How to reduce operational costs in food manufacturing

Since the global population is constantly increasing, food manufacturing is an industry that keeps growing as well. This sphere doesn’t tolerate skimping on production quality. Disobeying this rule directly affects your future consumers’ health and company reputation. Automation in food industry not only helps you maintain the necessary quality level but also increases profitability. Along with that, there are other ways to reduce operational costs that we’re going to discuss further.

Applying automation in food processing

Despite having an initial high cost, installing automation equipment opens new horizons for your company. It not only cuts down expenses but also creates your own standards and maintains the desired quality level. Implementing RIOS’ fully AI-powered robots can significantly boost your production line speed and outcome. Meet our high-end machines that will make food process automation real for you:

  • Equipped with the most advanced tactile sensors, DION is perfect for food handling
  • HERMES would be the best solution to pack your products into poly bags
  • VULCAN serves for sorting, packaging, and palletizing ready-made items.

They are easy to install and require minimal time to set them up for your manufacturing specifications.

Look for alternative packaging

Applying our HERMES robot to pack your food products into poly bags is definitely a great decision. However, automated food systems aren’t the only way to reduce operational costs. Think of switching to more environmental-friendly packaging or look for a different supplier.

Reduce water consumption

Any food factory requires a lot of water to run smoothly. Still, there are ways to cut down its consumption. Implementing a low-flow system in sinks and toilets will reduce water use significantly. Arrange a meeting with your staff to discuss the possibility to go green. Explain the reasons and future goals your company strives to reach with it.

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