Things You Can Do While Waiting For The Exam Results

Your exam is over. You gave everything and come home tired but happy. During the last days and weeks, you have learned a lot and put the last bit of energy into your exam. And it was worth it. Now you finally have a few days off – maybe even semester break and you can recover from all the stress of the exam phase. Only one thing is annoying: waiting for the exam results.

But instead of spending the whole day in front of the screen and stupidly updating the page every 5 seconds, you can use your time more wisely. We have a few suggestions.

Things You Can Do While Waiting For The Exam Results

Catch Up On Sleep

Learn a lot, sleep little – this is the motto for almost every phase of the exam. If you studied until the middle of the night for your last exam and therefore had to do without sleep, now is the best opportunity to catch up on a few hours of rest.

Sort Learning Documents

While you’re preparing for your exam, there’s chaos on your desk. While you’re waiting for your exam results, you can clean up this mess and store your study materials sensibly. You never know if you might need the stuff again. And don’t forget to organize the useful resources for students you were using, for example, a paper writing service which helps you our will your written papers.

Prepare For The New Semester

After your exams, the new semester is coming sooner than you think. So, it’s high time to start preparing. Because: If you plan your semester beforehand and organize something, you avoid stupid mistakes. And this will make you more successful in your studies!

Clean Up The Student Apartment

After your intense study sessions, your apartment looks like a battlefield. There just wasn’t time for tidying up (unless you successfully procrastinated). That’s why you should use your free time after the exam to get your four walls in shape.

Do Sports

During the semester you sit in the lecture hall, study in the library, or at your desk. Movement? Rather little. You can therefore use the time until your exam results are announced to get active in sports. And if it’s just a mini workout at home.

Read A New Book

Things You Can Do While Waiting For The Exam Results

When do you have time in the stressful everyday university life to start a new book or read for more than a few minutes with full concentration? Actually never. So, after your exams, it’s the ideal time to turn some new pages. That relaxes and makes you smart.


Meditation is in fashion right now. And rightly so: meditating reduces stress, promotes your health, and sorts your thoughts. Here you can read how it works and here again in detail why you should try it.

Learning A Foreign Language

Whether for a semester abroad, your CV, or simply out of interest: learning a foreign language enriches your life. If you have the opportunity to take language courses at your university, you should definitely take advantage of it – it won’t be cheaper. Otherwise, there are online courses, apps, or the good old adult education center.

Analyze The Past Semester

Before you let the grass grow over the old semester, you should review the past few months. If you take a few minutes and critically analyze the past semester, you can learn a lot for the future and you will really do better in the near future.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you already on professional social networks? Then you should update your profiles regularly and expand your network. Make sure your profile picture looks professional and your skills are up to date. Then the headhunters will soon come of their own accord.

Cultivate Old Relationships

When was the last time you met your friends from high school, wrote to your old classmates on Facebook, or called your parents? It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Then use the time while waiting to revive a few old contacts. Don’t lose sight of each other…


“If you can party, you can also work.” Incidentally, this also applies the other way round: If you work hard for weeks and have given everything for your studies, you can party afterward. And after your last exam, you’re welcome to add a little more.


Waiting for the exam results is annoying and often uncomfortably long. So that you no longer sit in front of your smartphone or monitor like a zombie and just wait for the sheet music to be published, I have collected a few alternatives for you in this article with which you can use the time sensibly.

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