What Functions Printers Have Apart from Printing

Fortunately, the times when the only function of our printers was for printing are long gone. Now you can choose a printing device tailored exactly to your needs. Regardless of whether you need to buy a new printer for your company to print a lot of documents every day, or for occasional use at home- you will certainly find a device that meets your requirements.

When choosing a new printer, it is worth finding out what the functions mean and choosing those that will improve your cooperation with the machine.

Scanning and photocopying function – multifunctional device 

Combining multiple devices in one is an extremely functional solution that allows you to save time and work space in your office or home. You print, scan and photocopy using one small device. 

Wireless printing function

Choosing a printer with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC wireless printing is not necessary, but it can make working with the device much easier. All you need to do is connect your mobile device and printer to the same network and with just a few clicks you can order prints from anywhere in your home, without leaving your couch.

It is also a convenient solution in offices, thanks to wireless connectivity, one device can be used by several people, without the need to connect cables or wander around the rooms.

A printer with Wi-Fi also saves space, the device does not have to be placed next to a computer or laptop, you can easily place it in a completely different room and print conveniently over the network. This solution will help you save valuable work space on your desk and get rid of the tangle of cables on the tabletop. 

OCR function

The OCR function is optical character recognition, i.e. the conversion of characters in a scanned PDF document into text

If you scan your texts on a standard device without the OCR function, your device will create a file with an image of the scanned paper, it’s a bit like taking a photo of the document. As a result, when creating a normal scan, you cannot easily edit the text.

However, if you have a device with the OCR function and you perform a scan, the device will recognize the text on the scanned sheet, creating a text file from it that you can easily change in a basic text editor. 

Scan to email

Some printers also have the ability to conveniently scan to e-mail. When scanning a given sheet, all you need to do is press the scan to e-mail option, and your e-mail program will open on your computer screen and create a new message with all the scanned images. 

Cloud printing 

Thanks to the cloud printing function, you can print remotely from anywhere using a smartphone or computer.

Photo printing

There are also many printer models on the market designed to print photos.

These are inkjet printing devices that allow you to select automatic settings, thanks to which you can get high-quality photos printed in the comfort of your home.

CD/DVD printing

The printer with the disc printing function is equipped with a tray with a special space where you can place CDs/DVDs. Also remember that you need to purchase CDs/DVDs intended for printing. 

Bonus tips: how to print a PDF file

More and more people are using the print to PDF method. Thanks to this, they can create an electronic copy of the document, which can be easily saved on their device. Many people save not only money but also disk space this way. 

Printing to a PDF file works not only in the most popular Windows system, but also in Mac OS. Wondering how to print to PDF? You will learn everything from the material below!

Printing a file to PDF – how to enable printing to PDF?

The exact instructions for printing a PDF file depend on the operating system we are using. However, first of all, it should be taken into account that using this solution is limited to flattening the file, which means that it is not possible to make changes to the document later. This is certainly the case with SwifDoo PDF.

Printing to PDF on Windows – in the first step, run the file, then click “Print” icon on top of the program. In the dialog box, select the device through which you want to print the document. 

As you can see, you can easily print to a PDF file. It only takes a few moments and the matter is done!

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