7 Best Minecraft Discord Servers [2021]

Discord is a social messaging app that is created for gamers. The communities under the Discord are known as servers. Nowadays, as the gaming industry is on a boom, gamers need a platform with all the information about a particular game. Discord is used not only for games. You can use it as a social messaging app. However, there are millions of servers available in Discord almost for every game. Today we know the best discord server for Minecraft in 2021. Let’s know what the best Minecraft Discord servers are.

Mojang Studios develop Minecraft. It is an online game that mixes LEGO-like building blocks with 8-bit graphics. Minecraft is available for all major platforms, including all sorts of mobile devices. Also, It is one of the popular games. In this game, you have to build, mine, battel mobs and explore the ever-changing Minecraft landscape.

This popular game has a vast user base, and the gamer always wants a place to discuss game strategy or sharing ideas. Discord is a solution to these types of problems. Diascord also has many servers of Minecraft, but many of them are spam only.

List of best Minecraft Discord servers to join in 2021

#1 Hypixel


Hypixel is the most popular Discord server for Minecraft, with many game modes that members can enjoy. The community provides a lot of information about Minecraft. You can not directly join the Hypixel server. It uses the rank authentication process to assign users a proper position in the server.

Hypixel also requires linking your Minecraft account to the server. The mini-games section is engaging the members. Moreover, The features of Hypixel are detailed information about server and Maps, help the user make a purchase from the store, help the content creator get information, guide related to Hypixel Skyblock, and report bugs.

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#2 Mystic


Mystic Discord server has more than 33k members with a rating of 4.6 is second on the list. It is famous for its giveaway of $100 Discord Nitro Subscription regularly to members.

As the user base is enormous, you will chat with other members 24*7 with the fantastic and vibrant welcome page that attracts the user to join. You can share your strategy, gameplay, and Minecraft Mods all in one place on this server. If you like giveaways and want to know mods of Minecraft, then this server is for you.

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#3 Purple Prison

Purple Prison
Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a discord server that has a server on Minecraft. The Purple prison has introduced a new ranking and reward system with new game modes in the recent update. Purple Prison is one of the most helpful communities for Minecraft because it has old gamers.

So if you are new to Minecraft game, you will get all the information and help in this community. It also provides a giveaway for Discord Nitro subscription that makes the server more engaging among the users. The server is non-toxic, the security guideline is stringent. Bots of the server are taking acre to implements the regulation and make the community spam-free.

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#4 Midnight Oasis

Midnight Oasis - Minecraft Discord Servers
Midnight Oasis

Midnight Oasis is another server famous for the giveaway and rewards to the member. If you want a clean environment and interested in gameplay, then this server is for you.

Along with all information, the bots provide technical knowledge about the Discord and Minecraft game. The feature includes 24*7 chats with other members, a clean environment, Technical support and information about the maps, etc.

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#5 Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft - Minecraft Discord Servers
Cosmic Craft

Cosmic Craft is one of the best Minecraft Discord servers. The moderators for this server are provided in a user-friendly atmosphere to the gamers. It also provides a daily giveaway of Discord Nitro subscription.

The discussion in the Cosmic Craft server is spam and toxic-free. The community members are beneficial and give every information regarding how to play and survive the Minecraft game.

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#6 Minecraft SMP

Minecraft SMP - Minecraft Discord Servers
Minecraft SMP

Minecraft SMP is a popular server for Minecraft in terms of support. You will get a helpful and supportive environment on this server.

The member helps the other user by providing them tickets, setting up a crossover between the SMP and JAVA edition of Minecraft. Also, it is one of the largest communities with more than 63k members. You will get information about other games like Among US and Valheim.

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#7 The Vent

The vent - Minecraft Discord Servers
The vent

The Vent is the newest server that is gaining popularity these days due to its unique features. You can create your group with all rules set by you without interference from the moderator. Also, you will able to use all the necessary tools to enhance your group, like chat with other members and play games together.

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Bottom Line

So these are some best Minecraft Discord servers that you can join. You can make friends here and learn new techniques to make your gameplay more robust than ever. Moreover, the list of servers is prepared for user ratings and features. We hope you like the servers of Minecraft and if we miss any servers, let us know in the comment box. Please check out other helpful articles on our Website.

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