Braip: what is it and how does it work?

This article answers the main questions about what Braip is, how it works and how to use this tool to make money online. Furthermore, you will learn how to sign up and choose products on the platform.

If the subject interests you, I urge you to read it carefully to better understand and make good use of the information contained here.

Braip is an option for people who want to work over the Internet. After all, it doesn’t matter if you just want an extra income or make it your main source of income.

Braip Affiliates came on the market as a way to facilitate the buying and selling of physical and digital products. In addition, the company has the proposal to be a safe and complete way for producers and affiliates to make sales with all the necessary support.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide with the main information you need to know about this affiliate program.

What is Braip?

Braip is a platform for buying and selling products, created in September 2018. The same is ideal for affiliates and producers who want to make the internet their source of income.

On it, it is possible to add your products to be marketed. And, even if you don’t own any products, it will be possible to register and sell other people’s products.

It is also an innovative, simple and effective solution to transform your knowledge into a profitable product.

It is worth remembering that Braip started in the market by making available only physical products, but as time went by it added info-products as well, and today it has become a great company in this sense.

In addition to a complete solution for buying, selling, and referring products. It is also easy to use and is available for Android, IOS and can be used on the computer.

Braip affiliates: how does it work?

To sign up and use the platform you don’t need to pay anything. But after sales are made, fees are charged for the transactions made, as is the case with most affiliate programs.

One of the most frequent doubts is how the Braip affiliate works and what it is used for. But it is important to know that an affiliate is a person who advertises third-party products in order to be commissioned for each sale made. But it is important to know that commissions vary according to the product.

However, the first step to becoming a Braip affiliate is to register on the platform. Then just choose the products and start advertising.

However, it is important that the affiliate read the affiliate program rules. After all, each platform has its own.

To start as a producer, go to the registration page and check “I want to sell my product!

But if you intend to sell as an affiliate, go to the option where you have: “I want to sell products”.

Braip: how to create an account

  1. First, go to and register. To do so, follow these steps:
  2. On the home page, go to the right side, where it has three little dots. Then choose “register”;
  3. If you are a customer or have bought products, check the first option that will appear. But if you want to become an affiliate, check the second option. However, if you own a product and intend to sell on the platform, you will have to mark the third option.
  4. After that, fill in all the necessary information that will appear on the screen, they are
    1. Your full name;
    2. Telephone number;
    3. Enter your e-mail address;
    4. Provide your CPF or CNPJ number;
    5. Enter a secure password;
    6. Repeat the same password;
    7. Check “I accept the terms and conditions
  5. Finally, check “I am not a robot” and press “register”.
  6. After the initial registration, you will be redirected to the platform’s dashboard. There you will be required to fill in some more information before you can start choosing products or perform any other action.
  7. You will see a message saying “document registration”. Just press “register”. Then tell us whether you are an individual or a company, and enter all the necessary data.
  8. In addition, you will need to take a picture of yourself and the front and back of your document as well.

After you have completed filling out the information, your registration will be verified, so please wait until it is approved.

How do we choose products?

This question is often asked among new affiliates. However, we must keep in mind some information before we start choosing random products.

Facing a multitude of digital and physical products, the affiliate needs to understand that the choice of products should be according to the niche in which it operates.

If you have not yet chosen a niche to work in, know that this is important because it will be the basis of your success as an affiliate.

Let’s say you have taught in a school, how about using your knowledge to work on the Internet in the same field? Then choosing the niche “education” will be perfect in this context. This tip also applies to any other industry.

After choosing the niche, now you can choose the products within the platform based on it.

For those who don’t know, Braip is still a platform little explored by most affiliates. This way, it can be an incredible opportunity to increase your income.

After all, there is a myriad of great products on it that not many people are promoting.

To choose products at Braip, go to the “store” option in the menu and calmly search for items that might interest you.

Is Braip worth it?

Imagine this: most affiliates are making the most of the pioneer platforms on the market. Braip, on the other hand, has many good quality products and not so many people are advertising them.

Moreover, Braip is worthwhile for the producer who wants to diversify the base of promotion of his products.

This way Braip Affiliate is excellent for the seller, for the person who disseminates and for the final customer.

What are some of the advantages of Braip

With countless ways to advertise products and receive commissions, there are still several benefits to using the platform.

Therefore, we have selected the main reasons that make Braip a differential in the market.

  • Configurable Freight by state
  • On the platform, it is possible to configure the freights according to the state or region where the person lives.
  • We can register several companies
  • On the Braip panel, it’s possible to register several companies, so that those who have more than one CNPJ can register according to their needs. This way, in a single place it is possible to manage several companies.
  • Anticipation of values
  • As you accumulate commissions, you can anticipate them, even before completing the 30-day waiting period until the end of the guarantee.

How to promote the products?

There is an infinite number of possibilities to promote affiliate links. However, they are divided into two blocks: the organic way (free) and the paid way (through ads).

1. Organic Sales

The disclosure, in an organic way, happens in several ways, the main ones are: in social networks, in YouTube videos, and blogs (using SEO techniques).

Have you ever had doubts about a product and researched whether it would be worth it on the web? Well, yes! The articles or videos you found were the organic results.

Know that you can do this too! After all, creating a blog, for example, is something that can bring you good organic results in the medium or long term.

Also, create a YouTube channel and make content available, and you can use the description to insert links to Braip products.

At the same time, invest in social media strategies. Make posts regularly, so you can attract an audience that is interested in your content.

A cool strategy is to add a link in your social network bio, but some have questions about how to add links in TikTok or Instagram bio. However, the procedure is easy and you have several tutorials on the Internet that can take away your doubts.

Then, simply inform your followers of the existence of a product that is in that location.

2. Sales with Paid Traffic

Paid Traffic can be the ideal solution for those who seek faster results in the sales of their products or services. With it, it is possible to increase the traffic of your project and automate the conversions in a fast and efficient way.

Moreover, even for those who do not have a website, it is possible to optimize a campaign with Braip’s own affiliate link.

Nowadays, paid advertising platforms are fundamental to the success of any enterprise that wants a short-term result.

At Paid Traffic, you can count on the best and most efficient tools on the market to boost your sales.”

Some of the major online advertising platforms are: Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Facebook Ads, among others.

Is Braip reliable?

Who has never wondered about the reliability of a particular website? This is a common doubt, especially when we are making some purchases on websites.

Braip is one of the safest platforms in the segment. After all, it is used by many content creators as a way to monetize their projects.

In addition, we can see a good evaluation from most users of the platform. In fact, at the time of writing, Braip is positively rated 7.2 out of 10.

Moreover, 100% of the complaints have been answered up to this point.

Therefore, we can conclude that the Braip platform is reliable and can be a good option for online income.

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