TONOR USB Microphone Kit: The best microphone for your computer

This is unquestionably the year of virtual meetings and video conferences. Nothing makes a conference more annoying than someone’s scratchy, low-quality integrated microphone, and you don’t want it to be yours. 

Fortunately, improving your microphone skills is simple. To see a significant improvement, you don’t need to invest in pricey audio interfaces, mixers, or XLR cables. The TONOR Q9 USB microphone kit we’ll be showing you today includes everything you’ll need to improve the quality of your audio production at a very reasonable price.

The TONOR Q9 is equipped with a cardioid condenser capsule that is suitable for conversations, voice-overs, and other spoken word applications, but may also be utilised for music recording.

It has a 16mm diaphragm, a 20Hz to 20KHz frequency response, and a built-in sound chipset. The TONOR Q9 does not require an interface or mixer to connect to a computer, unlike an XLR microphone. 

However, this effectively “bakes in” the audio, leaving less room for post-processing effects. However, most people who are looking to upgrade from integrated mics need not be concerned about this.

TONOR USB Microphone Kit: The best microphone for your computer

What does the TONOR USB Microphone Kit consist of?

This Microphone offered by TONOR comes with a shock mount, a spring-loaded scissor arm, a USB A-to-B connection, a foam windscreen, and a pop filter are all included in the set. The setup for basic functioning consists of the following steps:

  • The scissor arm is mounted on a desk.
  • Attaching the shock mount to the arm’s end
  • The TONOR Q9 is slid into the shock mount.
  • Connecting the microphone’s USB connection to an open USB port

Windows will detect the microphone without the need to install any additional software. All that’s needed to do now is make sure the TONOR Q9 is set as the default microphone in both Windows and your preferred programme.

The bundled USB cable is 1.8 metres long (about 6 feet). In most systems, this is long enough to wind through the suspension scissor arm and reach the PC. A simple USB extension cable or a longer USB A-to-B cable can be used to extend or replace the cable if necessary.

With an extension of up to 27.5 inches (700 millimetres), the scissor arm has a good range of motion. The base may be put on desks with a thickness of up to 1.7 inches (45mm). To be picky, the upper spring could benefit from a stand-off extension at the joint to improve its mobility. 

This extension is included in the InnoGear Microphone Arm for the Blue Yeti, making it much easier to raise and lower. However, at the price, we’re willing to overlook this on the TONOR Q9’s included arm. It gets the job done.

On the other hand, we can’t say much about the shock mount. While the shock mount is made of metal and does an excellent job of dampening vibrations, the elbow joint is a bit problematic. 

Unless it is properly fastened down at very specific angles, it readily bursts loose under the weight of the microphone. If you remove the screw and reverse the swing will make it considerably more stable. 

Nonetheless, this issue is unavoidable because the microphone cannot be mounted without the shock mount. We hope it is promptly rectified to avoid causing any inconvenience to users.

TONOR USB Microphone Kit: The best microphone for your computer

Some Important Facts

The TONOR Q9 has a very user-friendly design. A gain knob is present, but there is no dedicated mute button. Instead, you may toggle mute by holding up or down on the rocker. 

When the microphone is engaged, a faint blue LED appears above the rocker; when the microphone is muted, the LED goes out. We find this approach to dealing with mute difficult. It not only adds an unavoidable delay, but it also increases the amount of noise picked up by the microphone. Instead, a software mute button in application is usually more practical.

Unfortunately, there is no level indicator on the gain rocker. Users cannot immediately put in headphones to monitor their own audio latency-free, unlike the Blue Yeti. Speaking and listening to the TONOR Q9 is the only reliable approach to evaluating microphone levels.

If you’re looking to buy this product, you buy it on Amazon.

TONOR USB Microphone Kit: The best microphone for your computer


TONOR is the greatest choice for up-and-coming artists and creative talents who are eager to shine and be noticed. TONOR makes it possible for you to possess high-quality professional audio recording equipment without breaking the bank. 

By inventing products that provide you with exceptional sound quality, TONOR struck the perfect balance. TONOR’s passion for uncompromised sound quality, which they share with customers. This is based on generations of practical experience, all with the goal of creating a range of best-in-class microphones and audio equipment that combine performance, dependability, and value. 

Above all, consumers rely on them to deliver in-depth knowledge of what produces good sound. That is the challenge that motivates them to keep moving forward as leaders in an industry that they helped to build.

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