Best 5 Addictive Android Games everybody playing in 2019

In today’s lifestyle everybody get stressed because of this busy life and busy schedule, they can’t even have some time to spend it over themselves. Life is getting advanced day by day and the time is going to be short in this busy schedule for enjoyment. Outdoor games are just impossible to manage and nobody has enough time to just playing video games after coming from office/college. Then what is the solution?? Yes, there is a solution, Android a name is enough for that.

In the latest Android phones, there are many games available which will surely make you stress-free. They are developed by thinking of all field & age group person. There is a list of games which are currently heating the games market of Android, but it’s not possible for me to introduce you with every game so I’m here listing a few addicted games which are in latest trend –

1. Angry Bird

Angry Birds Rio

Angry Bird is the topmost game in all version of Android, IOS, windows and now it’s available for desktop versions also. It’s a worldwide game and the users are increasing with a rapid rate. The creator has designed its theme in such a manner that it attracts all age group people. Everybody plays it with a charm, and the main theme is very attractive.

These all Angry Birds games are provide with different action and different conditions of play. In the latest version which is star wars, it’s a common scenario of star war addicted games and angry birds that means that these game is most used game in the history of Android.

Angry Birds is a product of Rovio Mobile Ltd., a leading game manufacturer company in the Android market. In the above-described version, some of them are free while you have to pay some charges for other versions.

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2. Temple Run

Temple Run

As the name suggested it’s a running game but wait don’t let it be a marathon, no it’s not a race of win, it’s about the battle of life if you have to live then run and run and continue going on. The theme of the game is different from other games, the devleopers, their mind is just amazing as they think about this scenario. It’s all about checking the flow of your mind that how easily you take a situation and reacts towards it. As the Turn, jump, and coin used in it checks the reaction time of your mind, so it’s also a good game for checking self-abilities.

In the newer version of this game, new obstacles are provided which takes its difficult level on the top level. The Game is developed by Imangi Studios,
The other two versions of games i.e. Temple Run Brave and Temple Run: Oz is a bond up with the Disney, a leader in the market.

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3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

A fruity, juicy, splashy game with full of action what else you need. The game made a good taste with the Ninja warriors as in the ancient time Ninja warriors are taken with the respect and honor, so while playing this game you will feel the like the Ninja warrior.

Its taste comes on the full level of excitement when Ninja Sensei gives us the company in our journey and when we make some good moves then he just get pleased with us.

Fruit Ninja game come with 3 addicted games modes – Classic, Zen and New Arcade. In the all modes the fun and action remain on the higher level.
It’s a product of Halfbrick Studios which is originally situated in Australia and leading their market from many years.

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4. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

The story of the game is around 5 characters Jake, Tricky and Fresh who are running to escape from Inspector Grumpy and his Dog Pitbull. The theme of the game is about three friends who are freaky and going to do something new, they are using subways (Railway) for their enjoymentAddictiveso the inspector is trying to stop them.

There are lots of obstacles are coming in their way you have to prevent them and make a collection of coins so you can discover the new powers.

It’s a product of Killo games which is known for its trust in the market.

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5. Drag Racing

Drag Racing

Finally, at the end of the day I’m representing some show for the racing lovers. Here is your way for burn the road with heat of excitement level. Here you will find almost 50+ cars, so just go through them and take a drive. The level of competition is also there as the game is provided with the multiplayer option, so you can go through online and check your skills as by competing with the others.

The main thing behind it that its completely free as NFS and some other publisher take a price but the graphics level is good as compare to other free racing games, that’s the reason that it’s also heating the android addicted games market with its installation by the users.

So what are you waiting for just go and take a boost up in your droid phone-
Drag Racing

It’s a product of Creative Mobile it’s recently founded in 2010 and in a very short period of time it made a good impact in the market with its services and production. The main strength of the company is that it’s founded by a group of collagenous student who very well know that what is the requirement of youth.

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As a common human being, I suggest that these all addicted games are full with fun and action so just install them all and take an adventure of them. But when I think as a social person and realize my morals then I would suggest that use them all in a manner because these all are the virtual world games and you will be addicted towards them as the days will pass, so it will just cut down your real-world enjoyments

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