Best Apps to Track Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is a social network that has become a huge success among Internet users. People with different preferences, lifestyles, nationalities, and professions are registered there. Due to the hype, everyone has their own needs. 
For example, both businesses and ordinary users may need a program to view insta followers. This may be necessary for audience analysis, a general understanding of who is subscribed and who is unsubscribed, etc. The market is filled with various programs on this topic, so the choice is quite large. But you should not choose the first site or application you see. Pay attention to the rating and the functions offered, because these parameters determine the effectiveness.

List of the best subscriber tracking software

Each program has its own characteristics and it is important to understand this. If criteria such as price, number of services, etc. are important to you, then pay attention to these factors. Let’s list a few popular programs on this topic:

  • GhostHunter. 

If you want to get rid of unnecessary subscribers who are bots and spammers, then use this app. It has a good rating and will do the job. Another advantage of this cleanup is that it increases your reach and eliminates the so-called garbage. 

  • Followers & Unfollowers. 

This app allows you to track your subscribers and make better use of your account. Features also include clearing empty pages that are not active and are of no use. 

  • Followmeter. 

The main task in this case is to keep track of people who unsubscribe from you, thanks to user tracking. Additionally, you can see people who have blocked you or who are watching your page. And users will be divided into those who follow you and subscribe, and those who watch without a subscription. 

  • Tracker Unfollowers Tracker. 

This app works for iOS systems. An interesting interface is accompanied by emoticons. The program performs the same functions as the other variants: it allows you to monitor subscriptions and see who has blocked you.

  • Iconosquare. 

This is a paid application that offers a free version. In addition to Instagram, you can also manage other social networks and keep track of who unsubscribes from you. You can find out about the other features in the app itself.


You can try any of the apps listed above to evaluate their benefits. Either way, you’ll get the services you expect to receive in full. Keep in mind that additional features may be paid, or in general the app is built in a paid/free format.

Also, tracking subscribers has long been no longer a simple interest. Apps of this kind are used as a tool to better understand your audience and analyze some data. Of course, you can do this manually, but the effectiveness is not guaranteed, and it will take a lot of time. This is especially difficult when it comes to popular accounts. Applications in any case, with the right choice, will do their job and allow their client to get the information he needs.

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