Feeling Blue? Here Are 7 Emojis That Express Low Emotions

The pandemic has indeed knocked out a majority of our daily activities. It may be a fun social activity, work, school, and even hobbies that you are used to doing with a group of friends. Imagine being deprived of doing all those things, plus fighting the risk of getting sick. It is no surprise that we will feel down and even frustrated. Feeling blue is normal when you are in a challenging situation for a long time, and it is part of being human.

Being physically apart and having these low emotions are harder to express than the happy ones. That is why emojis are available for everyone to let their emotions out, whether by sending a sad face emoji to a friend or tweeting a yawning emoji due to boredom. You are free to express these low emotions, and thankfully these emojis may help lighten up the mood.

1. Sleeping Face Emoji

Sometimes sadness makes us tired or maybe makes us want to snooze off. The sleeping face emoji is the perfect emoji for you to use when you want to lay away from your problems for a little while. It can also serve as a warning to everyone that they should not disturb you. Your true friends and family will surely understand. 

If you are also comforting others when they are sad, this simple emoji can be your sole advice. Tell them to take a breath and try to take a quick nap. It is the body’s only way to rest, especially coming out of a roller coaster ride of negative emotions.

2. Flushed Face Emoji

Life indeed surprises us with unexpected events, moments that we are not prepared for at all. The existence of social media made it even more accessible for us to hear shocking news every day, and using the flushed face emoji can be used to express this feeling. Other emojis like the frowning face with open mouth emoji or the exploding head emoji can also express shock and disbelief. But this emoji is for people who are unable to immediately process the situation and feel low on emotion.

If your friend messages you with the flushed face emoji, you might want to leave them alone for a while and give them time to process their feelings. 

3. Frowning Face Emoji

The frowning face emoji is one of the common uses whenever people hear sad news or a snarky comment from someone unexpected. It is fit for anyone high or low on emotions.

You can use this emoji in any given situation. Whether it is hearing news about the COVID-19 health crisis, getting dismissed from work, a break-up, or even grieving from a lost loved one. This emoji reminds us that we should not force ourselves to be happy all the time, and it is okay to frown sometimes. After all, smiling emojis will be available once you have surpassed those low emotions.

4. Sad But Relieved Emoji

Low emotions do not have to be entirely sad. Sometimes we encounter situations where we feel sad but at the same time relieved. It can maybe be because of mixed bad and good news. The sad but relieved emoji is also used to express worry and anxiety. An example is when a loved one is sick but close to recovery.

This emoji can also convey a hidden reminder that life may be challenging most of the time. But in time, everything will turn out okay, and we will feel much better.

5. Neutral Face Emoji

The neutral face emoji is highly recommended, especially when you are having a boring day filled with low emotions. There will be days when we feel empty for no reason, and it is normal. The neutral feeling that we feel is surprisingly accurately depicted by this emoji.

We could also use this neutral face emoji if something or someone is trying to make you laugh but are miserably failing, or maybe even giving a hint of irritation or disappointment.

6. Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji

The zipper-mouth face emoji is often used to warn someone to shut up about a secret. However, this emoji can also be used to tell someone that you are feeling low and are not in the mood to talk. If you do not want to be involved in an issue or are too lazy to join the discussion circle, sending this emoji will surely make them leave you alone.

If someone is still bothering you, you can send this emoji along with an angry face emoji to completely shut them up. They will surely back off and leave you alone.

7. Slightly Smiling Face

The slightly smiling face emoji is one of the popular and frequently used emojis because of how relatable it is. This emoji aims to express happiness, kindness, or gratitude, but it can also mean the total opposite. We can’t deny that we have been in situations wherein a problem gets out of hand, so we just end up laughing or smiling about it in sarcasm.

Using the emoji can easily confuse everyone, making it funnier to use. But if you do want a serious conversation, make sure to talk and clear things out.

Key Takeaway

Using emojis is usually fun, cute, and lively. The existence of these emojis means that we are acknowledging having low emotions too. It is indeed another opportunity for us to release such low or mostly negative feelings. We have learned to embrace it instead of stopping them and forcing ourselves to be happy all the time.

Fortunately, this array of emotion emojis can help us express when we run out of words to say. It is also funny that people sometimes understand emojis more than actual words. It is all thanks to the creative freedom brought to us by technology. For more information, you may visit to see what these emojis look like and read about their meanings.

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