What is LinkedIn InMail? Everything You Needs To Know

If you want to become an expert in managing LinkedIn to strengthen your personal brand or generate a more profitable business, you need to know the InMail tool. In this guide, we’ll discuss what is LinkedIn InMail, how to use it and the best tips to get the most out of this tool.

With this option that the professional network offers you, you can contact any member, thus generating unique advantages that will help you interact more efficiently with everyone.

To give you more insight into what LinkedIn InMail is all about and how you can get the most out of it, we have prepared this article for you. You can find the requirements needed to use this tool and the best tips to be efficient.

What is LinkedIn InMail?
LinkedIn InMail

What is LinkedIn InMail?

LinkedIn InMail is a messaging service offered by the network of professionals and is used to contact any member who belongs or does not belong to the sender’s network of contacts.

In this way, you can incorporate different types of elements that will help the information it contains, but it will depend on the receiver whether or not they want to respond.

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Among the most outstanding features of this tool proposed by LinkedIn are the following:

It is a payment function, so you can access different types of packs including amounts that reach up to 2,000 messages per month.

It allows you to communicate with any member of LinkedIn, even if you are not in the network of contacts.

It can be sent from the user’s profile, from the results of a search or also from a specific project.

The recipient’s privacy is guaranteed since if he does not want to be contacted he can disable the option to receive InMails.

It generates more interaction in the social network because it is not necessary to belong to the network of contacts to generate conversations between two people.

It allows you to find more business possibilities and reinforce your personal brand.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn InMail?

When you use LinkedIn InMail you can get the following benefits:

You will have the possibility to communicate with any member of the social network even if it does not belong to your network of contacts.

You can send any type of information, from written messages to images and videos. This will help you to better expose the data, being able to offer a link to expand the content of your InMail, or support it through documents.

If you do not use all your credit in one month, you will have the possibility to accumulate it for the following month, but it should not exceed 90 days.

It has an area to write a statement and also for the body of the message. In this way you will have the possibility to clearly highlight the different objectives that you want to set out through the communication that you are making. In addition, it has a large number of characters so you can enter everything you need.

What requirements are needed to use InMail messages?

The necessary requirements to be able to use InMail messages are: 

You must be registered on the LinkedIn platform.

To achieve contact with members who are not part of your network, you must buy a certain number of messages from your recruiter account that you will have available during the month.

If the recipient has disabled the option to receive InMail, you can not read your message. But you can send it, which will make you have a refund on your credit. For this reason, a necessary requirement is that the recipient has this option activated. 

Although it is true that you can send any member of the platform, it is convenient that you do it with those who do not belong to your network of contacts, since for these there is the LinkedIn Messages function with which you will not spend money or consume your credit from InMail.

Best Tips for Using LinkedIn InMail and Making the Most of It
Best LinkedIn InMail Tips

Best Tips for Using LinkedIn InMail and Making the Most of It

To get the most out of LinkedIn’s InMail tool, you can follow these tips: 

Build a pre-strategy

The first thing you will have to do is establish why you want to connect with other users who do not belong to your network of contacts. When you are clear about what your objective is, you should find the members who can help you achieve the stated goal.

For this, you will have to make a list with the most relevant companies and carry out a search to find the people who have the position and the appropriate profile. You must be careful to contact hierarchical people who will not have time to answer you.

Compose a friendly message

One of the most common mistakes some users make is writing an InMail with imperative verbs or out of content. This is detrimental because it generates negative reactions in the recipient of the message.

For this reason, you should find a strategy that allows you to offer an idea that helps solve a problem that both of you have, thus avoiding creating a text that generates orders that must be followed.

Use all available tools

You should try to use all the tools that LinkedIn offers you to contact a person. For example, you can attach documents or images that demonstrate your ability to solve problems or validate your attitudes.

You should also try to mention that the contact is made thanks to the profile of the recipient. This will help the person pay attention to your InMail.

Try to be as direct as possible

Do not go back to your message, so it is advisable to indicate directly to the recipient what is the purpose of your InMail. But you must be careful because this is a negotiation process, for this reason, you must ensure that there is a response from that user.

You should also not forget that you have to be as kind as possible to avoid rejection in your answer.

Use the available characters correctly

With this, we want to tell you that you are going to have to incorporate a subject title that is not long enough, but also not short or non-existent. In addition, you should take care that the body of the message does not exceed 1200 to 1500 characters since after this range it is considered a long InMail and that often becomes tedious to read.

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