Instagram Feed: what is it and how to create the most attractive one?

Here’s everything that you should know about Instagram Feed. See how to design a feed that attracts likes, followers and customers! The Instagram feed is the dashboard that displays an account’s posts in chronological order. This is the first screenshot that users have of your content and, for this reason, it is a key tool to gain followers!

The user profile is the cover letter for content creators. In this article, we are going to tell you all about the Instagram feed to gain followers and increase your potential customer base.

Let’s see what Instagram feed means and everything you can do with it!

What is the Instagram feed?

The Instagram feed is the profile of each user on this social network, it is the view that shows us all the publications made in chronological order.

In other words, the Instagram feed is the grid that organizes the content that we generate on the social network.

It is one of the main elements of the social network to attract new followers. On the other hand, users are continuously viewing content, so it is a section that should generate a great first impression.

For all this, it is crucial to take the time to design an Instagram feed that stands out and invites users to scroll and learn more about your brand’s content.

In the Instagram bio, we are going to see all the formats of the platform: photos, videos, IGTV, carousel, and reels. Let’s get to know the characteristics of each of these contents.

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The recommended size for images on Instagram is 1080 × 1080 pixels, that is, they are square.

The platform allows you to upload photos horizontally or vertically up to 1080 × 1350, or vice versa, but you should not lose sight of the fact that, in the Instagram feed, they will look square.


The common video format allows you to upload content up to 60 seconds long.

Here too, the recommended size is 1080 × 1080 pixels. As with images, if the content you need to upload is horizontal or vertical, the limit is 1080 × 1350, or vice versa, depending on the orientation.

Instagram TV

This is the section for long videos. By uploading content here, we can decide whether or not to share it on the Instagram feed.

In this case, the measurement must be 1920 × 1080 pixels or vice versa, depending on whether it is a video in portrait or landscape format so that they occupy the full screen. In other words, although the platform supports it, the publication of square videos is not recommended here, as was the case in the previous point.

In the carousel, Instagram gives us the possibility of uploading more than one photo and/or video in the same publication. In other words, we can combine the content in a single post and followers access it by swiping to each side.

There are studies on the Instagram carousel that show that it is the content that is currently generating the most engagement (i.e., increasing the engagement and interest of the audience with your account).

The platform allows you to upload up to ten photos or videos in each carousel. However, the recommended number of slides or slideshows is two to three (with an engagement rate of 1.90%) and, even better, between eight and ten (the percentage rises to 2.07%).


The star content of the moment is undoubtedly the Instagram reel. These short videos in vertical format make it possible to reach new audiences, as they are disseminated with a particular algorithm, designed especially for this purpose.

Instagram feed: how to create an attention-grabbing one
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Instagram feed: how to create an attention-grabbing one

Now that you know in detail what the Instagram feed is, you can think of many actions to enhance your content marketing strategies.

Content planning

Every social media strategy goes hand in hand with a robust content plan. By defining the steps to follow, you will be able to reach the relevant audience for your business.

If you already have a clear idea of the ideal customer or buyer persona your brand is targeting, the next step is to think about the objectives of your publications.

For example, if your goal is to generate engagement, publishing motivational phrases, useful information for the user, or information related to your specific market can be a good strategy to achieve it.

Finally, when you think about the frequency of publication, it will be very useful to work with a content calendar that allows you to plan each action.

Color palette

The colors you have chosen for your business are a very powerful resource to generate brand recognition. That’s why the tones must be kept coherently in all your platforms: social networks, online store, newsletter, etc.

To maintain an aesthetic line, it will be very useful to work with Instagram templates, that is, prefabricated designs that you can adapt to the type of content you want to publish and the particular characteristics of your business.

Finally, we do not want to forget to mention the importance of editing both photos and videos when creating an aesthetic feed.

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Types of Instagram feed: 6 original ideas
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Types of Instagram feed: 6 original ideas

Creativity has no limits and, even if it’s a simple grid, there are endless possibilities to design a charming Instagram feed!

Many brands take advantage of this board or grid format to design images that complement each other, forming a larger design.

We bring you 6 proposals with the aim of inspiring you to choose your favorite one to boost your brand. Let’s go!

  1. Feed XL. By cutting out a design to fit each of its fragments in the publications, a general image is formed when entering the biography.
  2. Horizontal feed. In this case each row of the grid that makes up the Instagram feed keeps an internal coherence. That is, the three images that make up a horizontal line share the background, for example, and thus remain linked.
  3. Vertical feed. Here the same logic of the previous point is maintained, but this time it is valid for the columns of the board. The central line can contain phrases; the one on the left, close-ups of your products; and the one on the right, various photos of your articles.
  4. Feed with borders. These types of Instagram feeds are notable for putting frames on posts. They can be in a full color (many use white, simply to space the images from each other) or with an illustration or pattern.
  5. Feed by color. Whether your content consists of illustrated images or photographs, the idea here is to maintain a chromatic criterion. With your chosen color palette, you will be able to select the tones you want to highlight and keep them in your publications.
  6. Chessboard feed. This proposal for the Instagram feed gives you the freedom to plan your content. The idea is to alternate the type of content one by one, so the grid is composed like the black and white squares of a chessboard.

So much for our guide to designing the best Instagram feed! We are sure that these tips will help you create a great cover letter on this social network, gain more followers and potential customers!

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