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Finding a third-party JavaScript data grid or even building your own is not such a big deal as long as your requirements for functionality are pretty low. Intrinsic projects require complex solutions for work with data and the best way to get them is to trust the spreadsheet offered by Handsontable.

Few words about Handsontable spreadsheets

When you work with Handsontable, it’s like you’re working with Excel or Google Sheets. Handsontable is very easy to implement and customize. You can add custom plugins and even edit source code! You will also get access to API, few of useful tutorials. Handsontable got huge community which is very helpful, when you got any problem. If you are looking for professional help, then you can ask our commercial support to find an answers that you need. Working wiwth large volumes od fata was never that easy!

How Can Third-Party JavaScript Data Grid Enhance Your Project?

Developing a simple data grid will not be a problem for an experienced programmer, albeit the solutions enterprises are looking for are much more complex.

To design and create a sophisticated tool for data retrieval, visualization and manipulation, you should be ready to spend quite a lot of time depending on the number of specialists in your team and the amount of other work you have to do. Your work itself will generate costs, while it will also contribute to financial losses as you will have to postpone completing other tasks and delay the optimization of workflows with the implementation of your spreadsheet.

These issues as well as the problem of costly maintenance can be easily solved with a choice of a proper API provided by a third party.

What Does Handsontable JavaScript Spreadsheet Have to Offer?

The JavaScript data grid by Handsontable is a perfect solution for companies looking for a tool for data processing with rich inbuilt functionality as well as for businesses that expect their spreadsheet to be highly customizable. Along with basic and advanced features for sorting, filtering and modifying columns and rows, you will get a possibility to personalize a variety of properties, for instance, a cell type. Furthermore, the Handsontable JavaScript data grid can be tailored to the needs of your business even more with custom plugins.

This API is also highly scalable, which means it will grow with a company and handle an increasing amount of data. On top of that, it is compatible with the HyperFormula engine by Handsontable, which will turn your project into a powerful calculating application. Check Javascript spreadsheet by Handsontable.

How Can You Use JavaScript Data Grid by Handsontable?

The spreadsheet developed by Handsontable is suitable for any project written in pure JavaScript as well as its top frameworks such as Vue, Angular and React. The team of the Handsontable programmers has shared their knowledge in rich documentation, which will guide you through the API and its usage in your application.

While the documentation is available for free, the API can also be used without any fees not only for checking its functionality but also for deploying it in your personal project.

For enterprise projects, Handsontable offers several licensing programs. The standard one is purchased for each developer per application and includes maintenance and support as well as an unlimited number of end users. This option can be deployed internally or as a SaaS product. There is also a flexible offer providing more options such as consulting, training and priority support.

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