How to Remove Ransomware Virus from Laptop?

As soon as one reads the word VIRUS, the eyebrows are raised, the basic instinct to find out the affected areas and potential threats gets into action and the person steps into the prevention measures for the same. From among all the viruses that infect millions of computers every single day, the ransomware virus is a name that one comes across on a regular basis.

The term RANSOMWARE explains itself – ‘Ransom’ meaning the amount of money to be paid in order to get a captive released’; and ‘Ware’ denoting articles. Hence, the Ransomware translates to the type of virus which locks the OWNER out of the hacked system and access is allowed ONLY after the ransom or the money the hacker wants is paid.

Ransomware is one of the most common viruses that affect computers across the world. The users tend to install the software and download other files that are actually ransomware virus posing and claiming to be something else.

As soon as the virus is downloaded and installed or allowed to infest the computer, the computer gets LOCKED for access and the affected person is then asked to pay the ransom in order to get the device unlocked. The severity and extent of the infection vary from computer to computer and hacker to hacker. Generally, people make payments in order to access the system and the purpose of the virus is fulfilled.

Well, having read an introductory account of the virus and basic things about the same, let us move onto find out the ways in which a person can remove ransomware virus from the infected computer system or laptops. Yes, they CAN be removed and dealt with. All a person has to do is to take the system to an expert and get things sorted; if he or she is not computer literate.

Types of Files that can be used to hide the Ransomware Virus:

  1. Software shared on the peer networks
  2. A free online service that claims to check your computer for malware
  3. A free online service that claims to enhance the performance of your computer
  4. Any kind of codec or extension of the browser required to play any video, audio or display a webpage.

The infection is so fast that it exhibits itself on the very next restart. The computer is locked and the message with instructions to pay the ransom is displayed on the screen. The person will have to either counter-effect the virus or just make the payment.

Ways to TACKLE the Virus:

The Ransomware Removal can be done in two ways – Using Safe Mode Networking and using the proprietary packages available in the market under a number of reputed names in the virus world.

Using Safe Mode with Networking:

Restart your computer and press the key to enter the “Boot-Time Scanning and Control”. This key is different in every computer such as some allow access by pressing F11, F12 or F7, etc.

Next, the computer will display 3 to 4 options on the screen regarding your choice for starting the computer, scanning the computer and accomplishing other tasks such as customizing the default settings, etc.

One option will be listed as “Restart in Safe Mode with Networking” which is one of the ways to Remove Ransomware Virus.

Once you have clicked on that, you will be able to access almost all the basic computer programs including the internet from where you can download any reputed malware removal tool.

If the virus is inhibiting you from using the internet and other windows functions, you can restore your system to another time in the past. This feature is supported by a major number of operating systems in which the system changes are rolled back and the system is restored to some point in the past when a stable data backup was done.

You can choose a date which you knew was earlier than the date of infection.

Once the system is restored, the next step in Ransomware Removal will involve installing a reputed antivirus malware removal tool and scan the system for any potential threats.

Using Proprietary Software:

Another way to Remove Ransomware Virus is to use a proprietary malware removal tool that comes on a bootable device that you can put into the computer while you start it and follow the instructions as per the tool.

The tool will put the system on a boot-time scan and the virus will be detected and tackled BEFORE the system is started. This way, you can easily access the computer.

Another unconventional way for virus Removal will be to go to the customer care offices of the computer brand you are using and get the issue resolved.

So, there are ways out if the computer is affected by the ransomware virus; but most of the times people don’t know them and get lured into the trap of giving ransom. The cycle might repeat itself as the browsing is unlimited and random and there is no limit or restraint on a person using the internet.

However, throwing some caution while you use the internet especially for the activities that include downloading and installing will really prove handy.

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