A Detailed Review about Xfinity Cable Box

Xfinity cable box is a TV service that provides you the access to several kinds of networks and as well as it offers you the streaming services to watch movies and TV shows on online video streaming sites or application. In which some of the TV boxes also have the DVR where this allows you to record the shows which you can watch later at your free time. Nowadays, most of the people are using the xfinity cable box for watching the movies and other TV shows also this TV acts as a smart TV where you can watch and access many of the application and online sites where it is like computer and smart mobile phone.

How to install the Xfinity cable box?

If you are thinking to purchase the xfinity cable box or if you have already done it then the next thing which you need to look for is that making installation. In which the installation can be done by yourself or you may leave it to the professionals. When you are making the installation then it can be done two ways namely.

  • First one is setting the appointment for the professional to install the xfinity cable box where this is found to be hassle also you need to pay an setup fee
  • Second option is that making the installation by yourself with the help of self-installation kit.

If you are installing the set up by yourself then you need to avail for the kit as soon as when you sign for the cable service and the xfinity cable box team members will be delivering you the installation kit at your doorstep.

What is meant by self-installation kit?

The self-install kit is nothing but a package it contains everything needed for the xfinity cable box installation in which the installation process requires the cables to the TV box. So, it becomes necessary that you need to ensure whether you have received all required items for installation.

  • For the SD TV boxes you can find following items in the installation kit sent by the xfinity cable company they are. Getting started guide, xfinity remote, power cords, coax cable, xfinity TV box and privacy notice and agreement.
  • For the installation of HD TV box, you will be receiving the same items as like the SD TV box installation kit and additionally HDMI cable will be provided along with the kit for connecting the HD TV boxes.

Setting up the SD TV box step by step guide

  • Find the “Cable In” port on your TV set up box and insert one end of the coax cable
  • Connect the other end of the cable to the cable wall outlet
  • Find the cable outport on your TV box and insert one end of the other coax cable
  • Then find the cable in port available on your TV and insert another end of coax cable
  • Next, connect your power cord to the TV box and plug into the electrical outlet for watching movies.

Activate this service

In order to activate the SD TV box cable service, you need to first turn on the TV and fin the correct channel to see the activation screen. Then remove the plastic tap from your xfinity remote controller and finally read the instruction and guidelines shown in your TV screen and activate the SD TV box service.

Setting up the HD TV box step by step guide

The process of setting the HD TV box is very simple and easy one to do just follow the step-by-step guideline to set up the HD TV box.

  • Find thee “Cable In” port on your TV box and insert one end of the coax cable into it.
  • Connect ither end of the coax cable to the cable wall outlet.
  • Next find the HDMI HD to TV port on the TV box then insert one end of the HDMI cable
  • Insert other end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI port available on your TV set
  • Finally, connect your power cord to the TV box and plug to the electrical outlet

Activating this service

  • As a first you need to turn on your television and find the input/source button
  • Choose the correct HDMI port source
  • Remove the plastic tap available on your xfinity remote
  • Finally read and follow the instruction shown on TV screen

When you are following these two things then you can make your self-installation process successful also it is very important that you need to choose the type of installation process that you are going to do whether it is HD TV box or SD TV box set up. This way you can avoid specific technical problems like the one David Rigg explained in detail on his blog.

What next to do with the xfinity TV box installation set up process

Since, you have set up your TV box now it is time to set up your WiFi router to the TV box to enjoy your favorite TV shows and series on your television. In order to setup the WiFi router you can make use of the guides available in your xfinity installation kit where it helps and assist you in making the installation of WiFi router to your xfinity TV box successfully. Once if the installation is complete then you can enjoy watching your TV series, shows and latest movies on your TV through your xfinity TV box also you can access the online sites and application.

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