5 Ways To Keep The Office More Comfortable This Summer

As the hot season fast approaches, identify ways to keep the office comfortable and relaxed. Uncomfortable temperatures make it challenging to stay productive, as everyone is constantly trying to find ways to cool. Working in adverse conditions is demoralizing and lowers productivity. The result is high employee turnover and a decrease in company performance. Here are ways to keep your office comfortable this summer:

5 Ways To Keep The Office More Comfortable This Summer (Image Credit Pexels)

Carry Out an AC Maintenance Check

Regular maintenance from professional indoor air services providers will reduce wear and tear and optimize performance, keeping your office comfortable all summer. The experts will also advise when to replace the unit, upgrade, and the most energy-efficient solutions. They’ll check for accumulated dirt, replace or clean air filters, inspect the ducts and vents, lubricate moving parts, and test the thermostat. 

When looking for ways to keep the office more comfortable during the summer, one effective step is to carry out an AC maintenance check to ensure the cooling system is running efficiently. As part of overall comfort and cost-efficiency, consider evaluating your business electricity renewal options to potentially secure a more suitable and competitive energy plan for the upcoming season.

Improve Ventilation

Poor ventilation leads to stagnant air, making the office space hotter and stuffy. Opening windows circulates the air. However, the outside temperature is often just as hot. Invest in ceiling fans or portable standing fans. Remember to strategically plant shrubs and trees to provide natural cooling as the green foliage absorbs heat. When possible, alter the landscape to create shade and cooling spaces.

Install Window Blinds and Reduce Heat Generation

Shades and window blinds such as no fixing blinds can reduce the heat coming in. Choose window shades designed to reflect sunlight, lowering the temperature. Opt for lighter colors, as darker ones absorb more heat.

Note that electronic devices like computers, printers, and photocopiers generate heat. Turn off all equipment at the end of each day. You can also schedule tasks that require immense processing power during colder times of the day and use more fans to dissipate heat.

Remember to add more insulation as it retains cool air from the air conditioning units and reduces unwanted noise. Insulation will also minimize the air conditioning maintenance cost as it doesn’t overwork and break down often. Go for fiberglass, cellulose, or wool insulation.

Adjust The Temperature Settings

Adjusting the temperature throughout the day maintains a comfortable environment. Set the air conditioning to a higher temperature during the day, and reduce it by evening. A smart thermostat makes this process more manageable as it adjusts the temperature automatically. 

It also monitors energy consumption, saving money on bills. Remember to take care of the thermostats. Keep them away from direct sunlight and air vents, as they interfere with the temperature readings.

Encourage Employees to Dress Appropriately

Short sleeves, light fabrics, and breathable materials will keep employees cool. If you have strict dress codes, allow employees to wear formal clothing with more lightweight materials. Ditch the tie, suits, and other constricting garments that are uncomfortable in the summer. 

Additionally, encourage employees to take breaks. Walking, drinking water, or resting in the shade will cool them down. It also reduces fatigue, enabling them to focus on the task more. Alternatively, opt for flexible work hours when it’s too hot. You can work at night, home, or early in the morning.

It’s Manageable

The hot months although challenging, are manageable. Start planning the changes before the hot summer arrives. Because the air conditioning system is the most crucial aspect, adequately maintain it. Consult an expert to determine if it’s up to the task. When old, too small, or consumes too much power, replace it with a modern, energy-efficient option. Also, keep asking the employees for their opinion on the best solutions to make the office more comfortable.

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