A Detailed Review of Ewin Knight Series Gaming Chairs

The Ewin Knight chair, which combines comfort and excellence, could be the perfect choice among gaming chairs.

Games have changed the era of online earning, as these hard-core gamers are now raking in via playing games. It means they sit in their chairs for extended hours, this consequently resulting in posture-related health risks. Therefore, the specific segment of the chairs known as gaming chairs came into existence, and EwinRacing Gaming Chairs is the top choice among them.

These chairs turn out to be the perfect choice for both extended gaming and office sessions, ensuring the necessary comfort your back needs. Its inclusion in the life of a gamer or an employee will be a treat to their posture. As it creates a flawless flow of the posture, eliminating any stressing knots along your back.

Here is the detailed review of the Ewin Racing Knight series, the best budget gaming chair, with proper consideration of various involved aspects.

Assembling is simple and straightforward

Within the stipulated delivery time, the ordered Ewin chair will reach the destination (your house, office, etc.) in a dismantled condition. First, unbox the delivered package, which is well-packed to ensure the safety of the product inside. You will find the dismantled parts, which you have to first assemble as per the manual given. Moreover, you will find a couple of extra nuts & bolts for when the primary ones go missing; nice anticipation. No need to worry! It is a pretty simple process, and all the requisite tools will be there in the box.

All in all, it would hardly take 20 minutes to assemble that entire chair. You should feel the comfort it gives off by just seeing it. Hence, let’s talk design.

Eye-pleasing Ergonomic Design

The chair has an irresistible, sleek look that will lure you the moment you lay your eyes on it. Its long backrest extends above your head, supporting you in the best way possible. The lower back and neck cushions prevent bad postures of the spine. The seat and backrest come with faux leather covering, which is smooth and non-sticky for marathon sessions. You can pick up the different colors and stitching patterns on the seat and back support to your liking.

Further, the chair has the armrest machinery adjustable in the two dimensions as you deem mandatory. This 2D mechanism allows the adjustment in the upward and downward direction with a plastic trigger sticking outside.

Also, the backrest has the functionality to be adjusted in the range of 85-155 degrees, providing the room to flex & rest. The bottom of the EwinRacing gaming chairs has a star design with five branches supported by lubricious wheels. The color scheme of the wheels matches your choice, and it is a sturdy system for smooth turns and drags.


The gaming chairs are meant to be highly comfortable, but some companies like Ewin goes a notch ahead for being the best. This Knight series chair is a bit slim with gentle cushioning as it employs cold-molded memory foam, all in a reasonable price range. The same cushions are indeed used for the armrests, making them a treat for your arms.

In addition, its high-end lumbar support inculcates superior engineering, which is pretty good for your back. Moreover, the provided pillows are soft, alleviating any slight discomfort that the seat and backrest lack, making it a full-fledged, comforting product.

Furthermore, you will enjoy the reclined position with its adjustable backrest, which reaches 155 degrees backward with the provided lever. Also, it is entirely an excellent option for sitting straight up with slight comfort from the lower back cushion.


Reach out to the official website of Ewin Racing to check out the prices of these amazing chairs. The Knight Series Ergonomic chairs are available at 229 USD with a special discount.

Further, let us summarize the pros and cons of the Ewin Racing Knight Series Chair.


  1. It provides a high-end design that is sleek and elegant, loved by gamers & preferred by working office employees.
  2. Easy to assemble and at a reasonable price.
  3. The professional look of the chair makes it a definite choice for anyone who would need it for work-from-home setups.
  4. The armrest offers you comfort due to superior cushioning and position suitable if you sit straight up.
  5. The lower part of the chair is one of the best on the market. It is sturdy with a fluidly functioning wheel, offering uninterrupted silent movements.
  6. A1 quality lumbar support works nicely for body posture.
  7. 5-year Warranty


  1. The neck pillow is a bit small for the desired support.
  2. The armrests should be better with a 4D system instead of its 2D ones.
  3. The thin structure of the chair might feel a bit flimsy to some people.

Bottom Line

To summarize the whole review, these chairs are a treat for the reasonable price they come for as opposed to their counterparts. Moreover, the comfortable & ergonomic design empowers this chair against other prominent brands. The choice is ultimately yours, so take into account all the aforementioned factors when making your decision.

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