The Sandbox Metaverse Is Another World Of Great Possibilities

Lately, news about the metaverse seems to occupy most of the attention of blockchain portals. The Sandbox’s multiverse has thus become one of the most attractive platforms for users interested in investing and learning about the possibilities it offers.

What is The Sandbox? And how does it work?

Known by many as “the Minecraft blockchain”, it is the new virtual reality NFT crypto-game created to be part of the metaverse, it has raised over 6 billion USD in less than two years. Developed with a stable and firm structure, designed to offer a long-term profitable platform, it is an alternative world that promises dynamics and alternatives never before seen in other games. Through a system similar to that used in The Sims or Second Life, users will be able to move freely around the open world of the sandbox, while engaging in all kinds of economic and recreational activities.

So, what are its origin and objective, how does The Sandbox work, what are its native tokens and what is the way to earn money in The Sandbox?

The Sandbox Metaverse Is Another World Of Great Possibilities

Metaverse: What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a video game designed on the Ethereum blockchain, so it shares several characteristics with cryptocurrencies and digital assets, has multiple security protocols, is decentralised and has native tokens. Being developed as a virtual reality game, users will be able to perform recreational and economic activities, similar to the real world, using a game system similar to titles such as Habbo, Second Life or The Sims.

Also, in The Sandbox users will be able to acquire NFT assets and create their own world, for which they will have to use the three types of native tokens present in the platform: SAND, LAND and ASSETS. These tokens are currencies generated on the blockchain to be used within the market, so only the owners will be able to rule over their land. According to the development team, the idea of creating a metaverse in the blockchain network is to have greater possibilities to create new types of digital assets based on ownership and governance, giving users the power to decide and participate as they see fit.

In turn, The Sandbox multiverse seeks to combine the best qualities of play-to-earn with everyday activities. In this way, users will be able to earn money by performing multiple actions within the platform; as well as having the possibility of attending parties, visiting museums or constructing buildings, enjoying a design reminiscent of Minecraft and Lego.

In the videogame sector, sandboxes correspond to a style of videogame whose main characteristic consists of giving players the freedom to carry out activities without order or restrictions. Likewise, the multiverse of The Sandbox comprises the combination of the different ecosystems that make up the platform into a single entity.

The Sandbox: Origin and emergence

The Sandbox was launched in 2012 as an open-world video game for mobile devices, created by the game studio Pixowl. Initially, the goal was to create a platform that could rival Minecraft, until years later when they realised the potential they could achieve by combining this world with blockchain technology.

By its launch phase, The Sandbox had generated over 50 million downloads.

In 2018 The Sandbox was acquired by Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based software developer that envisioned a blockchain version of the platform because it would combine the features of social communities, virtual reality and blockchain technology.

In 2020, the first version of The Sandbox was presented as a crypto game, which possessed NFT and play-to-earn qualities, as well as pre-selling the SAND token. In this way, the developers gave users the ability to own their creations through NFTs and earn money while participating in the ecosystem, which is one of the reasons why the game grew rapidly, rivalling Axie Infinity and Decentraland.

Over the years, the Pixowl studio has been mentored by gaming industry veterans such as Ed Fries, co-founder of Xbox and vice president of game publishing at Microsoft. The Sandbox has also raised over $96 million USD in funding from developers such as Square Enix, SoftBank, True Global Ventures and B Cryptos.

In addition, the platform has partnered with brands such as Atari, The Walking Dead, The Smurfs, CryptoKitties, Care Bears and singer Snoop Dogg, who own digital assets and voxolised versions of their worlds within the game ecosystem. The Sandbox currently has a valuation of up to $5 billion USD, a figure that continues to rise thanks to funding and the growth of the metaverse.

How does The Sandbox work?

The Sandbox is a virtual reality video game that takes place in a dynamic world created by players, who can create their own NFTs and build ecosystems. As a free platform, users can design avatars, mini-games and virtual goods that can be tokenised to be sold or traded on the Marketplace. The Sandbox requires:


This software allows users to create, animate and transform voxels to design NFTs. Voxels are 3D square pixels that resemble Lego or Minecraft building blocks.

When designing, you can create any object such as avatars, clothes, buildings, vegetation, animals, and vehicles, among others, which can be traded through The Sandbox marketplace as an NFT digital asset.

On the other hand, the combination of Ethereum’s blockchain with VoxEdit’s technology provided the ideal scenario for NFTs to be traded or sold to other users. Likewise, users of other games will be able to access The Sandbox’s Marketplace to buy or sell NFTs, therefore, owners will be free to transfer their tokenised items between platforms, because the blockchain technology allows for secure, guaranteed and authentic transactions.

For the co-founder of The Sandbox, the platform offers access to an unprecedented new blockchain-based economic model, as users will be able to act as creators and participate freely in the creation and governance of the game.

Game Maker

Game Maker is a free software based on interpreted Delphi programming language, with which it is possible to develop platforms or create video games on the blockchain without having much knowledge in programming. One of the most valued features is that it allows users to design and test their own 3D video games within the multiverse of The Sandbox, even integrating NFTs created with VoxEdit within tokenised LAND terrains.

When a user acquires a LAND they can edit the terrain, construct buildings, place avatars, design interactive mini-games and select quests from the community Resource Library. Once the space is completed, other players can visit it and generate passive income.

One of the most appreciated features of Game Maker is the ease with which it is possible to monetise games created within The Sandbox ecosystem, which can become the main source of commerce for designers. According to a report issued by the portal, in Q3 2021 a total of 755,000 different wallets played at least one game within the blockchain, demonstrating the potential for the future.

Features of The Sandbox

The Sandbox has traditional components, such as a backend running in the cloud to provide a more stable service, as well as backing its web frontend on Amazon Web Services. In addition, the digital assets created are stored in real-time before being minted as tokens in Amazon S3, a secure data storage service in a public cloud.

The ownership protocol runs on the Ethereum network to record the ownership of the digital assets through a Smart Contract, which allows NFTs to be exchanged, transferred and sold. The Sandbox system uses File System (IPFS) and InterPlanetary, protocols of a peer-to-peer network that store the information related to the ASSETS token. In this way, players are kept safe from those who attempt to modify the information without permission. In addition, it combines the protocols of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAO) with NFTs so that creators can trade in the most convenient and unrestricted way.

However, the main goal of the platform is to achieve a successful combination of blockchain technology with virtual reality gaming, which is why The Sandbox offers a decentralised virtual world with new opportunities for users to learn more about blockchain, digital assets, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and all the opportunities offered by a crypto-ecosystem.

Users of The Sandbox will be able to enjoy the following protocols as part of the community:

Security: Blockchain technology is one of the most secure on the market, the video games designed in its network, can be tokenised, traded and managed within the blockchain, which minimises fraud and theft.

Digital ownership: Users own the digital elements they design and the tokens they obtain by performing actions within the platform, regardless of whether they stop playing for a period of time or if the ecosystem fails.

Interoperability between applications: Thanks to the blockchain, shared assets can also be used, since all the elements of the ecosystem can be used in other titles that allow it (as in the case of Decentraland). This alternative greatly expands the level of adaptability and scope of the platform and allows users to move items around instead of having them all in one place.


Like other NFT videogames, The Sandbox has several native tokens that serve specific functions within the ecosystem


The Sandbox’s native token, a standard ERC-20 token, users can use coins to customise their avatars, play games, buy LAND or trade in the Marketplace.

It also serves the function of a governance token, so that users who make holdings will be able to propose and vote on changes to the platform through a DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) structure.

Holders will also be able to stake the token in their internal wallets to earn rewards, which will allow them to earn a fraction of all transactions made with the SAND token. The importance of staking in The Sandbox is higher than in other platforms because users will be able to increase their chances of finding GEMS and CATALYST. The latter two are valuable ERC-20 tokenised resources that can be used to create valuable ASSETS.

It is possible to acquire the SAND token by participating in the video game, winning coins in the contests held by the platform or buying them on exchanges such as PancakeSwap or Binance.


They are ERC-721 tokens, they are unique and have a certificate of ownership, they are all the NFT created by users using the VoxEdit software, being these figures in voxel that when they are loaded and minted in the ecosystem of The Sandbox become NFT ready to be traded.

They can be used in a variety of ways in the game, from assets such as buildings, parks, shops, animals, cars or mini-games. In addition, voxels can be manipulated to create clothing and weapons for avatars.


These tokens are digital tracts of land located in The Sandbox ecosystem, on which users can build various ASSETS using Game Maker software. In other words, they will be able to buy plots of land called LAND and design the structures they want or perform various events, using SAND tokens for both actions.

By creating a mini-game, users will be able to invite other players to participate for an entry fee, thus monetising the gaming experience and earning rewards in SAND. In addition, structured creations on LAND can be rented or sold on the Marketplace.

On the other hand, by combining several LAND tokens, a STATE is generated, being these larger portions of land where users will have more freedom to create. In The Sandbox, 166,464 LAND are available through public land sales. In addition, it is possible to buy land from other users on the Marketplace or on other platforms such as OpenSea, although the latter may be the more expensive option.

Ways to earn money on The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a platform that has its own economic system developed on the basis of the Metaverse, supported by its native tokens and the different ways of earning money.

One of the advantages is the possibility to earn money both actively and passively. Here are the best ways to earn money in The Sandbox:

Play to win

The Sandbox offers opportunities to earn SAND tokens by completing daily missions within the platform, which can be exchanged for Ethereum, cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Buying and selling LAND for profit

LAND tokens can be customised according to the tastes of each user, so it is an excellent alternative to buy virtual land and sell it when it increases in value. However, this is a strategy that can take time to pay off. Likewise, in order to lease LAND, it is necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of the land, such as size, rarity and location.

Renting LAND

An alternative way to generate passive income is by renting a LAND. For example, a player could design a mini-game on his LAND and pay a percentage of the monthly earnings. However, it is necessary to remember that the ownership of the virtual land will remain with the renter, while the NFT elements will remain with the renter if he is the creator. On the other hand, the rental fee will depend on the characteristics of the LAND.

Creating mini-games

Thanks to Game Maker technology, they will only need imagination and hours of design to create entertaining stories where other players can pay a certain amount of SAND as an entry fee. In this way, they can generate passive income as users of The Sandbox visit their creations.

Buying and selling NFT

Digital assets present an incredible opportunity to generate income in The Sandbox, as they can be freely created using the VoxEdit software. In this way, each user can create original NFTs that can be offered on the Marketplace; where other users can purchase them using SAND.

Although the platform’s main objective was to develop a blockchain-based NFT video game, in recent years its goals have opened up to the conceptualisation of a larger network. In this way, the ecosystem has now given way to the multiverse of The Sandbox, which aims to combine the popularity of play-to-earn games with the interconnectedness of virtual reality.

In checking out how The Sandbox works, we noticed that it is a title that lacks a predetermined world and gameplay, so it has the valuable feature of being able to adapt to new social paradigms.

On the other hand, the degree of freedom it gives users, the flexibility to customise every aspect of the game with free software and the accessibility to different ways of earning money in The Sandbox according to the game experiences, are features that make this platform one of the most promising in the metaverse.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in a few years when this great revolutionary project becomes a reality, The Sandbox will be at the forefront when it comes to online communities, such as the creator of NFT, as well as the interconnection with other industry giants such as Decentraland.

FAQs: The Sandbox Metaverse

Q: What is The Sandbox metaverse? A: The Sandbox is a decentralized, blockchain-based virtual world where players can create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences. Think of it as a digital universe focused on user-generated content and ownership.

Q: What makes The Sandbox unique? A: The Sandbox sets itself apart with these key features:

  • True Ownership: You truly own your in-game creations and virtual land (LAND) as NFTs, which you can buy, sell, or trade freely.
  • Easy Game Creation: Creative tools like VoxEdit and Game Maker allow players to build games without needing complex coding skills.
  • $SAND Currency: The $SAND token powers all transactions and interactions within The Sandbox economy.

Q: How can I participate in The Sandbox? A: Here are several ways to get involved:

  • Play for Free: Experience what others have built even if you don’t own assets.
  • Buy LAND: Become a virtual landowner and develop your own games and experiences.
  • Use the Tools: Design unique 3D assets (VoxEdit) or build full-fledged games (Game Maker).
  • Invest in $SAND: Purchase the Sandbox’s cryptocurrency on exchanges.

Q: Is The Sandbox still in development? A: Yes, The Sandbox is actively evolving. While the core experience is available, some features are still being built out.

Q: Where can I buy $SAND? A: $SAND is listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Gemini, and more.

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