3 PROFITABLE NFT GAMES that release in 2022

Meet the three video game titles that are known to be profitable NFT projects in 2022.

Most of the NFT 2022 games have already opened their platforms to a limited number of users, who have been able to acquire tokens, NFTs or pre-sale characters. For now, the best time to invest in a blockchain game is still in its launch phase, so we will outline the best NFT games with a future in 2022 so that you can take advantage of the season’s best titles.

Every day, more and more developers are announcing new projects in the world of NFT games, which continue to evolve as we learn about this new world in the crypto-ecosystem.

We are currently at the peak of decentralised gaming, which is why we need to be even more careful not to fall into Ponzi schemes or failures. Due to these circumstances, it is essential to carry out a thorough evaluation before investing time or money in one of these new games, analysing important points such as: the developers’ roadmap, the game’s objectives, the potential profitability, the story surrounding the title and mechanics, so that we can see what the project’s potential will be.

To help you in the difficult task of choosing one or more titles to invest in, we bring you three NFT games coming out in 2022 that will allow you to earn money, have fun and invest in the future, as you will take advantage of more affordable prices and have characters with a higher level before the official releases. It is worth noting that these are the profitable NFT projects in 2022, i.e. the ones with the best future for the first quarter of the year.

Let’s get to know the best titles to start your investment!

Top 3 NFT games with a future in 2022

There are almost as many blockchain video games as there are tokens, which makes it really difficult to know them all and even more difficult to choose some titles to invest time or money. For these reasons, we bring you a selection of three of the best NFT games that will be released next year, of which we will analyse their mechanics, native token, possibilities to earn money playing and release dates; so that you can choose the ones you like the most and start planning your next investment:

Mist nft game

1. Mist

Mist, the first free-to-play action RPG developed on the Binance Smart Chain, will be available for Windows and MacOS devices.

To start playing, you must choose a character from the 5 available classes, which have different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, so it is necessary to choose one that will allow you to earn rewards when facing off against opponents in the sandbox:

  • Crusader Warrior, with physical abilities and divine gifts.
  • Enchanting sorcerer, with psychic abilities to manipulate reality.
  • Ranger ranger, with the ability to harness the forces of nature.
  • Shapeshifters, alchemists skilled in melee attacks.
  • Witch hunters, who use ranged attacks and defensive spells.

The gameplay system is similar to that used in similar titles, as you can have battles against in-game enemies, explore the environments in search of rare items, have player vs. player combat, complete quests or participate in raids. The game has also been designed with a combat system that maximises the competitive mentality of gamers, who will be able to demonstrate their skills and worth to the entire community.

One of the most outstanding features of this game is that it will include its own NFTs within the ecosystem and that they can be used in multiple ways, which can also be obtained for free by performing certain actions such as: taking advantage of the various methods of farmeo available, obtaining them as monster drops, completing quests, acquiring equipment to improve the power of the character or participating in events.

In other words, almost every item available in the game will be tokenised: weapons, armour, pets, mounts, spells and items, so players will be able to buy or sell items on or off the platform to earn money through NFTs.

As for its currency, the platform has a native token called MIST, which will be used to purchase items within the marketplace and to make economic transactions with fiat money. Primarily, players will be able to earn MIST tokens by completing quests, killing monsters, selling in-game NFT, selling items or farming.

You will have the possibility to bet your token within the platform by investing in taverns, shops or markets so that you will make a profit as the companies integrated within the ecosystem generate revenue. It is also possible to earn money by buying land, which can be used to grow crops, raise livestock or farm crops. At the moment, it is possible to purchase the MIST token to loot, as it is expected to increase considerably in value after the launch of the game.

Release date: According to its roadmap, the Beta phase should be available in the last quarter of the year; while the game will be live in 2022 according to Steam.

Illuvium nft game

2. Illuvium

Illuvium, a decentralised adventure-collection RPG built on the Ethereum and Immutable-X network, has all the features of NFT and free-to-play games. Although it is currently available for Windows PC and MacOS, a mobile version is expected to be released at a later date.

Its gameplay may be familiar to that used in Pokémon, as players will have to traverse an open world set on an unknown planet to catch or trade creatures called illuvials, which will be permanently collected in a registry and can be used in 3D battle arenas to compete against other players in auto-battler battles.

It is also possible to evolve the creatures by fusing three of the same type that has reached the maximum combat level, thus obtaining a completely different and much more powerful illuvial, which gives them a better chance of winning battles against other players.

Also, illuvials are NFT creatures that can possess various rarity traits, such as being golden, glowing or holographic. They will also have special affinities, weaknesses, powers and abilities according to their elemental natures: water, earth, fire, air or nature.

To play, you will follow the main story which begins with the exploration of a mysterious planet in search of a distress signal. As you investigate, you will find that everything is in ruins and that most of the surface is covered by an ocean of crystal, as well as being inhabited by wild creatures called illuvials. From there, your mission will be to have battled against the illuvials to enter them into the database, similar to the pokédex record.

To catch the illuvials in the wild, you will have to defeat them in a battle and capture them by using skiffs or shards, items that are equivalent to pokéballs and that can be acquired by mining in the different explorable biomes of Illuvium, which also have different levels of efficiency. Each new capture offers the possibility of obtaining a rare Illuvium: Holo, Rainbow or Shiny, which are the most demanded NFTs in the platform’s Marketplace. In addition, they will have the possibility to unlock the obelisks that close off most of the planet’s surface in the form of crystals.

On the other hand, the easiest way to earn money in Illuvium will be through the sale of illuvials, as the creatures will have value in the marketplace according to their degree of rarity or power. Therefore, illuvials fused and levelled to their maximum power capacity will be the most valuable on the platform, especially if they possess any of the three rare qualities. Similarly, it is possible to perform other actions such as farming or staking.

As for its native token, this video game has one called ILV, which can be purchased in pre-sale on specialised sites such as PancakeSwap. Currently, gamers can interact with the smart contract to bet tokens and earn rewards, with the additional possibility of earning NFT, creatures or bonuses. At the same time, Illuvium’s developers are looking to use Immutable-X L2 to eliminate Ethereum’s gas fee for minting or exchanging assets, so that users can transact without the hassle and maintain custody.

However, although the native token is the ILV, the profits from the title can be received in ETH, which is one of the main attractions of the play-to-earn mode and the possibility of trading with NFT.

Launch date: The Beta phase has been available privately since October. However, the full, free version will arrive in the first quarter of 2022.

Star Atlas nft game

3. Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an NFT and play-to-earn video game available for devices with Windows operating system and built on the Solana blockchain, which will allow you to make thousands of transactions per second with extremely low gas rates. However, what stands out most about this MMO is the futuristic style in which it has been set, as players will be able to use spaceships to travel the cosmos and explore planets. On these planets, they will be able to farm resources that will allow them to improve the ship’s performance, fight against other players in player vs. player mode or fight against the game’s enemies designed in a style reminiscent of Star Wars characters.

The story is set chronologically in the year 2060, where life forms are divided into three factions: humans in the MUD territory, sentient androids from the Ustur sector and the aliens from the ONI region, who fight for political domination of the Star Atlas metaverse. To begin the space adventure, players will have to become citizens of Star Atlas, where they will have access to interplanetary exploration through the use of state-of-the-art ships. In space, they will find explorable planets from which they can collect NFT resources and actively influence political conflict between factions.

One of the most relevant features is that it promotes an extremely complete and innovative game proposal, as it establishes a new business model through the use of smart contracts, decentralised finance, cryptocurrencies and entertainment. In addition, it is developed using the latest technological advances available, such as the Nanite graphics of Unreal Engine 5, which is one of the biggest engines in the video game industry.

There are several ways to earn money with Star Atlas, the main one being to buy and sell spaceships on the in-game marketplace, as the ships and the elements used to improve performance are tokenised, which increases their value considerably. Consequently, a ship that has been modified with excellent parts can become a valuable NFT. However, there is the possibility to earn a good income by earning rewards through completing missions, farming, winning battles, selling items or defeating opponents.

As for your token, the developers have stated through the whitepaper that the game will have two different cryptocurrencies: ATLAS and POLIS. The Atlas tokens will serve as the game’s native token and will be used to make transactions within transactions within the Marketplace (pay taxes, fuel, services, among others), fuel, services, among others). Polis, on the other hand, will be used for the DAO as a governance token; which will allow the game community to the game community to vote on decisions related to the development of the game.

At the moment, it is possible to acquire both tokens through the cryptocurrency markets where many players have made purchases to loot the token until its launch. Likewise, it is possible to invest in the purchase of spaceships, which range from $15 to $100,000 USD; as they are expected to increase in value when traded on the platform’s marketplace, so owners will likely be able to profit from trading.

On the other hand, the Star Atlas development team has considered keeping the reward curves, as they encourage gamers to stay in the game by using a skill tree. This system allows players to dedicate time and resources to complete non-repetitive activities with the goal of obtaining bonuses and unlocking advantages that allow them to acquire benefits to grow in the platform, with the great particularity of minimising the level of fatigue in the players and providing greater entertainment.

Launch date: According to its roadmap, the Beta phase should be available in December 2021. However, it will be in the first quarter of 2022 that we will be able to enjoy the full version.

Over the last couple of years, the list of crypto-video games that have been released on the market has become so long that it is almost impossible to keep up, as there are too many titles coming out every day. Among these, some have never seen the light of day because they failed in their development phase, others have had success and fleeting shelf life, while a final group has survived and remained strong despite market fluctuations.

Likewise, there are many NFT games coming out in 2022 and although we can know the basic features and the objectives of the developer’s thanks to whitepapers, it is impossible to foresee the final result, the degree of acceptance or the profitability of the video games. This is due to the fact that most blockchain gaming titles have standard game modes, which means that many players perform the tasks mechanically and get bored quickly. Also, these types of projects tend to be the most sought after by people who manage bots, as they can perform tasks automatically.

It is worth noting that although there are other titles that will be released in the coming months, the three mentioned above are the ones that have attracted the most interest from the community that enjoys interacting and investing in the crypto-ecosystem.

Profitable NFT projects in 2022. In addition, they have entertaining stories, diverse gameplay, remarkable graphics and must be actively played to make a profit, so they probably won’t suffer the complications of titles like MIR4 or Plant vs Undead, both of which have had serious problems with hacking and bots.

However, we will surely see more titles join the list of profitable and successful NFT 2022 games over the course of the coming year. But remember, invest early, invest safely, and invest wisely.

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