Choosing GPU for server

When we speak about graphic processor units in servers, we consider them an expensive add-on. Especially when reading about the new powerful GPU costing at least $1000. So, the main question is about this category’s accessibility. So can we expect cheap offers there? Let’s investigate.

How to choose the GPU server

Before choosing the tariff, you must imagine the purposes you expect from this graphic card. The more complicated task you need to solve, the more powerful card you need. For example, modern games require 8 to 16 GB of GPU memory, while mining or modeling requires six times more. That will affect the GPU’s wattage – 40 W or 400 W. More memory is the advantage, as the processes take less time than other cards can perform.

The card must fit into the corresponding slot and size of the rack. These parameters depend on the number ahead of U in server type. 1U and 2U chassis occupy the horizontal position, while 3U combines both horizontal and vertical types. The latter fit full-size cards. Mind you; some graphic processor units are designed for the definite placing type.

It may support certain types of PCIe slots. That’s important because each slot gives a different wattage. Connection to the slot with excessive or reduced consumption leads to inefficient resource use.

And, yes. Don’t hunt for the newest cards if you don’t use their full potential. Sometimes the used card is better than the new one. Today some part of 20 million used mining cards can join our cheap GPU server list.

The graphic assortment of the VSYS Host

Today VSYS Host equipment cooperates with the Geforce GTX 1080 TI graphic processor. It’s still capable, despite its age, of performing most office and business tasks. The processor is good for rendering 3D images and, of course, different scientific modulations. However, artificial intelligence or machine learning needs more resources. Send us the ticket, and we’ll help you to make a choice.

Adding the card to a less powerful CPU helps boost the overall system’s performance. It’s the configurable add-on to most servers from the list. You can’t add it directly, but you can call us and ask about it. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get a satisfactory solution for the dedicated server from the discount list. The only impossible option for that is the VPS with unlimited traffic due to its nature.

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