How do I find a person on VKontakte from a photo?

Need to find someone with just their picture on VKontakte? We know of many services that can help you find their social networking page, either for free or for a fee.

We have all seen various pranks on social networks, where people are searched for their photos and pranked in various ways. The application of this technology is limited only by a person’s imagination. Knowing the necessary algorithms, it’s realistic to find a classmate, relative or old acquaintance, as well as a completely unknown person with just his photo.

However, the possibilities of the system are not limitless either, there are a number of limitations that need to be taken into account. We will now go through all the ways to identify a person by photo and search for his page on the social networking site Vkontakte.

How do I find a person on VKontakte from a photo?

Things you should absolutely know

It’s important to understand that processing personal data without the person’s knowledge and permission is prohibited at the level of the administrative code of the Russian Federation. Essentially, every user of such a service takes responsibility for the event. The fact that there are no penalties for this now may only be a temporary condition and anyone can sue for such actions.

Having finished with the conventions, let’s move on to other tips, cautions and rules to be aware of:

  • The likelihood of a successful search depends on the quality of the photo and its resolution.
  • Various services mainly look for the same pictures online. In other words, they can’t recognise a face in an image and search for it on the net by dots. 
  • This is already the technology of cops in cinema. Hence an important rule – the same picture must be added to the social network profile.
  • It is important to use the original photo, not the one taken with a camera, cropped or otherwise altered. The exception is if the photo contains many other people or a very colourful background. You can even cut out the background online.
  • The person’s profile is open, otherwise, you won’t be able to find the photo on their page. Here are all the ways you can access a closed VKP page.

Important! Many services for finding a person by photo in VK are paid, they are quite inexpensive, but there is an important point here – do not specify personal payment data. It is better to use some foreign or virtual card to minimize the risk of hacking in case the database is leaked.

Ways to find a person by photo on VKontakte

Unfortunately, all services are not fantastically efficient. They can only perform a search if the conditions listed above are met. Just take a picture and find the person in the street by that photo probably will not work (the chances are not bad, but not more than 5-10%). But if you follow the rules we have described, the chances of success are over 95%. Basically, we have 3 ways and now we will break down each of them.

Searching with Telegram Bots

There are quite a few bots in Telegram that take our uploaded photos and search for their counterparts in the social network. Their algorithms are different, so it may well be that some will fail and others will show a link to your VK account. For this reason, it is wise to try at least a few of them. We will now list the most interesting and “smart” ones among them.

The best Telegram bots to search by a photo of a person in VK:

  • VK FINDFACE BOT. Does a good job and has no frills. True, the service is paid. You have to pay 7 rubles for a single check.
  • Eye of God is a powerful service for finding people. Besides the possibility to find people by photo, it helps to select accounts by surname, car number, phone number. In terms of search efficiency, it is somewhere on a par with other services on our list. Gives the result in most cases (somewhere between 80-90%).
  • VkUrlBot – functional Telegram bot, similar to Findface. Works correctly, very quickly produces a link to the page of the person, mostly the correct account.
  • J369_bot is a service that scans the databases of popular services like tineye, google, bing, Yandex and others. This allows you to improve the accuracy of the results of the output. Not a bad way to handle their tasks, it does not have any special claims.

An interesting fact! Most people start searching for a VK page of a girl or a guy they met on Instagram or in a dating service.

The principle of all Telegram bots is always identical: you open a page with it (you can follow the links above), launch it with a single key and go through the initial setup procedure. In some cases, you are asked to give a reason for finding the person, in others you are asked to pay for the procedure.

All this is done in elementary. After the preliminary steps, all that remains is to insert a picture of the person, where he or she is photographed close-up and in good quality. In a few seconds, the service will display the result.

Through various services

There are quite a few sites that do the same thing – they use the uploaded photo and check it against their own databases, looking for the best possible match. As with bots, the entire procedure takes place on the server-side. The only difference is the way it interacts with the server. However, due to the difference in comparison algorithms, the results may be very different. In our experience, the following services are more accurate.

Best services for searching people in VKontakte by photo:

  • PimEyes is a paid website site for finding people online. The service processes the input image and searches for similar ones across all popular social networks, as well as news sites, YouTube and most WordPress sites. The Clearview AI database used in the service was originally designed for law enforcement, so the search accuracy is one of the best in the niche. The downside is the high price, as much as 732 rubles per day.
  • FindClone is a search service, specialized only on the social system Vkontakte. Is able to find similar images with a high degree of accuracy. The first 25 searches are free of charge. Registration by phone number is required in order not to be able to scam free attempts.
  • Search4faces. One of the best-known services in this category, but with one big problem – the bases were collected before 11-2020, i.e. no new photos. Otherwise, neural networks and machine learning do their job and provide a link to the person’s profiles on the Internet in just a couple of seconds. At least the service works for free, but the proportion of correct results is only 70%.
Searching people in VKontakte by photo

With the help of Google and Yandex

The quality of Google and Yandex artificial intelligence is on many levels above that of third-party services. It too can find similar images on the internet, of course without specialising specifically in VK.

Priority is given to exact matches. Although services can select similar images, they are virtually useless, as the images are unlikely to be related to the person sought. Given that the service is free and the chances of success are quite high, it is reasonable to use Yandex and Google to search for people in VK.

How to do a picture search in Google and Yandex:

  • Open the Google Images or Yandex Images page.
  • Click on the camera icon in the search box.
  • Insert the link to the picture or download it from a computer.
  • Look for a picture that has a VK profile in the link and click on it.

Generally speaking, these are all the ways available to “ordinary mortal” to find a person in VK through a photo. There are many other services and bots in Telegram, but usually, there is not much need for them.

If a profile cannot be found in the listed systems, it is also unlikely to show up in others, and vice versa. By the way, another option for finding a person is by phone number. Perhaps with this information, the result will be more accurate.

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