What is better: esim vs physical sim

Our world keeps moving and technology is improving every day. We are so used to traditional sim cards that it’s difficult for us to imagine other modes of communication. However, one of the most important current trends in the world of mobile connection is esim. Esim is a digital sim which is ingrained into your gadget. It has the same functions. But it doesn’t have a physical form. In the article we will answer a simple question: what is better: esim vs physical sim. To take a look at the way digital sim works, visit the official site of eSimPlus.

Now let’s move on to the comparison.

No damage

You can touch a physical sim, you can look at it. You can also lose it or damage it. So, there is always a bit of a risk. Esim is virtual. The only thing you can see about it is the picture. It doesn’t exist in the real world, so you can’t touch it. It makes digital sim safer, because there is no chance you lose or damage it. 


A physical sim card is not available for all of your devices. iPhones require a smaller sim card than android smartphones do. That’s why you can’t just easily switch devices. You need to separate sim cards to use on two devices. Digital sim complies with all types of devices. You can even use it on your laptop. All of your data can be found in the cloud. So, you can easily restore it on any device.


Physical sim can usually only be used in the country of your provider. To make calls or send messages, you need to get a special plan. It’s usually pretty expensive. Esim is usually available worldwide, because you’re not limited by the conditions of your provider. Esim can be used in many countries worldwide. There are even special plans for different regions. These plans are typically more affordable than the plans of casual physical sim cards. It is very convenient for travelers and business owners.


Nowadays, the internet and phone connection are vital to exist in a society. It’s difficult to even imagine that previously we used to live without it. That’s why phone providers can raise the prices. People will still buy their services. Sadly, phone connection is not as affordable as it used to be. Esim plans are pretty affordable. For the price of a plan, you get unlimited opportunities. 


If you’re a businessman, you might want to have more than one phone number. One phone number will be for personal needs and the other one for business needs. The Apple devices don’t provide users with the opportunity to use two sim cards. You can only insert one physical sim card. Esim is a great solution to this problem. There is no limit regarding how many numbers you want to have. Your business partners can send you messages and call you as usual. You will never mix anything up now. 

Support system

People are not used to having problems with physical sim cards. However, if you have some questions, there are a lot of things you have to do to find the answers. Usually, phone providers don’t focus very much on customer service. Esim services always have a support team. These people work 24/7 to answer your questions and solve your problems. So, if you get a esim, you can be sure that you will never be alone. 

Esim technologies are relatively new on the market. However, digital sim services are very simple and user-friendly. That’s why there is no reason to be afraid to try this new convenient tool.

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