5 POTENTIAL digital BUSINESSES to create from home in 2021

Looking for digital business model ideas that can be profitable? That is why we have decided to analyze some business trends in the niches with the greatest potential in the market. Where based on the large niches we can undertake with specific sub-categories.

We must take into account that it is recommended that it be based on something we know how to do and that we like.

What is a digital business model?

With the digital business model, technology is used to improve services within companies, as well as with their stakeholders and clients, and obtain value and monetization proposals.

An example of a digital business could be Netflix and Uber. This type of model has opened a wide range of possibilities to the business sector to meet the demands of the current market.

Technological evolution has allowed us to see great changes in business, due to this, ventures have arisen in different sectors such as the media, airlines, tourism, financial intermediaries, among others. These are successful digital businesses that have positioned themselves very well in the market and continue to grow every day. We are in an era where the way companies deal with their consumers is going to get better as time goes on.

Difference between a digital business and an e-business

E-business generally does not involve a modification of existing models, it is based on the use of technology to achieve greater efficiency or eliminate redundancies. Having people fill out a form for an online credit card application reduces errors that might occur in the paper application process, but it is not a new or different experience for customers.

While a digital business focuses more on the way that technology allows companies to generate new values ​​and experiences, which will differentiate each company, thus giving it a competitive advantage over other companies.

5 POTENTIAL digital BUSINESSES to create from home in 2021
Potential Digital Business Ideas

Potential digital business ideas that we can create from home

1. Consulting on digital advances

A digital consultant is someone who usually has a lot of knowledge in different areas. Mainly everything related to the online world such as emails, media and social networks, searches, advertising among others. In other words, they must be knowledgeable about everything related to the digital world, this sometimes means that the service is not completely complete since, by covering so many topics, something can be left unattended.

This digital business idea consists of creating a digital consulting agency that specializes only in one area to give the best to each client.

Suppose we are experts in social networks, specifically in Facebook App, the idea is to offer a service as a digital consultant for an application and for a specific type of business, such as Facebook for food outlets

2. Content Monetization

One of the most common ways of monetization for content creators is through sponsored posts. Currently, great content empires have been built by sharing details of their personal experiences for the public to see, among them we can see gastronomy lovers, entrepreneurs, personal and sports instructors, among others. There are thousands of content editors found on social networks, many of them are known as “influencers”

Anyone can monetize their content through existing strategies, but they are usually tied to following the rules that sponsor impose to the point of being forced to change their content. From there this digital business idea was born, it consists of becoming experts in e-commerce, to approach the different content creators or influencers and guide and guide them in the creation of their own brand, which can be related to their channel and promote themselves as a subtle way.

They can even meet several influencers and create their e-commerce where they offer their products, designing their own brand.

3. Coach Teacher

It consists of finding experts, professionals, and important people, who do not have any experience in the digital world, to help them venture into it. The idea is to generate the authority they need, in the specific area of ​​each client, to develop their personal brand and everything related to online activities, web pages, social networks, forums, streaming platforms, educational platforms, among others.

4. Subtitles for videos and advertisements

When you are in a place where you cannot put the volume on your smartphone or tablet, and you don’t have headphones on hand, but you want to see a video or commercial, subtitling the content is innovative to continue interacting with the audience.

You can offer the service to advertising agencies or use it for our own company specialized in this matter. It is a business that adapts to the needs of the user, so its potential must be used.

5. Create a Software as a service (SaaS)

Software as Service means that people would stop using the commonly known installation licenses, to migrate to equivalent web applications that generally cost less.

This business idea is not to create other software, it is based on creating them for specific micro-niches of those that already exist. It cannot compete with the large software as Service already positioned, but it could be offered to small entrepreneurs who sell clothes, shoes, online courses, among others. This is a niche market that has not been exploited but promises a lot.

We hope these ideas have been to your liking, you just need to spend a little time developing them. They are not the common ideas that we see everywhere, we focus more on the micro. This can generate many benefits for them, there are many micro-niches that could be exploited in each of these digital business ideas.

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