8 Best Money-making Alternatives To Kwai

Thanks to technology, there are now options to generate income at practically any time or situation of the day. Proof of this has been the great popularity of apps to generate money from your mobile. Therefore, we have this list of best Kwai alternative apps to make money right from your mobile phone.

However, most users only know the most popular options, which do not always represent the greatest benefits for its users, which is why we want to recommend some alternatives to Kwai to earn money and the aspects you should consider with them.

8 Best Money-making Alternatives To Kwai

List of best alternatives to Kwai to make money from your mobile phone

You should know that the market of applications is huge; there are hundreds that share the same functions or were designed with similar objectives, so within so many options of apps to make money, you should try to use the best and most reliable ones. So to help you take advantage of these alternatives to Kwai to make money, here are the most reliable ones.

1. Clickworker

One of the most popular and most trusted options, as it is the oldest of these platforms still in operation, Clickworker is a safe option if you are looking for apps to earn money without investing.

The platform was founded in 2005 and offers its almost 2 million users the possibility of earning income by completing tasks on its platform, which although they are mostly in English or German also have a section in Spanish.

In order to use the application, you must register, fill in your personal data, and comment on your skills or topics of interest. To continue, the platform will ask you a series of questions to evaluate your level of knowledge in the language and in the topics you have selected. After finishing the tests, you will be able to start doing tasks, which will change periodically. In addition, this app has a referral system in case you want additional income and to withdraw, you need to have a verified PayPal account and a minimum amount of 5 USD.

2. Money App

It is an app that through its users performs market research, so you will be paid for offering your opinion on apps, games and for performing various tasks, both on your cell phone and in some stores near your home. It is a reliable platform since Money App does pay, you just need to have a PayPal account and wait 2 or 3 days for the payment. To start using it, you just need to download the app and start doing the tasks that are available.

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3. appKarma

This platform is one of the apps similar to Kwai with a greater variety of options to earn money, since you can earn points by logging into the app, inviting friends, downloading apps or simply completing tasks you receive. Its use is quite simple and intuitive, you generate points with each activity you perform and every 12500 of these points are equivalent to 10 USD.

To start generating points you just need to download the app and start following the instructions in the tasks section. Completing all the options that appear, after downloading the application, you will have approximately 1000 points, so you will have already achieved a breakthrough. If you want to increase your earnings, appKarma has a referral system that will help you improve your income quickly.

4. Poll Pay

With this platform there are 3 options to obtain earnings, the first one is through an invitation code; which gives you an additional 0.25 USD gift, then through surveys you can get more cents and you can also earn money by inviting friends in the app, which will give you 15% of everything they do.

Among the alternatives to Kwai to earn money this is one of the simplest, you just have to complete your profile, and based on it you will receive surveys, then they will make some evaluations and you’re ready to start making money from your smartphone. The advantage that this platform offers over others is that it allows you to collect your earnings through various gateways, including PayPal, Amazon and Netflix vouchers.

5. SweatCoin

This could be one of the most unique alternatives to Kwai for earning money, since it doesn’t pay you for watching videos, taking surveys, or downloading games, but it is an app in which you earn money just for walking.

It might sound absurd, but this app will only request access to your GPS and your phone’s pedometer, and for every 1052 steps you take you will get 1 coin. Once you get a certain amount of coins you can exchange them for various offers within the store, from products to gift cards from various platforms.

Its use is quite simple, just download the app, give it access to the functions it requires and then complete a profile. It is enough for the application to run in the background to count all the steps you take with your cell phone, even those you make inside your own home. The conditions for withdrawal vary, as there are new offers every day, so you will have to observe which ones are more convenient for you.

6. Make Money

A well-known and simple to use platform among the alternatives to Kwai to earn money. This app to earn money in Spain and around the world pays you only for performing tasks or surveys, so with a few minutes a day, you will be earning points quickly. In this platform you need a minimum of 5 USD for withdrawal, which is equivalent to 5000 points of which you get 30 every time you log in and between 50 and 100 for each survey you do, although what pays the most are the tasks.

To use this application it is not necessary to complete any registration, just download it and go to the tasks section to start earning points. Once you have reached the minimum withdrawal amount, you can request that it be sent via PayPal and you will receive your money in a short time.

7. Slidejoy

An extremely simple app if you want to generate income investing very little time per day, this platform pays you to use your lock screen, so every time you go to unlock your screen an ad will appear with which you do not necessarily have to interact.

Just by appearing a few ads a day you will be generating small income that you can then withdraw when you reach the minimum withdrawal amount of 5 USD with Amazon and 2USD with PayPal. This application does not require any registration, you do not have to click on the ads or download additional apps, just let this advertising appear on your screen.

8. UserFeel

This is one of the most particular alternatives to Kwai to earn money, as it pays you to do usability tests, which may sound complex, but it is simply to enter various websites and perform some tasks on them. It is not an app to earn money watching videos, but they value the user experience and through their service they help platforms to improve their usability.

In this way, the site receives information about possible failures or flaws and you receive remuneration of up to 10 USD for it, the tests can take a considerable time so you must be patient. To receive the payment you need a PayPal or Payoneer account and it is done once you get at least 10 USD.

Aspects to consider when downloading these applications

It is important to consider that not all the pages you enter to take surveys are safe, or that some additional applications could slow down your phone.

You should also be aware of which sites you provide your personal information to, as in some cases this could present a problem for your privacy. So they are not apps to be taken lightly or just use without further ado, which is why all of them require you to be of legal age to use them since it is necessary to have a certain degree of awareness about the risk they may represent.

Another point you should consider before downloading these apps is that they are not millionaire earnings in a short time, but they offer a small additional income in exchange for a few minutes of your day. So while all the above-mentioned alternatives to Kwai to earn money work, you should have realistic expectations to avoid inconveniences.

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