Audials Music Tube 2019 Review

If you are a fan of music and love enjoying it wherever you go, you need to have a big collection of music for your uninterrupted enjoyment. Audials Music Tube is one such application, and you can certainly enjoy a lot of uninterrupted high-quality music from across the world using this software. Also, it is essential to note that Audials Music Tube can be regarded as a Lite version of Audials One, which is also a great product of the Audials company.

Why use Audials Music Tube?

This is an important question which is very obvious as well. In the era of Youtube, why would anyone in his senses go ahead and opt for some software as Audials when it is paid while youtube is providing you the access to those songs and music for free. The answer lies in the quality of the music and user experience, which is way better than that provided by youtube.

On Youtube, your experience is ruined by first playing the ad for 5 seconds or 10 seconds, and in some instances, the music is interrupted to fix an ad break in between which literally destroys the pleasure that one gets from listening to music.

Also, it is very irritating to see an ad break in between the videos at the most crucial point. Such issues have been well addressed by Audials Music Tube, which will provide you excellent user experience.

Audials Music Tube 2019 Review

Features of Audials Music Tube

There are various features incorporated in the Audials Music tube software which will mesmerize you with their functionalities. However, the prominent features of the software include the ones most sought after by the users, which are;

Weekly Music Charts

Have you ever noticed the weekly digest provided by the online magazines that you have purchased? Audials Music Tube has brought in a similar feature which collects all the best music suitable for you for an entire week and arranges them into a playlist for you. Now you can enjoy your most preferred music at your click. Also, you can get a new and updated list every week, so that you are not at all bored with the repetition of the music that you admire the most.

Download High-Quality Music

While the users of other platforms such as Youtube might not be enjoying the luxury of downloading their favorite music on their devices, you can surely enjoy it when you are using Audials Music Tube. The download feature allows the users to download the videos and music of the user’s choice in his preferred quality and bitrate to his device at once.

These downloads are not at all restricted and can be done any number of times. Also, the music adds lyrics to the downloads at no extra efforts, which makes it easier to enjoy foreign language music easily.

A Turbo Search Engine

The search engine of Audials Music Tube is a powerful tool, and it can fetch you the required music and videos in a matter of seconds. Also, you can easily locate the discographies of the stars and music bands by simply entering their name in the search box. Finding the complete list of a band was never so easy, thanks to Audials Music Tube. This feature is also available in other Audials products as well, such as Audials One.

Audials Music Tube 2019 Review

All Genres of Music Available

The Audials Music Tube provides you with the best quality music across all genres, and you can check this out by naming the genres as well. You only need to enter the name of the genre of the music that you want to listen, and the Turbo search engine of the Audials Music Tube software will fetch a huge playlist from that genre in no time.

Also, you always have an option to customize an automatically generated playlist or create your own playlist to organize the music and videos that you want to listen.

Music Zoom – The Newest Feature

The Music Zoom feature has been developed by Audials Music Tube which allows the users to get a map of all the popular music albums and videos from across the world on a single screen. You can zoom in to discover the various genres of music as enclosed in that screen, which is an excellent organization of music in a small space. This way, you can take an incredible trip into the world of music, on your personal terms.

Audials Music Tube 2019 Review

An Insight into the User Interface of Audials Music Tube

Here are a few features that can be observed in the Audials Music Tube Window:

  • In the top portion of the screen, you see a tab for a selection of the task, i.e., storage location which could be PC or Cloud or any External Disk. Besides that, you see an option to select Load, Wish, or Bot for the software. The load will help you search for already available music, while Wish will help you to add particular music to your wishlist. The Bot option will create an automated list of songs based on your preferences.
  • You can also use the tabs available below the main bar, such as Search (to search the music and artists), Top Songs (to get the best of the best in the list), Top Artists (to get the top artists in a particular genre) and Music Zoom to meet all the exceptional music artists across the globe. Once finished, you need to activate the wishlist to enjoy your music.
  • The Left Side Panel will show you a lot of other options to choose from, such as Radio, Music Streaming, and Video Streaming whereas the Right Side Panel will show you the current playlist that is to be played.
Audials Music Tube 2019 Review

Pricing Information on Audials Music Tube

The Audials software has always been priced at affordable prices, and that has been kept similar in this software as well. The Audials Music Tube is very well priced at only $19.90.

However, you can enjoy it for free for one full month, so that you actually know where you will be investing your money. Given the features that are provided by Audials, it is very much reasonable price, and the users will surely find the product worth its cost.


The Audials software has always been a value for the money. Audials music Tube is also one such product, which provides the users with ample of features, some of which are exclusive as well. These features provide a great user experience to the users who can any time enjoy their favorite music and videos and at any place, and all the for such an experience must be given to Audials Music Tube.

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