How to Install CWM Recovery on HTC One

The ClockWorkMod (CWM) recovery is one of the important things that must be installed on every Android phone. Especially on a high-end phone like HTC One. Thus our today’s guide is on how to install CWM recovery on HTC One. No doubt HTC One is one of the best Android Smartphone available in Market. Though there is a tough competition between HTC one & Samsung galaxy s4, still HTC one stands alone because of some extraordinary features which available in any other Android.

If you are not new to Android world then you must know that almost all kind of android customization begins with two essential steps: 1) Rooting 2) Installing Custom recovery like Clockworkmod Recovery, TWRP, COT. Like HTC One all other android phone comes with a pre-installed recovery which is also known as Stock Recovery, but stock recovery is not that helpful. With the help of custom recovery, it becomes easier to modify Android firmware and make it more productive and customize it the way we want.

However, there’s one thing that you should know. Executing such actions void the warranty and other manufacturer’s terms and condition. Thus, you should be should careful while performing this action. And there are always some chances that we might end up bricking up our phone or things end up in a wrong way. Therefore, we highly recommend you to back up your important stuff before getting ahead. That would be a much safer way to proceed further and get this action performed successfully.

So now you know that you have to install a custom recovery then only you can start optimizing Android. Well nothing to worry about, today we will guide you to install clockworkmod recovery on HTC One. Some files you need to download which are required to complete this process, all those files name along with download links are provided in this guide. So let’s get started with How to Install Clockworkmod Recovery on HTC One.


1) Charge level must be above 60%.

2) Make Sure your HTC One Bootloader is Unlocked. If you haven’t done yet then try HTC Dev portal to Unlock.

3) While unlocking bootloader you must have downloaded & Installed Android ADB driver. So here we will take that you have installed the SDK already.

4) Download & Install HTC One Driver if you haven’t yet. [Install it after downloading]

5) Last but not the least, download any one of the following 3 custom recovery

  • CWM Recovery (Normal = Button )
  • CWM Recovery (Touch)
  • TWRP Recovery (Touch+Advanced Layout) [Recommended]

Install CWM Recovery on HTC One

1) Goto C Drive of your PC & make a folder there name it Android.

2) Download this ADB & FASTBOOT zip on your Pc, copy this zip to that Android folder in C:\ drive & extract it there.

3) Now download your desired recovery, rename it to recovery.img (must). After renaming copy it to that Android folder.

4) Now time to make your HTC One boot into HBOOT/Fastboot/Bootloader mode. To do so follow this >> Switch off your HTC One > press the Volume Down+Powerkeys at the same time for a few seconds until you get a screen like a bellow.

5) Use your HTC One volume keys to select the FASTBOOT option in that screen & then press the POWER button to confirm it.

Install CWM Recovery on HTC One

6) Connect your phone to computer with USB data cable.

7) Launch command window > to launch command window go back to C:\ drive, press & hold shift button + right click on that Android folder > choose open command window here.

8) When command prompt window get launched, type the following commands in there & hit ENTER button >> fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

Congo, you did it. You have successfully installed clockworkmod recovery on HTC one in a single attempt.

9) Time to reboot your phone, so just type >> REBOOT & press enter button.

10) Your HTC One will get restarted within few seconds with TWRP recovery installed. So now you can go for rooting or install custom ROM whatever you like. Your Android is free for customisation.

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