What Is the difference between: Headphones vs Headsets?

Are you confused what’s the difference between headphones and headsets or which one you should buy? Here’s the detailed guide about it to clear all doubts about headphones and headsets.

Many consumers of headphones and headsets don’t understand the difference between these devices. That’s why we’ve prepared a feature article that will explain the structural and functional differences between headphones and headsets. For a better understanding, let’s take a sequential look at what conventional headphones are and what they are used for.

Then we’ll look at the same nuances about headsets. Then we will summarize and briefly present the main differences between headphones and headsets. At the end of the article as a bonus, we will add a video on the basic nuances of choosing a gaming headset.

Purpose and characteristics of headphones without microphone

Classic headphones are an accessory used exclusively for sound reproduction when listening to music, watching movies, spending time playing games, etc. Classic headphones do not have a microphone and therefore cannot be used to record sound. If the headphones have a microphone, it is not just headphones and a headset. About this device, we will talk in detail in the next section.

The most important advantage of headphones compared with a headset of similar cost is the quality of sound reproduction. Since there is no microphone, all the free space in the headphones is used only for two purposes – to increase the ergonomic properties of the product and to improve the quality of the transmitted sound. Headsets of the same size also need to place component parts to ensure the quality of the microphone, so there is often no room for additional components to improve the sound of specific headphones.

In addition, basic headphone settings often have universal values that are suitable for listening to any genre of music. But the settings of headsets are optimized more for talking (not all headsets), so the speech is transmitted more clearly, but the music sounds worse than in the standard headphones.

Purpose and features of headsets for PC

A headset is a combination of headphones with a microphone. Accordingly, the headset simultaneously performs two functions – the transmission (through the microphone) and playback (through the headphones) of sound. The use of headsets is justified in many situations. In particular, such equipment is used for work (for example, to communicate with customers of the organization) and recreation (normal communication or conversations during the corporate game).

An important feature of headsets is the adaptability of their design for long conversations. That is, the manufacturers of such products pay considerable attention to providing the convenience of their use for a long period of time. As a result, the headsets can be used for many hours – without any consequences for the people wearing them. By the way, headsets can have either two or one earpieces. The first type is great for home use. The second type is good for work in the office, and also for use when traveling in the car.

Since the main purpose of the headset is to conduct conversations, the manufacturers of such products pay more attention to the quality of the microphone (although the microphones in most headset models are still not the best). They pay much less attention to the quality of the sound they play. Therefore, true audiophiles prefer to buy a separate headphone rather than a headset.

What's better - headphones or headset?

What’s better – headphones or headset?

When it comes specifically to sound quality (in both directions), buying headphones and a microphone separately is almost always a smarter decision than buying a headset. Especially when it comes to the purchase of products from the budget or medium price segments (expensive premium headsets are an exception, they are almost as good as the top headphones and microphones in terms of sound quality and recording, respectively).

In terms of ease of use, the headset looks preferable. It takes up less space than headphones and a microphone separately. Moreover, in practice using one device instead of two is usually much more convenient. Though people’s preferences may vary.

In other words, if you need a device to enjoy music and movies, you should buy headphones without a microphone. When the need to communicate, you can buy a microphone separately. If you initially need a comfortable device for talking, it is advisable to buy a headset for a PC. Such a decision will definitely be worthwhile.

Now you know the difference between headphones and headsets, and you know which device is better to buy in your specific situation. By the way, if you make a choice in favor of a headset (especially gaming), we recommend you to watch the video added below. The tips presented there for choosing a headset will certainly not be superfluous.

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