Mobile Apps For Your Favorite Hobbies

Mobile apps in 2021 are incredibly powerful. As the high-powered phones we have in our pockets evolved, so have these fascinating pieces of software. One of the best things about mobile apps is that they allow you to enjoy your hobbies or work towards your goals wherever you are. To illustrate this point, here are some of the best mobile apps to use for a few popular hobbies. 

Sketchbook: Digital Art

It’s hard to get everything you are looking for in a digital art app. Some are free, most are paid and even with the paid versions you may not get all the features you are looking for. However, the free Sketchbook app really checks a lot of boxes and comes standard with many features, and is one of the best substitutes for a real paper sketch pad. 

The Sketchbook app is ideal for artists of all kinds. There are numerous different mediums to work with like airbrushes, paints, markers, and blending tools that allow you to imitate art styles easily. Also included is everything you have come to expect from these digital art programs like zoom features, copy and paste, and cloud saving to share your projects. Sketchbook is exceptionally good when you are using a full size tablet or a Samsung Galaxy Note with a stylus. 

DraftKings: Sports and Sports Betting

Sports fans are some of the most passionate people around and they love using mobile apps to follow their favorite teams and the latest news. If you are looking for one platform that will give you the up-to-the-minute latest odds on games, the DraftKings app is perfect. 

Betting operator DraftKings has done a wonderful job building up its user base by offering free bets and promotions to go alongside its excellent service. Users of this app love the ease of navigation, making it quick to find and place their wager, as well as the many deposit and withdrawal options. This app is a must for dedicated sports bettors. 

Lichess: Chess

Chess can be very difficult and unforgiving if you are just getting started. Practicing for fifteen minutes here and there during a work break or while you are out around town can add up quickly. For chess players looking to build their skills, Lichess is the best mobile option. 

Unlike other apps and services, Lichess is 100% free and has all features available. While you can certainly play against the computer or live opponents, there are also numerous sections to help you build your skills. There are countless studies written by chess professionals on different openings and positions, lessons with the computer, daily puzzles and much more. You can also follow other players and compete in daily tournaments. 

Mobile Apps For Your Favorite Hobbies

Duolingo: Language Learning 

Learning a second language is a common aspiration for many people. While reasons for this vary, some people enjoy learning about new cultures and others want to build up their resume with useful skills. Whatever your motivation may be, mobile apps are a great place to start and Duolingo is the undeniable leader in this area. 

Duolingo is more intuitive than learning from books or CDs and will certainly help you retain the information better. That’s because the lessons in this app are designed to be reminiscent of minigames and they keep you entertained and mentally engaged. Duolingo has been downloaded more than 500 million times, and is the clear leader when it comes to free language learning apps. There are a wide range of courses and languages to learn and they even include some fictional ones like High Valyrian and Klingon. 

Star Chart: Astronomy

This is an interesting app that makes use of your smartphone’s camera. Ideal for star gazers and people that enjoy nighttime strolls, the Star Chart app will allow you to finally make sense of the constellations above. Over 30 million people have downloaded the Star Chart app to accompany them on their nighttime adventures.

Using the app couldn’t be simpler. Once opening the app, you just point your smartphone up at the night sky. It will tell you what constellations are directly overhead, and you can see which are nearby as well. If you are interested in finding a particular star, planet, or constellation, you can type it in the database and it will give you the exact coordinates. This is an excellent app to enjoy with friends.

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