How to Create an Effective About Us Page on a Website

When filling out the site, the “About us” section is often not given due attention. But if a visitor plans to order a product or service, he almost always goes to this page. You shouldn’t disappoint him. We analyze how to make the page useful for the user, what should be on it and what should not be placed.

Why You Need an About Us Page

The “About us” section gives site visitors an idea about the company or person. Figures, cases, references to major customers – confirmed information increases your credibility and builds trust on the part of the audience. Here you show your importance and explain why it is beneficial to be your client.

This section is suitable for a short story about the team and the history of the company. Show the faces behind the product – openness will win people over to you. Reveal your mission. For example, you do not just trade in equipment, but have a goal – to make life easier and improve the quality of life. If there are awards and certificates, post them here.

There is a chance that the site can be found by keywords on the page describing your activity. Keep this in mind when writing your text. Also try to make it interesting to read. The more time the user spends with you, the better the position of the site in the issue will be. But the main thing is to let the client know that you will solve his problem. That’s what a company page is for, first of all, to show what value you provide, and not just write your biography or brand story.

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About page creation errors

If you make a page about the company just “to be”, then you will not get any benefit from it. Let’s look at common mistakes in creating this section.

  • Repeating “We”. Of the three randomly selected sites, at least one of these sins. The company talks about itself almost all the time: “We do”, “We guarantee”, “We are ready” and so on, because the page “about them” – but no, it is entirely for the user. Therefore, do not write how good you are, but show the benefits for the client: “By contacting us, you will receive …”, “Your problem will be solved in a week,” and so on.
  • Water. The user needs specific information. People won’t read through watery text to find something useful in it. You have a few seconds to interest the visitor – use them sensibly. Show everything clearly and to the point.
  • Cliched phrases are another common mistake. It seems to the copywriter that he used a beautiful metaphor, but with a high probability it has already set everyone on edge. By the way, this is also a stamp. No need to hide the essence behind decorations, they usually only get in the way.
  • When talking about themselves, they often use phrases like “best specialists”, “unique experience”, “dynamically developing company”. If your employees have studied abroad and have certificates, write so. Do not talk about uniqueness – reveal what it is. Maybe you’ve introduced new technology or are organizing tours in difficult terrain.
  • Unsubstantiated claims. Do not write what you cannot confirm. When you talk about the benefits of a product or company, you need to provide evidence, for example, statistics from official sources. If you are at the top of some rating, give a link to it. You can’t say “We’re the best” if that’s just your opinion.

How to create an “About us” section

We have highlighted the most common mistakes. Now let’s figure out how to fill out a page about the company so that it turns out to be interesting and fulfill its functions.

  • Benefit for the client. Reassure the visitor that you understand their problem and that you have a solution. You can walk through the typical pains of your target audience and dispel fears. Imagine a dialogue with the client. What does he want to know? Give answers on the page.
  • Define the benefit: why choose you? Low prices, high quality, long service life, lifetime warranty – formulate your USP. Start by offering a free benefit, such as a cost calculator or an online consultation.
  • Text Requirements. As mentioned earlier, do not pour water, break the text into paragraphs, avoid allegations. Talk less about yourself and more about what the client gets by contacting you.
  • Statistics, awards, reviews. Numbers convince the best. Show how many clients you have helped. Describe the coolest cases, add reviews and give links. If you are afraid of overloading the page with information, move reviews to a separate section.
  • Design. The design of the “About Us” page should match the design of the entire site. Harmoniously selected colors, readable font, indents. And adaptability is required – the correct display of the page on all devices.


The main requirement for the “About” section is to make it useful for site visitors. This will help information from the target audience of the site and employees who communicate with them. Use facts, not fancy words. Give examples of how you are useful to site visitors. And better – show with the help of photos, infographics, videos.

From a technical point of view, it should load quickly and work like navigation through the landing pages of the site. That is great to add relinking. The “About us” page allows you to win over the client, do not miss this opportunity. Follow the recommendations from the article, and you will get a quality section for the site.Copy textCopy HTMLDoneRefuse

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