11 Proven Ways to Make Money on PayPal [In 2024]

Are you looking for ways to make some extra cash from the internet? Did you know there are a few different ways to make money on PayPal? Available in over 200 countries, you can get paid on PayPal in over 100 different currencies. This is a great advantage, especially for those who work in the digital world.

If you’re interested in this subject, in this article we’ll introduce you to more about PayPal and the main ways you can use to make money on PayPal in a way that’s extra helpful for you.

Learn more about PayPal

Before we show you how to make money at PayPal, you need to know a little more about the platform. When we talk about the digital wallet, this platform is one of the leading names and is even considered a pioneer in the subject. It has its base located in the United States, more specifically in San Jose, California. With PayPal, users can have greater security when making payments and keeping money online.

PayPal can also be used to receive payments. Therefore, it is a great choice of how to make money on PayPal. In the digital wallet, you can deposit money and even add multiple cards on the platform.

Moreover, it not only accepts credit cards, but also debit card payments.

11 Proven Ways to Make Money on PayPal

Top Ways to Make Money on PayPal on the Spot

Before checking our list, know that there are many more ways to make money on PayPal. We’ve separated only the main ones, which usually bring more profits and are easier. Just do a little research and find the one that best fits your profile.

1. Using Online Selling Platforms

If you have experience or think you’re good at sales, you can make money on PayPal by working with online sales platforms. You can sell products on social networks like Instagram, or on e-commerce and marketplaces with digital shops, using the PayPal digital wallet to receive your payments.

The best part is that you can sell just about anything online. What’s more, the population is increasingly interested in shopping online, which is a great advantage for you. Some things you can sell are courses, ebooks, classes, clothes, decorations and so on.

2. Working as a Freelancer

Also online, you can work as a freelancer for your field or with other things that you are good at and know how to do. This is usually a great choice for earning extra money and getting your payments through PayPal.

There are several sites that make this bridge in the connection between who is hiring and the freelancer. One example is the portal 99Freelas.

As a freelancer, you can do activities of copywriter, text producer, designer, photo and video editor, programmer and even manual work depending on the platform you use.

3. Work answering questionnaires

If you surf the web a lot, there’s a pretty simple way to make money on PayPal. All you need to do is take online surveys and questionnaires and get paid through your digital wallet. There are a few sites that can help you with this, like Swagbucks, for example.

By creating your profile and answering a few questions at registration so that surveys can be tailored to you, you’ll start receiving behavioural, consumer and other company surveys, which you earn money by answering.

You don’t need a lot of work and you can earn money very simply with a digital wallet like PayPal.

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4. Work with digital products: Info-Products

Did you know that materials like handouts, courses, digital books and similar things that you buy online are considered info products? More and more, this market is growing and you can use this to your advantage and start making money on PayPal. Among the main companies that work with this, you may already know some, like Hotmart.

You not only have access to info-products made by others, but you can also develop your own and sell on digital platforms and make money PayPal with your account on these platforms. Selling can even be done through social media, the important thing is that you have a platform to advertise and sell. By advertising your product with a link, whenever someone buys, you can receive payment by digital wallet easily and quickly.

5. Play to earn money

If you’re one of those people who loves to play games, why not use that to your advantage and make money on PayPal? Many digital games and apps, spread all over the internet, usually pay their players to play, and you’ll receive the payment through your digital wallet.

The games are usually very simple and easy. So even if you’re not good at it, you can make some extra money.

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6. Watch ads and videos

Who doesn’t like to spend time watching videos on social networks? By doing so, you can also earn money in an easy way, because even known networks like Tik Tok and Kwai make payments for their users to watch videos and even refer friends.

Other sites follow a similar system that, besides video, you can watch ads to receive your payment on PayPal. You can receive daily bonuses and also earn more by interacting with other users, an example you can use is Cos.TV.

7. Test different products

Not many people know that you can also make money online by testing products and some websites can help you with that. Whenever they launch new products, companies need to test and know the public’s opinion and you can get paid to do that. Some platforms like User Testing make this intermediation between the tester and the company that wants to test.

Taking into account your location, the site chooses the products that best fit your profile, so you can test and do reviews to get paid for the service, as a way to earn money on PayPal by receiving payment there.

Among the products you receive, they can be physical products like clothes, for example, or even digital products. Besides the payment for the digital wallet, you can receive gift vouchers, keep the product tested and so on.

8. Turn audio into texts

That’s exactly what you read. You can make money on PayPal just by transcribing audio materials into text format. The contractor may pay you to do this service, and you may get paid weekly or monthly, depending on the agreement between you. As this is a job that may take longer to complete, the amount you earn can be considerably high.

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9. Work with Affiliate Marketing

If you have a large following on social media, or are a blog or website owner, working with affiliate marketing is a great choice for making extra money on PayPal. By providing a buying link, you will earn a certain amount every time a customer buys something through your link, being one of the best extra incomes.

10. Develop your own e-commerce for sales

Another way to make money on PayPal and one of the best for working completely with online transactions is to develop your own e-commerce (e-commerce) to make digital sales. This is one of the best options if you already have courses, info-products or other products to sell, receiving your payment by the digital wallet.

This alternative works quite simply, just advertise your product and the platform on which it is available, marking PayPal as the accepted payment method.

11. Sell antique objects online

Homes always tend to have old objects without much use and that is in great condition. If you sell you can receive a good value and earn money on PayPal. An example of what you can work is selling your old books that have no more use, decorations of the house that no one uses anymore, electronics such as: cameras, sounds and mobile phones and more.

For this type of sale, you just need to make a good advertisement, be honest about the state of each and mark PayPal as an accepted payment method for extra income.

PayPal: Important FAQs

1. What is PayPal?

PayPal is a global online payment platform that lets you send and receive money securely, make purchases online, and more.

2. Is PayPal safe?

Yes, PayPal has numerous security measures like encryption, fraud protection, and buyer protection to keep your transactions safe.

3. Are there fees to use PayPal?

Sending money to friends and family within the US from your bank account or PayPal balance is typically free. Other transactions, including international transfers and using credit cards, may incur fees.

4. How do I create a PayPal account?

Visit the PayPal website or download the app. You’ll need to provide basic information like your email address and create a password.

5. How do I link my bank account or credit card?

Go to your account settings and find the “Wallet” section to securely link your payment sources.

6. What if I forget my PayPal password?

You can reset your password through the website or app using your email address.

7. How do I send money on PayPal?

You can send money using the recipient’s email address or phone number, or request money from someone.

8. How long does it take to receive money through PayPal?

Transfers between PayPal accounts are usually instant. Transfers to a linked bank account might take a few business days.

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