The Best Gift for a Video Game Lover

It is even strange that Lego and Nintendo have only recently begun to cooperate. It all started with a childish but very creative LEGO Super Mario with an interactive action figure of the famous hero and continued with a chic recreation of the NES console for an older audience. And just the other day, the release of the most interesting set took place, which paid tribute to the legendary video game Super Mario 64. This will really be the best gift for gamers who know a lot about video games and play Game Karma.


Although the set is dedicated to Super Mario, it cannot be classified as a children’s set. The main audience of the novelty is the children of the nineties who grew up on Super Mario 64 and would like to return to the past at some point. The concept of the Question Mark is just phenomenal. At first glance, the set looks exactly like a block with a question mark — one of the most recognizable video game symbols. This in itself isn’t all that interesting. But all the taste is hidden inside: in fact, this is a kind of box that can be opened with a couple of clicks. And inside, the most famous levels from Super Mario 64 are reproduced with amazing meticulousness. Such sets are the reason why children never outgrow the cubes and even in their thirties look with interest at branded stores.


Since this is an adult kit, we can assume that the assembly process will not be the easiest. Surprisingly, this is not at all true: although the design seems terribly complex, there is nothing intricate in the assembly process, and parts from the Technic series are hardly used. The instruction pleases not only with a detailed description of the assembly process but also with information about the game itself. It’s great to read about the many easter eggs and compare the levels from the game and the constructor.

Inside a fairly voluminous box, 13 bags of parts are hidden. The instruction is a thick book that explains in detail and clearly what to do and how. The whole assembly process will take you somewhere between 4-7 hours depending on your pace. This is not a matter of one evening: the set is large, and some elements require a lot of attention — there are a lot of small details, and it’s easy to miss something. Fortunately, this is a matter of attentiveness, not experience. By the way, there are no stickers here — all the images are already applied to the cubes. Some of them are duplicated. The process itself is a pleasure. First, you need to collect a few faces of the cube, and then — the levels. Edges are easy to make, but levels already require concentration.

The Lego Super Mario Question Mark Block set is one of the best Lego sets of a long time. A cube that opens like magic to represent some of the most famous levels in video game history is incredibly cool.

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