How Can You Track the Location of your or someone’s Device?

In today’s technology age, we always want to be in touch with people. Constantly checking what that other person is doing has become more of a norm these days. Another thing that has surfaced in recent times is the need to track a person’s location. While it might sound like a real privacy invasion that is malicious by nature, there are plenty of legit reasons for a person to do so.

It can be to save your own child from mingling with the wrong people and getting into trouble or because you have trust issues with your partner and are suspecting him or her of cheating on you. Another valid reason to track the location of a person’s device is to check if the employees of your company are sharing the confidential information of the firm with other people. Don’t they sound like genuine reasons?

The emotions behind the first two are care and love whereas for the last one it is for pure business needs. The reasons do justify someone’s urge to track the location of others and there are apps to help you out with this.

However, there is a problem with the smartphone apps that are developed for this purpose and that is the need to install the tracker app on the target phone. Upon doing so there are more chances of getting caught by the person whom you secretly wish to track.

Therefore, you need to find a solution that lets you track the location of a device without the need to install an app on the phone of the target person or have an option to hide the icon of the app on the target phone.

Tracking the location of an iPhone

Tracking the location of an iPhone without having to install software

You can use Cocospy to track the location of a person’s iPhone. It falls in the category of the best smartphone trackers that allow you to find someone’s device location without having to install it on the target device. The software is able to meet the needs of millions of users worldwide and is totally legal.

The biggest pro of using this software is that you won’t have to the jailbreak the target iPhone or install any app on the target device. If you wish to know how you can track a device’s location, you need to get hold of iPhone’s iCloud data.

Getting the real-time location of a person’s device has never been this easy! The Cocospy app lets you know the route by which the target person is traveling and all the previous locations he or she had been to. This will give you a wider picture of a person’s activities. Doesn’t it sound great?

Here is how you can monitor a target iPhone without installing the software:

First, you need to have an active Cocospy account along with with the target smartphone’s iCloud credentials if it is an iPhone. Here’ how to go about it,

Step 1: After logging in to your Cocospy account, enter the control panel, name the target device and choose iOS in Mobile Device category.

Step 2: Configure the target device by entering its iCloud credentials and click verify.

Step 3: And you are done, you can check the activity of the target phone on the dashboard.

In a similar fashion, you can spy an Android phone using Cocospy without having to root the device. To learn more about such techniques and tools, we recommend you to visit this website: https://howtotrackacellphone.net/.

Features of Cocospy

Cocospy not just lets you know the location of the target device but also allows you to check the messages and keep an eye on the person’s activity on social media on the device. You can also check the call logs and contacts on the device.

Features of Cocospy

You can install the app in no time and then monitor the target phone remotely. There is no need for any kind of device rooting for this app. The biggest advantage is that the target person will never come to know that they are being remotely monitored as there is something called a Stealth Mode.

mSpy App to track the location of a target device

mSpy is a top tracking or spying app because of the features it has to offer. It can monitor any phone or tab. Being easy to install and use, it lets you remotely access almost everything on the target phone. The app comes with around-the-clock email and chat-based customer support. mSpy does not require rooting or a jailbreak, unlike most monitoring apps. You have step-by-step guidelines that are easy to understand.

The app lets you see the call log, text messages, browsing the history, GPS location, media, emails, instant messages and activities on social media apps on the target phone. It is indeed required for parents of young children so that they can do their best in keeping their kids safe from online predators. Such apps are really needed because we all can’t always be around our children to see what they are up to and the Internet and smartphone age is indeed dangerous for young minds.

Though you need to install the mSpy app on the target device, you can always use the option to hide the icon on the phone so that the target person would not come to know that his or her phone is being remotely monitored. Moreover, there is no way by which the settings of the app can be changed on the target phone.

The only thing you need to ensure is that the target device has an active internet connection or else you won’t be able to receive all the data on your smartphone. Even if the device happens to leave your country, you can still monitor it. It does not depend on the location. It just needs an internet connection.

As already mentioned in the beginning, one reason why monitoring apps are in use these days apart from parental and spouse control is to know whether employees misuse the company’s data or not. Using such apps, companies can easily find out what exactly is going on and what kind of measures are to be taken against miscreants. So, start monitoring devices with Cocospy and mSpy apps.

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