Google plans to remove some of its Gmail accounts. Who should be worried?

I think you are already aware that Google has decided to close unlimited access to Google Photos, limiting the amount available for pictures and videos only to the storage space in Google Drive. And now, you would be scared to know that soon, Google would remove some Gmail accounts and associated data as well. You shouldn’t worry as we’ll help you aware thoroughly and how to prevent Google from deactivating your account.

The new rule will take effect only next year, but the company decided to warn users in advance to give them time to prepare. However, behind this news and behind the wave of hype that it provoked, another one, no less important for all those who use Google services with variable activity, passed unnoticed. It turns out that next year the search giant plans to disable some users’ accounts. Let’s figure out what to do to prevent this from happening.

According to the official information that Google published on its website, on June 1, 2021, a number of Gmail accounts will be disconnected. The list of applicants for deletion will include accounts that have not been used for two years. Non-use means the absence of not only letters, but also the absence of any activity in the services associated with a specific account.

That is, if you have not logged into your Google Photos, Google Drive or Google One, Gmail and other services of the search giant for two years, most likely your account will be deleted.

What data is associated with a Google account

Deleting an account involves not only banning access to email, but also all content that is tied to your profile. That is, this is a fairly extensive range of data:

  • Photos and videos on Google Photos;
  • Emails from Gmail;
  • Phone records from Google Contacts;
  • Google Calendar appointments and reminders;
  • Search history;
  • Data from the Google Drive / Google One cloud;
  • Android smartphone backups;
  • Voice calls to Google Assistant;
  • History of visits in Google Maps;
  • Billing information and shipping address.

In fact, there is much more information to be deleted. But even what I’ve just listed is obviously enough to give you an idea of ​​what you might lose by ignoring Google’s warning about deleting your account.

How to prevent Google from deleting your account?

However, the deletion will not happen overnight. Before deactivating your account, Google will send an inactivity warning email and ask you to confirm your readiness to continue using it. So far, there is no sample of such a letter, but, most likely, it will contain either a link that will need to be followed to extend the validity of the account, or an automatic trigger that determines the fact of reading the letter and cancels the deletion.

Alternatively, you can try letting Google know in advance that you need your account and keep using it. For this, it is enough to perform a very simple action. All you need is to go to your profile of any of the services of the search giant and take some action with it. For example, upload a photo to Google Photos, send an email via Gmail, or, say, upload something to Google Drive. It’s not difficult at all, but it will even remove you from the preliminary list to disable your account.

So that’s about what Google is about to do. It seems that Google servers are already over-loaded, and now they want to perform cleaning tasks and limit users from enjoying unlimited storage space. Or we could say, Google has decided to earn from what was given totally free to users.

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