearance, characters played, among others.
  • An alternative to gain followers that provides results in any social network is to carry out sweepstakes or contests. To put this into practice, write the activity in the title of the stream; this will direct viewers to your videos and get them to follow you. However, remember to award the prize to the winner; this can be a ticket, a video game code, skin or something related to the channel.

Getting followers on your streams can become a difficult task if you stream without following a plan, as you would be putting in a lot of effort and working countless hours without the certainty of knowing that you will get the expected results. This is one of the reasons why implementing the above strategies and tips is so important.

Currently, there are many websites that tell you how to gain followers on Twitch in exchange for a monthly subscription or a one-off payment. However, these tactics only work to increase the number of followers of a channel; but when it comes to broadcasting or eventually monetising, they are of no value whatsoever. Therefore, you are paying for results that will not add value to your channels. For these reasons, the best way to gain followers on Twitch is organically; working viewers to become loyal followers who will follow them from their early days until they become famous streamers.

With new streamers joining the ranks of the platform every day, it pays to put these techniques into practice as soon as possible; so that they capture the attention of viewers before another twitcher does. So, now that you know what a streamer can do to gain followers; what are you waiting for to implement it?

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