Practical Tips & Tools to Become an Instagram Pro and Enhance your Business

Anyone who already has a business account on Insta knows how easy and complicated it is at the same time. On the one hand, on IG, you have great chances and features to create a targeted audience and content that they will love; on the other hand, the sheer number of users and, therefore, competition makes your business vulnerable without the use of additional account management tools.

Either way, there are no easy ways to boost your business, but you may gather your audience on IG in a short period if you pick out the right business development strategy. So if your business isn’t on Insta yet, I advise you to think seriously about creating an account and building an impactful marketing campaign.

Practical Tips & Tools to Become an Instagram Pro and Enhance your Business

3 Tips on what to consider when doing business on the platform.

1. Automation tools usage

It takes a long time to be successful on Instagram, and it takes twice as much time to keep it up. That’s why you might consider using automation tools to free up time for more important things. Hootsuite, Bigbangram, Upleep, Jarvee, Agorapulse, etc., tools for smart automation make your profile management easier. Automation can include auto-posting, auto-liking, commenting, and more. But while choosing a social media tool for automatization, be careful and explore reviews (for example, Nitreo review) to pick out an automated software instrument but not a typical bot.

2. Visual content design

Beautiful images, inspiring videos, creative Stories, and a tasteful profile are the method №1 to attract users, expand your audience, increase sales and boost your business in the right way. Creation and designing of Stories, Reels, Live videos, IGTV, profile pictures, and videos is a “trump card” for developing a robust and successful marketing campaign.

Insta itself offers many options to create content on the platform. Still, it’s worth getting creative and using external tools (see for more details below) to make something particularly eye-catching and extraordinary.

3. Searching for a targeted audience

Today, an audience of a thousand people (but a targeted one) is more important than an audience of ten thousand people. I agree that the bigger the number, the faster the promotion, but in time, this audience will be nothing compared to the one created by targeted users. That’s how important the audience is today!

Practical Tips & Tools to Become an Instagram Pro and Enhance your Business

What tools can be helpful for your better business running?

Considering the tips described above will give you positive results, but how about taking advantage of some additional tools that won’t do all the work for you but will help you improve and make it easier at the same time.

Content editing tools

As mentioned above, content and especially visual design should not be ignored, especially as there are now many ways to do this quickly and get a stunning result. Engage your imagination and creativity and turn boring content into one that will bring you new users and money.

  • Pixlr, VSCO, Infltr, BeFunky, Pic Collage, Canva, Snapseed, Stencil — photo editing apps.
  • iMovie, Luma Fusion, Splice, Animoto, Foodie — instruments for video editing.
  • Adobe Stock, iStock, Unsplash  — services with ready image collections.
  • Infogram, Piktochart,, Venngage — IG social media tool variations for infographics design.
  • Over, PicMonkey — for photo overlays.
  • StoryArt, InShot, 8mm, Unfold — tools for Stories editing.
Practical Tips & Tools to Become an Instagram Pro and Enhance your Business

Analytics tools

Analyzing your profile engagement, content trendiness, audience interests, hashtags relevance, and other IG account performance data is as necessary a ritual as finding the targeted subscribers base. Continuous analysis of your activity and your performance, in general, will lead to an improvement in your marketing campaign and account activity growth. Modern analytics social media tools help you save time and give you an in-depth analysis of your profile activity (or any profiles you’re interested in), so you can correct deficiencies (if any) or continue to grow your account following an earlier strategy.

  • Union Metrics, Iconosquare, Hootsuite Analytics, Phlanx, Sprout Social, Bitly Insta media tool options to master the account with thorough analytics.

Note: Insta itself provides profile analysis if you have a business acc. Business account statistics are called Insights. It doesn’t offer a detailed analysis of your profile, but basic statistics can be sufficient for you.

Practical Tips & Tools to Become an Instagram Pro and Enhance your Business

Hashtags search tools

Finding the right hashtags for your Stories and posts is just as important as finding the right audience. The principle of effectiveness works the same way: using relevant hashtags, not just any hashtag, will bring your post more engagement.

It is also possible to search for corresponding hashtags for your post manually. For example, you may use an IG search engine or do a profile search on Influencers/worthy competitors and identify the hashtags they’ve applied, but this requires you to dedicate considerably more time which is not always practical. Here’re some third-party hashtags finders examples:

  • Display Purposes, Keyhole, ShortStack, Keyword Tool, All Hashtag, Photerloo, #HashMe, Sistrix Insta social media tool options for hashtag searching.
Practical Tips & Tools to Become an Instagram Pro and Enhance your Business


So Insta is a platform with many features that will make your account more attractive. But often, the features offered by social media are not enough, especially when it comes to running a business profile. So the use of modern third-party instruments or services is rather necessary for the rapid growth of your account and product’s visibility.

Of course, you can’t rely entirely on external software, be they automation tools, but using them wisely will only benefit you. Developing a business on Insta is not easy, but if you have a strong desire to find your audience, use your creativity to the maximum and do it with passion, it will pay off.

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